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1[[ Deadlox]], also known as Ty and [=DeadloxMC=], is a ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' commentator who often plays with LetsPlay/SkyDoesMinecraft. [[InkSuitActor His Minecraft skin is very similar to how he appears in real life]]. He is a devout member of the Sky Army and (formerly) Team Crafted, and can also be seen playing with: setosocerer, [=TrueMU=], [=BajanCanadian=], [=HuskyMudkipz=], [=ASFJerome=], and many more.˛˛He also has a gaming channel called [[ [=DeadloxVSGaming=]]].˛˛He is most well known for his [[LeParkour parkour maps with Sky]].˛˛!!!Tropes˛˛* AnachronicOrder: He and Sky did the second jump map before the first on accident.˛-->'''Deadlox''': We can't count!˛* CatchPhrase: "Don't do dis." "Why you do dis?" "We do good?"˛** "Don't do dis" even became the sound that "Piglox"[[note]]A pig with Deadlox's head, courtesy of Bodil40[[/note]] makes in Epic Jump Map: Ultimate [[{{Troll}} Trolling]]. Bodil even remarks in a later video that he had noticed it and that he always waits for Deadlox to say this.˛** Fight me IRL/at PAX[[note]]a big gaming convention where all the members of Team Crafted are able to meet up in one place[[/note]] and its variations, which is usually directed (but not always) at other Team Crafted members. Heck, the outro for the [=DeadloxVSGaming=] channel even says "Subscribe because fite me IRL"!˛* ComicalOverreacting: Though he is usually the most calm and collected out of his group, when he became frustrated at the Ender Jump map, he decided to blow the whole map to hell and back, killing all of his friends in the process.˛** He also asked Sky to fight him IRL in the Epic Jump Map: Tropical Vacation map because Sky was insulting him.˛* DeadpanSnarker: Dips into this sometimes.˛* DontTryThisAtHome: He advises this when he starts his [[ Drug Craft Survival series]].˛* EpicFail: [[ The Worst Hunger Games Fail]] {{Montage}}, which involves him being stuck in a certain part of the map and being killed by Sky. The final nail in the coffin? [[spoiler:''Sky wasn't recording''.]] ˛* [[SheCleansUpNicely He Cleans Up Nicely]]: In the ''Death Run'' video, he switched his skin to one with him wearing a rather nice suit with a red tie.˛* IconicOutfit: He is usually associated with his green [=Razor=] headphones, which are also present on his Minecraft skin. ˛* InkSuitActor: He looks a lot like his Minecraft skin in real life.˛* IWantYouToMeetAnOldFriendOfMine: Says this word-for-word when [=GhostGaming=] joins him in his [[ Jail Break series]]. Ghost was a recording friend of Deadlox when he first started playing Minecraft.˛* JerkAss: While playing a game that required moving to a specific colored platform, he explained that [=ASFJerome=] really was colorblind (Jerome had mentioned it before.) He then asked his viewers if they wanted Jerome to play the game with them next time. That's just cruel.˛* KindHeartedCatLover: He has two pet cats, which can be seen in his vlogs. He obviously adores them.˛* LeParkour: Is well known for his in-game parkour skills, especially at Epic Jump Maps.˛** He even ''made a parkour series'', which taught others how to do parkour in Minecraft as well.˛* ManInABikini: He switched his skin to invoke this trope for the whole of Epic Jump Map: Tropical Island Vacation.˛* NonSequitur: He's actually very prone to doing this.˛* OnlySaneMan: Despite the craziness of his friends, Deadlox is actually very calm and collected. This all [[NotSoAboveItAll fades away if he gets frustrated on a map]], resulting in [[StuffBlowingUp him destroying most of the map with TNT.]]˛* RageQuit: Ever since the Ender Jumper Video, he's started what has become a {{Running Gag}} where he destroys entire parkour maps with TNT when he decides he "doesn't want to do dis any more."˛* RantInducingSlight: [=Deadlox=] missing a jump in the finale of the "[[ Super Mario Brothers]]" map gives us:˛-->'''Deadlox''': "Ooh, so is this like that original Mario where you have, like, Donkey Kong has the princess and you're ''fucking shit I just fell off because of a stupid freaking retard 'cause Luigi is the worst freaking Mario character''.˛** [[{{Hypocrite}} And yet he's perfectly fine with playing as Luigi ...]]˛* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Deadlox's two cats, which usually appear in his vlogs.˛* RunningGag: #Ty'sLeftFoot. This became so popular that at least one comment on each of his videos says this. Heck, one little kid ''actually'' came up to Deadlox and shyly asked him if he could have his foot while Deadlox was at a gaming convention.˛** The 9th Epic Jump Map made by [=Bodil40=] had the others' faces and sounds replacing those of some mobs.[[note]]Sky's replaced the squid, while Bodil's replaced the creeper.[[/note]] Ty's face replaced the pig's, which spawned #[=TysPig=] or #Piglox.˛** After finishing (or giving up on) a parkour or adventure map, he has gained the habit of destroying the entire thing with TNT, especially if it frustrated him.˛* ShoutOut: Deadlox changed his UsefulNotes/AllHallowsEve skin to look like Music/MileyCyrus for the whole of [[ Epic Jump Map: Halloween Candy]].˛* TheLancer: To Sky (Unless they're fighting each other.)˛* TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers: [[ This version of Cops and Robbers]] has him and the others disguising themselves as {{Creator/Nintendo}} characters in a normal playthrough of the minigame. So far we have Mario[[note]] [=Bodil40=][[/note]], Luigi[[note]] Deadlox[[/note]], Yoshi[[note]] setosorcerer[[/note]], Bowser[[note]] Kkcomics[[/note]] [[Franschise/SuperMarioBros (notice a patttern here?)]] and... [[Franschise/LegendOfZelda Link]][[note]] LetsPlay/CavemanFilms[[/note]]. They even lampshade this:˛--> '''Deadlox''': "It's like Mario plus Link, but we're just going to call it {{Creator/Nintendo}} version."˛--> '''Caveman Films''': "Yeah, I'm so special."˛* VitriolicBestBuds: With Sky. They seem to attack each other and interrupt each other quite often, to the point that they always keep [[PlayerVersusPlayer PvP]] on because, according to Ty, "Me and Adam don't always agree with each other".


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