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1[[quoteright:176:[[Anime/OtakuNoVideo]]]]˛[[caption-width-right:176:Oooh, squishy!]]˛˛Tongue-in-cheek [[HiroshimaAsAUnitOfMeasure unit of measurement]] for {{Gainaxing}} in anime: One Misty May is equal to a full bounce.˛˛Named for Misty May, a MsFanservice character created by the protagonists of the 1991 Creator/StudioGainax OVA ''Anime/OtakuNoVideo'' for their ShowWithinAShow (pictured at right).˛˛See also [[Creator/ADVFilms ADV]]'s "jiggle meter" feature in their DVD release of ''Anime/PlasticLittle''.˛˛Definitely not related to the USA beach volleyball player of the same name, or to two (unrelated) characters from ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}''. Also probably not related to the evil alter-ego of a character in the ''Jiburiru'' {{hentai}}...˛˛! Please do not add examples to work pages; this merely [[Administrivia/DefinitionOnlyPages defines the term]].˛----


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