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1''Enchanted, Inc.'' and its sequels are a fantasy series by Shanna Swendson about the adventures of Katie Chandler in New York City after she learns that she is an immune and can not be fooled by magic -- and so is vastly useful to the magical business.
3Books in the series:
4## ''Enchanted, Inc.''
5## ''Once upon Stilettos''
6## ''Damsel under Stress''
7## ''Don't Hex with Texas''
8## ''Much Ado about Magic''
9## ''No Quest for the Wicked''
10## ''Kiss and Spell''
12!!Tropes include
13* AllAPartOfTheJob: In ''Once upon Stilettos'', a gargoyle security guard's response when Katie thanks it for saving her.
14* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: Katie muses on this trope when she sees how powerful Owen is, and how attractive it makes him. She's never been attracted to bad boys, but maybe the thrill is the dangerousness, not the actual evil; she explicitly wonders if the potential is enough or you have to do actual bad things to qualify as a bad boy.
15* AntiMagic: Katie has this as an inherent property.
16* BadBoss: Mimi, Katie's current boss, is the reason why Katie is so eager to jump on the new job.
17* DividedWeFall: In ''Once Upon Stilettos'', they discover someone was at Owen's desk and hunt for TheMole. It may even be an operation to get them all Hanging Separately, they realize.
18* EmpoweredBadassNormal: [[spoiler: Katie after]] the end of book six. [[spoiler: She finds out in book seven that it's more of a case of SuperpowersForADay, or in her case, until the magic runs out.]]
19* [[Literature/TheFrogPrince Frog]] {{Jerkass}} -- why do you think they are turned into frogs in the first place?
20* HowManyFingers: This is how Owen tests Katie for a concussion.
21* HotScientist
22* LoveAtFirstSight: Turns out to be the cure for a spell.
23* MedicateTheMedium: Katie can temporarily lose her magic immunity when dosed with antidepressants.
24* TheMole: In ''Once Upon Stilettos'', they discover someone was at Owen's desk and hunt for the spy. It may even be an operation to get them all DividedWeFall.
25* NotAGame: In Shanna Swendson's ''Don't Hex with Texas'', Owen tells Dean that magic is not a game.
26* OurGargoylesRock: Gargoyles appear to be statues [[WeirdnessCensor to the muggles]] but magical people see them as moving, talking creatures. They are still made of stone, can fly and can gain power from resting on the roof of a church.
27* PublicDomainCharacter: Merlin from the ''Myth/KingArthur'' stories.
28* RomanticComedy: Katie finds herself living in one in ''Kiss and Spell'' after (a) being taken prisoner by elves, and (b) watching romantic comedies before that. The magic morphs her and Owen into a situation where she's a lowly barista at a bookstore with a boring boyfriend and Owen is her hot new boss. This situation does not turn out to be as cool as she thought it might be from the movies.
29* UnusuallyUninterestingSight: Small town Texas girl Katie moves to NYC and thinks it's common to spot people wandering around wearing wings and the like, especially since nobody else seems fazed by it. Turns out she just is immune to magic and sees things as they really are.
30* WomanScorned: [[spoiler:Ari]] goes through a lot of men, and blames them for every break-up -- so she has an excuse for revenge.