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1[[quoteright:350:]] ² [[caption-width-right:350:"...Welcome home."]]²* The reunion of Kafei and Anju. Reunited lovers? Pssh. Reunited lovers getting married ''as the world ends,'' while they talk about how much they love each other? Dude.²* If you fail to retrieve the Sun's Mask from Sakon's hideout, [[DefrostingIceQueen Tatl]], of all creatures, gets one combined with a TearJerker after [[HeroicBSOD a devastated Kafei]] tells you to save yourself:²-->'''Kafei:''' [[spoiler:I’m sorry you got caught up in all this. If you can get out, then do it. Anju is already fleeing to Cremia’s ranch.]]²-->'''Tatl:''' [[spoiler:You did great. She'll...understand. ''(To Link)'' C'mon, let's go. Play your ocarina and get us outside. [[WhamLine Let him be alone.]]]]²* The mailman's line, mere hours before the moon falls: "[[UnstoppableMailman tomorrow's delivery is still scheduled!"]] And the conclusion of that quest [[spoiler:has the Mayor's wife formally relieve him of duty, allowing him to flee the town as he desperately wanted to do]].²* A very simple screen with nothing more than ordinary text on a blank background, that makes it all worth it: [[spoiler:Dawn of A New Day]].²* Link burying Mikau after healing his soul. Even though they had just met and Link has other people to help, he was kind enough to give him a proper burial.²* In the general Great Bay quest, you can reunite the two golden seahorses at Pinnacle Rock. The notebook claims that they're friends, but their little dance afterwards makes it quite blatant that they're ''mates''. In short, you just slew a bunch of huge, horrifying Eels to reunite a loving couple. Daaaaaaaw.²** After Link helps Mikau pass away, Link buries Mikau's remains on the beach and puts up a grave for him. The best part about the whole Mikau sidequest? Link honors his last request and helps save Lulu's eggs, which he tried to do before his tragic death.²*** If you believe the implications presented in the game, Link's not just saving Lulu's eggs. He's saving Lulu's ''and Mikau's'' children. ²* Romani Ranch. If you fail to save Romani on the first night, she becomes a semi-mute, heavily traumatized pseudo-zombie when she is returned a little while later. However, completing the entire sidequest and coming back on the final night reveals that Cremia is giving her younger sister a Romani Mask to signify her becoming an adult. Romani is excited, but Cremia is morose because she realises the world is about to end. The last words Cremia says to her sister are, "Romani... sleep with me in my bed tonight, OK?" A [=CMOH=] and a TearJerker all in one.²** Also, the scene where Cremia is giving Link a ride to town. Particularly:²--->'''Cremia:''' In town... I have a friend. Her name's Anju... The day after tomorrow is her wedding.²** After you've gotten Romani's Mask, when you go back and defend the delivery again, Cremia either gives Link a Huge (200) rupee, or, a hug. And we all laugh at the hug for what [[MarshmallowHell it ends up being.]] But think about how many times Link has ever been hugged. This is likely the first one he's received in quite a while: This Link grew up with the Kokiri, who are perpetually young and mostly innocent (i.e. not the affectionate type) and was ostracized by nearly everyone until he left. He spent a good deal of time getting abused as a child in Hyrule (and when offered a Goron hug he seems genuinely terrified of being crushed and runs away screaming), and even as an adult he only got to know girls on a temporary basis before they became Sages. All his (likely painful) exploits as an adult were lifted clean out of the stream of (this) history, including his relationship with Zelda. On coming to Termina, it's possible all physical contact he's even known has been painful. When he finally gets a hug, getting used to a warm and fuzzy feeling has nothing to do with being on the cusp of puberty; this is quite possibly ''the first time in his life'' Link has ever felt physical affection. The fact that his face is pressed into her boobs probably doesn't even cross his mind.²** The resolution of the Cremia and Romani sidequest is particularly heartwarming and [[TearJerker sad]] if only for Romani's reaction. She seems ''so happy'' to be getting a Romani mask and a Chateau Romani that it's really motivating.