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1* After being huge jerks to their girlfriends in the "Nice Guys" song, the bridge about how they really love them and want to be nice to them was pretty touching.* In the "Expectations vs Reality: Romance", the real Getting Back Together was oddly adorable. The [[spoiler: Taking the Bullet]] one, [[MoodWhiplash less so]].* His [[ Draw My Life]] video, especially the ending.* [[ The "I Love You Dad" Experiment]]. All of it.* Ryan's reaction to his Instagram account, a big part of his life, getting hacked and having thousands of his pictures deleted? To be mildly annoyed, get some Taco Bell with Sean, and make a video confessing that the hack had actually confirmed to him that his online presence and popularity is not what makes him happy, it's the content he produces that does. He's perfectly fine with losing an account and its followers since he can simply create a new account to post stuff on.** Ryan also urges his fans not to try to get revenge on the hacker as he/she might just be a lost soul whose hacking of Ryan's account was an outlet for his/her anger.* After [[StealthInsult several possible]] [[TakeThat take-thats]] [[ towards various famous musicians]], what does Ryan call Music/JohnWilliams? "The greatest artist of all time."* [[ Honk for Japan]]. Going outside and donating $10 for each honk from the cars. Awww.* Every one his Christmas Ninja videos, where he donates things to the homeless while dressed up as ninjas.* His "EXPOSED" music video, which is advertised as a [[TakeThat diss track]] towards all the major Youtubers, turns out to be anything but. Even towards controversial ones like Ricegum, Keemstar, KSI and the Paul brothers, Ryan confesses all of them have been nothing but nice guys when he met them.


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