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1''Skating Shoes'' (originally released as ''White Boots'' in the U.K.) is a young adult novel by Creator/NoelStreatfeild. It is about two friends, Harriet Johnson, who has recently been ill and takes up skating as a form of exercise to get better, and Lalla Moore, the orphaned daughter of two skating champions whose Aunt Claudia has been training her since she was three years old to be a professional skater.
3!!Tropes in this work:
4* InSeriesNickname: Lalla calls her governess Miss Goldthorpe "Goldie".
5* PluckyGirl: Harriet.
6* {{Spell My Name With an S}}: The author's last name completely defies the I before E except after C rule.
7* StageMom: Aunt Claudia.
8* TheVerse: The Shoesverse, perhaps? Many of Streatfeild's book featured a character in situations pertaining to dance.