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8 [[caption-width-right:350:"It was... something at first sight."]]
10''[[ Hands Held in the Snow]]'' is a YuriGenre / YoungAdult WebSerialNovel written by [=Thedude3445=], author of ''Literature/ATLStoriesFromTheRetrofuture'', with art and illustrations by Mikayla Buan, character designer for ''WebAnimation/TheAcornPrincess.''
12The story's about a girl who meets a girl and the romance that [[LoveAtFirstSight forms between them.]] Beatrice Ragnell is an [[CuteBookworm ace student]] who is studying to become a priest and help save the world. Emi L'Hime is a wealthy bureaucrat's daughter who [[BrattyTeenageDaughter resents her family]] for keeping her in an engagement to a noblewoman she's never even met. The two meet at the library, bond over books... and that's where their story begins. At the same time, though, their home city of Balarand has been conquered by TheEmpire, and there's a lot of tension rising. That's not going to stop them from falling deeply in love with each other, though.
14It's a SliceOfLife QueerRomance story filled with ComingOfAge drama and some serious issues about a military occupation by a [[ForeignRulingClass foreign government,]] but it is also an adorable, SugarWiki/{{WAFF}}y SliceOfLife story about two young women having a great time together.
16The story's posted on [[ its own site]] and on [[ Royal Road]] too. It updates two times a week.
19!! This series provides examples of:
20* AloofDarkHairedGirl: Subverted by Emi L'Hime. She comes across as cold, stoic, and princessly to strangers, but the moment you peel past that, it turns out it was all a cover for her intense social awkwardness.
21* {{Animesque}}: The entire web novel is styled after Japanese LightNovels, all the way down to featuring in-story black-and-white illustrations.
22* ArrangedMarriage: Emi L'Hime is engaged against her will to a noblewoman named Lady Khara, marking an extremely rare case of same-sex arranged marriage in fiction.
23* BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine: Beatrice and Emi make half their relationship out of Emi being silly and Beatrice setting her straight. They really should be a ComedyDuo, shouldn't they?
24* CastFullOfGay: Almost every character who isn't a parent is some form of LGBT.
25%% Administrivia/ZeroContextExample * DanceOfRomance: Their dance at Emi's winter party.
26* TheEmpire: The city of Balarand has been under occupation by the Empire of Dannark since before the start of the story. They aren't turning the whole place into a dystopian nightmare, so they aren't ObviouslyEvil, but there does appear to be a lot of [[LaResistance protests and resentment]] towards them.
27* FantasyCounterpartReligion: The Church is very much a FantasyPantheon variation on the Catholic Church. They are a large semi-political organization that almost everyone follows, and priests take a VowOfCelibacy.
28%% * FirstLove: It appears that way for Emi and Beatrice. Or, at least for Emi.
29* FramingDevice: The story begins with the framing device of a grandmother telling a story to a grandchild. The narrator usually disappears into the story, but sometimes makes side comments.
30%% * GoGetterGirl: Beatrice!
31%% * HoldingHands: It's in the title, and on the cover, and whaddya know, it's in the story plenty too.
32%% * IntertwinedFingers: Probably the ultimate symbol of the entire story.
33* LoveAtFirstSight:
34->"Whatever Emi and Beatrice felt by meeting each other’s looks, it was no fleeting moment. Was it love at first sight? I wouldn’t say so. But… It was… something at first sight."
35* MoeCouplet: Two cute characters get together. RomanceEnsues. Then... they get even cuter when they share a scene.
36%% * MultiEthnicName: Emi L'Hime. How is L'Hime pronounced, again?
37* OneHeadTaller: Beatrice is almost exactly one head shorter than Emi.
38* ThePowerOfLove: [[DiscussedTrope discussed]] by Beatrice and Bodhi in Chapter 23, where Bodhi wonders if humans could gain better magical abilities with stronger emotional connections. Sadly for him, Beatrice shoots the idea down as impossible.
39%%Administrivia/ZeroContextExample* PrimAndProperBun: Ms. Khami, and boy does she fit the character type.
40%%Administrivia/ZeroContextExample* ProperLady: Emi L'Hime subverts every notion of properness, probably on account of being a socially awkward brat half the time.
41* ShowWithinAShow: All sorts of fake book titles show up, including a book series called ''The Elf Cycle'' that Emi and Beatrice's dad are fans of.
42%% * SickeninglySweethearts: Every interaction the main couple has is this.
43* SnowMeansLove: It's a romance between two lesbians in the winter.
44* WholesomeCrossdresser: Tia Knoll, the very rich and [[TheGadfly very sly]] nobleman, crossdresses in almost every appearance so far, but nobody comments on it much beyond curiosity.