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1A fantasy series focusing on the adventures of the titular character and his allies as they prepare to battle the evil sorcerer Koteph. Dragoneyes got his name by [[TheDragonslayer killing a dragon]] and stealing its eyes. This gives him the dragon's command of [[LanguageOfMagic the True Speech]], automatically making him a powerful mage. Other prominent characters are Amniel, the narrator; Dran, the TokenEvilTeammate; and Cassinder, Amniel's psychic sister.
2The story is available online [[ here ]]
4!!''Dragoneyes'' provides examples of the following tropes:
5* EvilSorcerer Koteph, and to a much lesser extent, Dran's father Phorius.
6* MagicalEye In this settings, Dragons can see the true natures of things. After a bit of pilfering, so can Dragoneyes.