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1* Loker and the kids' ''White Lie'' song (which is also SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic) in ''Tractor Man''.* Any time Cal and Emily are in a scene together, it's either [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments CMOF]] or this.* The scene in "Pied Piper" when Emily finds pictures of Zoe pregnant just before she married Cal, and believes she was "a mistake". Cal reassures her that [[BrutalHonesty yes, he was drunk and no, he did not marry Zoe just because he got her pregnant]], but that he would, if given the chance, absolutely do it all over again.* "Beyond Belief", and Cal using semicolons as a way to both apologize to Emily and to give her new boyfriend a chance to prove himself.* The final scene in "The Canary's Song": "Thank you for cleaning up my mess, Gillian."* Loker to Foster, after lying to protect her despite his "Radical Honesty" policy: "You have to have faith in something. I'm putting mine in you."* Lightman's surveillance of the men in Foster's life, while a little [[StalkingIsLove invasive]], is also a testament to just how important she is to him.--> '''Foster:''' You thought [[spoiler: Alec]] was having an affair, didn't you? That's why you followed him.--> '''Lightman:''' ...I was afraid you were going to get hurt.* In Teacher and Pupils, the way Lightman swings Emily behind him and glares at the psych of the week, is a mix between this and a SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome. You [[BerserkButton don't mess]] with [[PapaWolf Cal Lightman's]] daughter.** Also in this episode, Lightman helps the cop shot in the cold open to say goodbye and "I love you" to his wife and daughter, literally just before he dies.* Foster and Lightman [[spoiler: in the hospital after Foster is attacked]] in "Blinded". The way they just keep looking at each other, and keeping physical contact, as if they're both scared the other is going to disappear, is a hybrid of this and TearJerker.* The ending of "Exposed". --> '''Emily:''' [[CallingTheOldManOut You...never trust anyone, do you?]] You know, that's why you'll always be alone.--> '''Lightman:''' *looks at Gillian* ...I'm not alone.--> '''Emily:''' [watches as her father gets up to speak to Gillian. Smiles.]


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