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1%% Page intentionally left imageless pending resolution of Trope Repair Shop issues. Please don't add an image.²%% See this Image Pickin' thread for details:²!!'''Note:''' This has been subjected to some misuse. Please read this article before listing it on a work's YMMV page.²²->''"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."''²-->-- '''Creator/HunterSThompson'''²²%% One quote is sufficient. Please place additional entries on the quotes tab.²²Someone who is Crazy Awesome is completely nuts, in a hilarious way, and is effective at what they do ''as a result''. In real life they would get fired, get arrested and eventually be committed, or just flat out get maimed or die. Not so in the world of fiction; thanks to the RuleOfCool, they manage to be both effective and a character liked or loved by the audience. Please note the difference between a plain old {{Cloudcuckoolander}}, who is simply out-there and the BunnyEarsLawyer, who is someone who is still effective ''despite'' or ''alongside'' their quirks. ²²On average, every other action the Crazy Awesome does is [[RuleOfCool cool]], awesome, and/or [[RuleOfFunny funny]], [[RefugeInAudacity over-the-top]], or a combination thereof. The HeroicComedicSociopath is AxCrazy Awesome. A LargeHam is a verbal Crazy Awesome. If their crazy awesomeness prevents them from being killed or arrested when anyone else would be, they just benefited from a LunaticLoophole. They may also be a LethalJokeCharacter. Expect lots of InsaneTrollLogic to be behind their plans and antics.²²As previously mentioned, a character that can "work" without the quirks ([[TheyChangedItNowItSucks but still wouldn't be the same]]) is a BunnyEarsLawyer. If they're just crazy, they're a {{Cloudcuckoolander}}.²²Compare PowerBornOfMadness, EccentricMentor, and TheWonka. Compare and contrast CreepyAwesome.²²----²!!Examples²²%% Please note that this is about CHARACTERS whose usefulness hinges on patent insanity. Under no circumstances does a work belong here.²²[[index]]²* CrazyAwesome/{{Advertising}}²* CrazyAwesome/AnimeAndManga²* CrazyAwesome/ComicBooks²* CrazyAwesome/FanFic²* CrazyAwesome/{{Film}}²* CrazyAwesome/{{Folklore}}²* CrazyAwesome/{{Literature}}²* CrazyAwesome/LiveActionTV²* CrazyAwesome/{{Music}}²* CrazyAwesome/ProfessionalWrestling²* CrazyAwesome/{{Roleplay}}²* CrazyAwesome/TabletopGames²* CrazyAwesome/VideoGames²* CrazyAwesome/{{Webcomics}}²* CrazyAwesome/WebOriginal²* CrazyAwesome/WesternAnimation²* CrazyAwesome/RealLife²[[/index]]²----


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