²** All in all, many of the things Romani and Cremia do for Link throughout the game are rather heartwarming. They take in his horse and care for her after Link loses her to the Skull Kid, and from the moment they meet him, they seem to treat him rather kindly, and all without a second thought, almost as if they've known him forever. Speak to Romani before accompanying Cremia on her wagon ride, and she even offers to let Link live at the ranch from then on, adding that her sister will be in line with the idea, as well. As many friends as Link had made in the world, it's really something that they were the first to offer him such a personal choice, even when the ending shows he apparently didn't see fit to take them up on it.²* [[ Removing the curse on Pamela's father]]. The kicker to that scene is that if you try fighting him before healing him, you're treated to a cut scene of Pamela running in to stop you, and then begging her father to remember her. He crawls back into the closet, and she practically screams at Link to forget everything he's seen and leave.²** Of course, after playing the Song of Healing and curing him, Pamela sees her now-cured father and runs in to hug him. He's very confused and only remembers not being able to control himself, but Pamela tearfully tells him he was just having a nightmare. He hugs her back and Tatl sternly suggests that she and Link leave them to it.²* The Postman sidequest. It all revolves around the postman and his inability to flee the city because [[UnstoppableMailman it's not on his schedule]]. You can make it so that hours before the end, he is ordered to disregard the mailing schedule and flee the city. Upon receiving the news, he happily proclaims his freedom to "make his own schedule!", removes his hat, claiming "I don't need this anymore...", and runs (complete with unique animation), not jogs, out of town. In the process, he becomes what he was most remembered for in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]'': that carefree guy that loved to run with no destination or goal in mind, but for the joy that he found in running itself. Indeed, in the credits, we see him exactly where he left off in the last game, aimlessly running in a large, open field, because even in a parallel, nightmare dimension, that's the way it's supposed to be.²* The cutscene where you learn the rest of the Goron Lullaby, especially the end. And then this:²-->'''Baby Goron:''' It's just like... daddy's... right... beside me... ''[falls asleep]''²** His dad is the one who teaches you the intro to the Lullaby. You find him frozen outside, because the old Goron is so determined to go end the winter himself, for his son and for his people, even though his greatest warrior failed and he's pretty much guaranteed to die trying. It's a bit of a Tearjerker that he either can't remember the last notes of the song, or he's just too cold to play them (likely the former).²* The defeat of Skull Keeta: After you beat him in a rather [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment challenging challenge]], he grants you his "soul" (the captain's hat mask), begs you to tell his men the war is over, then asks "Orders, captain?" Cue silence as you think a Song of Healing prompt is coming up. Instead, Link stands there for a second, then dismisses the captain with a slow, heartfelt salute. "Understood! Thank you captain!" And when we say "dismiss", we mean dismiss from his eternal serving as skeletal captain. You can do the same to any skeleton soldiers you find by wearing the captain's hat. They're even disappointed if you don't dismiss them.²* When Tatl chose to leave her brother Tael behind and [[spoiler:follow you into the Moon to fight Majora's Mask]] instead of just leaving you once she and Tael were together again like she said when you first met her.²* When speaking to the owner of the [[FrothyMugsofWater milk bar]] on the final hours (with the Romani mask, without it his non-mask dialogue isn't so heartwarming), he tells you that he refused to leave because, even if it will be his undoing, he's the kind of guy who will stay with his business in the end. Then he adds that he also stayed out of the faint hope his favorite customers will appear. Cue a ping to the heart when he says "And I wasn't wrong. See? You stepped in." Much more heartwarming when you've stopped by the bar right after reuniting Anju and Kafei, and adds more awesome to it [[LetsGetDangerous right before you set off to kick demonic mask-ass]].²** Additionally, Mr. Barten has another line that is presumably prompted if you help Cremia deliver milk to him on the second night. In this case, he says "We have some good milk in tonight. [[FaceDeathWithDignity Would you like some Romani for your final moon viewing?]]" This shows that the man is trying to keep his customer's spirits up before the moon destroys his bar. Despite his otherwise serious personality, Mr. Barten has a sense of humour.