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1Romance isn't always lovey-dovey, for there are couples who don't always get along well.²²See DiscordTropes and FrenemyTropes for the platonic versions.²----²!!Tropes:²[[index]]²* AbductionIsLove: A person kidnaps their love interest to show their affection. ²* AllTakeAndNoGive: An unequal and parasitic relationship, where one person receives all the benefits while giving back nothing. ²* AmIJustAToyToYou: A character confronts the other about how serious they think their relationship is.²* AwfulWeddedLife: A marriage where the couple are miserable together. ²* AwLookTheyReallyDoLoveEachOther: Although they fight a lot, the couple prove they actually do love each other. ²* BastardBoyfriend: A man who treats his love interest poorly, but it's portrayed as romantic and/or sexy. ²* BastardGirlfriend: A woman who treats her love interest poorly, but it's portrayed as romantic and/or sexy. ²* BelligerentSexualTension: Two people who are secretly attracted to each other constantly clash. ²* BespectacledBastardBoyfriend: A sub-type of the BastardBoyfriend who also wears glasses, indicating intelligence and sophistication. ²* BestHerToBedHer: An ActionGirl will only marry or have sex with someone who has defeated her in combat. ²* BickeringCouplePeacefulCouple: A couple that constantly argues are contrasted with a couple who get along very well. ²* CantLiveWithThemCantLiveWithoutThem: Can sometimes apply to romantic relationships; a character is forced to hang around with another person they find annoying, but when they're apart they find they miss them. ²* ClingyJealousGirl: A woman who gets very paranoid and jealous about their partner and other women. ²* CrazyJealousGuy: A man who gets very paranoid and jealous about their partner and other men. ²* DatingCatwoman: A protagonist and antagonist are unambiguously in love with each other, which is bound to cause problems. ²* DestructiveRomance: A relationship that is depicted as very unhealthy and dysfunctional (not always necessarily abusive, but still not a romance to aspire to). ²* DifferingPrioritiesBreakup: A couple breaks up because they don't want the same things in life. ²* DomesticAbuse: A person harms their significant other either physically or emotionally (or both), often to control them. ²* FatalAttractor: A person who tends to attract admirers that are no good for them (if not outright dangerous).²* FoeRomanceSubtext: A pair of rivals/enemies are intentionally given romantic {{subtext}} in their interactions.²* HappyMarriageCharade: An unhappy married couple pretend everything is fine when other people are around. ²* ICanChangeMyBeloved: A character believes they can make their love interest a better person; they're usually mistaken.²* KissKissSlap: A couple start out kissing/being intimate, then start fighting. ²* LoveAtFirstPunch: Falling in love with someone you physically fought. ²* LoveMartyr: A character stays with their love interest even when they mistreat them. ²* LovingBully: A person bullies someone they have a crush on. ²* TheMasochismTango: A couple who frequently alternate between being affectionate and fighting. ²* AMatchMadeInStockholm: Falling in love with someone who kidnapped you, and vice versa. ²* NoAccountingForTaste: A couple who are so obviously miserable people wonder why they stay together. ²* PsychoExGirlfriend: An ex girlfriend (or less commonly, ex boyfriend) who isn't taking the break-up well ''at all''. ²* RelationshipRevolvingDoor: They just can't decide whether they want to be in a relationship. ²* RivalryAsCourtship: Two rivals develop romantic feelings for each other. ²* RomanticizedAbuse: Abusive behavior in a relationship is depicted in a glamourized manner. ²* SlapSlapKiss: A couple starts out fighting then ends up kissing/becoming intimate. ²* StalkingIsLove: The StalkerWithACrush actually gets with the object of their affection/obsession, who finds their behavior romantic instead of creepy. ²* {{Tsundere}}: They're sometimes quite rude and/or abrasive with their LoveInterest, but they do care really. ²* WellExcuseMePrincess: An accomplished female character complains about the shortcomings of her male love interest, who is usually considered [[UptownGirl out of his league]]. ²* {{Yandere}}: They're crazily obsessed with their love interest (if they manage to actually get into a relationship with them), often to the point of committing [[AxCrazy violence]]. ²²[[/index]]²----


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