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1The Gamershack SMP, Or The Gamershack Survival Multi-Player is a horror/tragicomedy created by an online group simply known as The Gamershack and is played out mostly through the use of Minecraft. The original server began on January 23rd 2021, and ended unofficially around May 24th 2021, giving it a good 4 months of existence. The story follows a rather broad cast of characters over multiple years and timelines scrapping with the horrors of the supernatural forces that meddle with The Scrongle Islands, among other things.˛˛ Its second instalment, The GSSMP 2, Breakin' 2, Electric Boogaloo started on June 21st 2021, though not much is known about it or its lore. The GSSMP 1 section of this page will probably not be updated, due to the discontinued and near lost nature of it. ˛˛NOTE: THIS PAGE WILL NOT CONTAIN SPOILER WARNINGS.˛----˛!! The Gamershack SMP contains examples of:˛{{Absurdly Dedicated Worker}}˛* Barnaby 2. Both the Tunnel System and The (G)Raveyard are dug out in no less than a week, the former being done mostly with her bare hands.˛˛{{Absurdly Sharp Claws}}˛* Belonging to Barnaby 2.5˛˛{{AcCENT upon the wrong SylLABle}}˛* Gregorith's name is pronounced nothing like you'd expect. It's said as Greg-Or-Eye-If rather than Greg-Or-If.˛˛{{Acceptable Breaks from Canon}}˛* Barnaby 1's death in the original "script" and now revamped canon was momentarily retconned due to author/"fan" attachment.˛˛{{Accidentally Broke the MacGuffin}}˛* Barnaby 1 destroys the Pick of Anti-Blindness during his prison escape, not knowing of its significance whatsoever. Nothing much really comes of this though.˛˛{{Accomplice by Inaction}}˛* Theodore Mosschapel˛˛{{Achey Scars}}˛* This trope could be applied to Barnaby 2.˛˛{{A Crack in the Ice}}˛* Causes Barnaby 2's first death and the first ever death in GSSMP history˛˛{{Act Break}}˛* The short time and space between the changing of servers, or acts in this case, for The GSSMP 1 makes it this. ˛˛{{Acting for Two}}˛* Barnaby 1 and 2 are unsurprisingly played by the same person, whom is also named Barnaby.˛˛{{Actor Inspired Element}}˛* As the actors ARE the directors, this trope is impossible to avoid.˛˛{{A Darker Me}}˛* Twinkeith.˛˛{{Addled Addict}}˛* What Barnaby 1 allegedly became in his scrapped novella after Theodore's death.˛˛{{Addressing the Player}}˛* Another alleged one. In the theoretical Scrongle Dating Sim, various endings would result in a haunting fourth wall break.˛˛{{A Death in the Limelight}}˛* Theodore is given even more plot relevance in the forgotten chapters that lead up to his death.˛˛{{Admiring the Abomination}}˛* Keith with Barnaby 2.5.˛˛{{Adoption Angst}}˛* Elder is inadvertently adopted by the man who killed it.˛˛{{Adult Fear}}˛* Too many instances to count. The most obvious example would be with the modern Magnus family with how often their children recklessly and brutally die.˛˛{{Adventure Friendly World}}˛* It's Minecraft.˛˛{{Adventurer Outfit}}˛* Worn by Barnaby 2 during their days of posing as 'Christopher Rhombus', as well as a majority of their childhood.˛˛{{Aerith And Bob}}˛* Used HEAVILY in The First GSSMP. Compare names like Barnaby (1 And 2) and Keith to names like Gregorith, Warfling and Elder˛˛{{Affably Evil}}˛* A majority of the Magnus family.˛˛{{After Action Patch Up}}˛* Follows the first Skeleton Mountain incident.˛˛{{Afterlife Welcome}}˛* Presumably how the GSSMP 1 ended, at least in my heart. They're all dead but at least they're happy.˛˛{{A Good Way to Die}}˛* Theodore's death was absolutely entirely agonizing, but at least he was infatuated enough with his murderer to not care.˛˛{{Aimlessly Seeking Happiness}}˛* Everyone.˛˛{{Alas Poor Villain}}˛* Barnaby 1 dies slowly and painfully before he can properly kickstart his redemption arc.˛˛{{Alas Poor Yorick}}˛* Slightly subverted, as the cluster of Barnaby 2's skulls aren't actually theirs.˛˛{{Alien Among Us}}˛* Michael's abandoned character.˛˛{{A Lighter Shade of Grey}}˛* No one in the GSSMP1 is necessarily good nor bad, meaning practically everyone falls under this with a few exceptions.˛˛{{Alliance with an Abomination}}˛* Various.˛˛{{Almost Dead Guy}}˛* Barnaby 1.˛˛{{Aloof Big Brother}}˛* Barnaby 2 to all of her siblings.˛˛{{Alternate Universe}}˛* Canon to both GSSMPS. Adding on, it is unknown if 1 and 2 are connected in any way.˛˛{{Ambiguous Time Period}}˛* The GSSMP 1 takes place in the year fucking 19802077.˛˛{{Amnesiac Villain Joins the Heroes}}˛* Barnaby 1.˛˛{{Anachronism Stew}}˛* The whole 19802077 thing.˛˛{{And I Must Scream}}˛* It's left up to interpretation on whether Theodore actually died underground or not. Due to the implied preservative properties of Scronglish dirt, the answer is probably no. ˛˛{{And Now for Someone Completely Different}}˛* Barnaby 2's definitive disappearance from the story is immediately followed up by the introduction of Barnaby 1.˛˛{{And Then John Was a Zombie}}˛* Barnaby 2/Barnaby 2.5.˛˛{{And Your Reward Is Parenthood}}˛* Cody is given as a gift after Barnaby 2 does some sick fighting stuff, I don't really know its been like six months.˛˛˛˛{{Love Makes You Evil}}˛* Barnaby 1. Later subverted.˛˛{{Oddly Named Sequel 2 Electric Boogaloo}}˛* The sequel is quite literally named after the film this trope comes from.


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