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1* Blizzard's overwhelming joy at being invited to attend a school full of dragons in chapter 5.* After Blizzard accidentally gets blown back a couple of metres by Storm's breath, Spyro tells her not to mangle his friend on his first day. It's subtle, but it shows how much Blizzard's relationship with Spyro has grown, despite only being in the Dragon Realms for a couple of days at this point.* Blizzard saving Storm from drowning in chapter 7. [[RescueRomance This in turns leads to her becoming his mate.]]* In chapter 9, Thomas' parents bring his best friend, Alex over to Russia to try and make Thomas feel better.* In chapter 12, Alex accidentally blurts out the fact that he's a human in a yellow dragon's body to Storm. This confuses Storm [[DespairEventHorizon who goes into shock upon finding out from Volteer that Blizzard is human as well]]. In spite of that, she still loves Blizzard, as she tells him in chapter 14.--> '''Storm:''' I know.\'''Blizzard:''' You know? Know what? ''[Realizes]'' Oh, I'm so sorry! But I--\'''Storm:''' ''[Pulls his head to hers]'' I know, and I don't care. Real dragon or not. I know we have only known each other for a few days and we haven't really met on the best of terms, but...\'''Blizzard:''' What?\'''Storm:''' I... I love you.* In chapter 17, Alex ([[MeaningfulRename Who has just changed his name to Static]]) hears that Blizzard has been seriously injured and rushes to his aid, despite Volteer telling him to stay where he is.--> '''Static:''' Hey, if my friend's hurt, there's no way I'm staying here!** He then proceeds to help Storm carry the injured Blizzard to the infirmary.* In Chapter 18, Fury tells Cynder that he has no ill will towards her for taking him away from his family and turning him into a Dark One.--> '''Fury:''' I will never forget that day you took me from my family and turned me into this abomination.\''[Cynder looks down at the ground. Fury puts his paw on her back]''\'''Fury:''' I may not forget but I forgive you, I fully know that you were not in control of your own thoughts. Just like I wasn't when I went after that dark red dragon.\'''Solaris:''' Not the best apology I have ever gotten, but it'll do.* Static winds up getting a girlfriend in the Dragon Realms in the shape of an Earth Dragoness named Hope. The reason she's called that?--> '''Hope:''' Because my father said I gave him hope when [[MissingMom my mother passed away]].* Spyro and Cynder's SleepCute at the beginning of Chapter 20.* The first two thirds of chapter 24 could easily qualify for this, but the conversation between Blizzard and Static sticks out.** Highlights of said conversation include Blizzard reminding Static of the Summer Camp they both went on when they were about ten years old, Blizzard helping Static master his new electric abilities, and Blizzard vowing to protect his new friends in the Dragon Realms.--> '''Blizzard:''' I think the change has affected more than just our physical bodies. I think differently in some things now.\'''Static:''' Like what?\'''Blizzard:''' I don't know.* In chapter 26, Storm pays Blizzard a visit after he was locked away for a week.--> '''Blizzard:''' It's about time I got some company.* The ending to ''The Portal'':--> '''Blizzard:''' You know, without the constant fear of something trying to kill you, this really is a beautiful place.\'''Static:''' Finally, we agree on something.\'''Blizzard:''' So, what about you? Still anxious to get home?\''[Hope kisses Static on the cheek]''\'''Static:''' Nah, anyway, I can't let you have all the fun, can I?* John reuniting with his son in chapter 5 of ''Hard Choices'', despite being turned into a dragon after he and Sarah discover the portal.--> '''John:''' I knew I would find you.\'''Blizzard:''' More or less.


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