²* More or less any person you add to your Bomber's Notebook can be this. In addition to the above, you can do little things to cheer people up like giving a nameless man paper to wipe his ass with, or helping a man whose only wish is to watch his chickens grow up to their prime by accelerating their growth into roosters.²* Getting the couple's mask and showing it to the quarreling people in the mayor's office. They are reminded of young love, and stop fighting immediately. Also, if you show it to the traveling mask salesman, he remarks that it is filled with love, and that you must have gone to a lot of trouble to get it (And you did!) and that he wishes that he was looking for the mask so your efforts would amount to a little more than nothing. (As far as he knew)²* If you help Gorman in the first day, he doesn't return to the bar in the second day, choosing instead to play cards with the juggling brothers.²* The extra use of the Troupe Leader's Mask in the remake, where the older and younger Gorman brothers show their soft sides by making a hangover cure for their middle sibling.²* Marching the Cucco chicks and helping them grow into roosters.²* The end credits. A giant compilation of heartwarming moments depicting the happy resolve of everything you saw during the game.²** The moon finally goes away and the soldiers rejoice.²** The giants make peace with the skull kid.²** The carnival begins.²** The Zoras perform their much-awaited concert. And look closely at said concert: that is indeed Link in his Zora form performing with the rest of the band. As if making a grave for Mikau wasn't respectful enough.²** Great Bay is calm, with clear waters.²** The spirits of Ikana are at rest, except for the ever-quarreling royal guards.²** The monkeys and the Dekus live together in peace.²** The postman cheerfully returns to his work.²** Kamaro's dance lives on through the Rosa sisters and their creepy soldier-stalker guy.²** Romani continues her archery with Cremia, who cheers her on.²** The bomb shop owner and his mom leisurely sit on their doorstep.²** Grog is surrounded by his crested, feathered friends.²** Gorman gets his wish of seeing his beloved song performed by the Zoras.²** Soldiers, Zoras and salesmen gather to hear Guru-guru's playing.²** Pamela and her father are a happy family once more.²** Anju and Kafei's friends and family come together for their wedding.²** ...TearJerker as the Deku butler [[spoiler: cries over his son's remains]] and²** Link leaves Termina and notices a quaint carving on a tree stump. [[ And the jewel-encrusted tip of the crown to the ending]] - the very simple "Saria's Song" melody playing exactly one time.²* The side-quest with Flat and Sharp. Flat is concerned about his older brother being cursed and asks Link to save Sharp. When Sharp hears the "Song of Storms", he's reminded of his brother and asks to be forgiven.²* It's only a minor moment, but the scene where Link first finds that Epona is still alive and well at Romani Ranch, in which he's seen smiling as he hurries to get a closer look at her. It's particularly heartwarming because, outside of ItemGet poses, it's one of the few times that he's seen smiling in the entire game. After everything the Hero of Time has gone through, it's nice to see him genuinely happy about something.²* When Tatl and Tael first meet Skull Kid [[spoiler:before he stole Majora's Mask]], it's raining and he's sad and lonely, huddled under a giant log because according to him, his friend left him after they fought. So what do Tatl and Tael do? The three of them huddle together, with Skull Kid holding the fairies in his arms. The next scene of the flashback shows the three of them playing hide-and-seek, Skull Kid laughing when he spooks one of the fairies, and him cartwheeling.²* It's actually possible to take the game's VideoGameCaringPotential UpToEleven and help almost everyone in Termina ''in a single 3-day cycle''. Granted, this can only be done at the end of the game once all or almost all of the items have been acquired and all the main quests cleared, but damn if it doesn't feel good.²** A meta example in that fans have actually gotten so invested in the game that they will try to help as many of its people as they can.²* Giving the spirits of the people who died like Darmani and Mikau rest, especially since in these moments the ghost show complete faith to Link to finish the task given and save everyone from the torment of Majora's Mask and prevent anymore victims to suffer the same faith as them. Once Link manage to save the day, it's safe to say the spirits were more then happy knowing their deaths were not in vain.²----²->''"But, my, you have managed to make quite a number of people happy. The masks you have are filled with happiness."''


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