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1* The fact that Angela calls Bones "sweetie" frequently is rather touching as it indicates their closeness and Angela's self-appointed role as Bones' CoolBigSis.˛* Zack and Brennan's EstablishingCharacterMoment in the pilot: Zack already has a second cup of coffee for Brennan, who's fallen asleep at her desk after an all-nighter spent reconstructing a victim's shattered skull, and sighs patiently as he sets it down next to her. ˛* [[JuryAndWitnessTampering When a man who is about to testify against a big military contractor ends up with his wife dead and son kidnapped in order to keep him from testifying]], Booth is part of the rescue team and is the one who gives the scared little boy the TrustPassword he and his father agreed on. Said password? Paladin, a fitting word for the deeply Catholic soldier that is Seeley Booth.˛** Booth gently cradling Donovan as he carries him out of the abandoned warehouse, much like a father would. ˛** Decker's reaction to seeing his son alive. The man breaks down in tears and immediately runs to embrace Donovan, understandably grateful to see his boy again. ˛* "The Man in the Fallout Shelter": When Bones reveals to the victim's lover what actually happened to him, she's practically overcome by joy that he had planned to run away to Paris with her and when Bones starts to say she has something else to tell her, the woman responds "What else matters? You've given me back my Lionel."˛** What she has to tell them is [[spoiler: the woman's money worries are over. The woman wants to send her granddaughter to college to be a doctor but the granddaughter states they can't afford that. Lionel had a single coin with him that is worth a fortune... meaning that he will be able to send his granddaughter to college even though he is long gone.]]˛* "The Woman in Limbo": The whole episode is tragic and painful for everyone involved (especially Brennan), but Booth immediately recognizes the facial reconstruction of Brennan's mother, almost as quickly as Brennan herself did. He really has read the case file. ˛* Booth's speech to Brennan in "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole".˛--> '''Booth''': ''Hear me out. Alright? You know when you talk to older couples who have been in love for thirty or forty or fifty years, it's always the guy who says ‘I knew’. I knew. Right from the beginning. I'm that guy, Bones. I'm that guy. I know.''˛** Followed with a one-two punch with a TearJerker moment when [[spoiler: she turns him down.]]˛* Hodgins, who has spent all of "The Bikini in the Soup" trying to find Angela a Valentines Day gift, finally comes up with one. [[spoiler:He creates a hybrid slime that smells like roses and names it after Angela.]]˛** For that matter, the whole Valentine's montage, which includes the aforementioned, Cam finally going on her date with Paul, Clark getting over his doubts, and Booth and Brennan's 'Valentine's Day Massacre'.˛--> '''Booth''': Take that, you dirty rat! ˛* "King of The Loony Bin."˛* After discovering that he and Angela both carry a gene that gives their child a 25% chance of being born blind, Hodgins decides to take up piano and suggests Angela do the same with sculpting so they will be able to share their passions with the child if he/she can't see.˛* In "The Beaver in The Otter," Booth attributes the typical stupid frat behavior of the people involved in the case as basically, "you have to be bad and do stupid things to become a good person." Brennan begins to worry about this, since she's never done a bad thing in her life. Booth encourages her to run out on their bar tab. She does, and he's right behind, but not before slipping some cash on the bar. Brennan got her "bad" moment, the bartender didn't get cheated, everyone was happy.˛* Brennan reading to Russ's daughter in the hospital at the end of "The Knight in the Grid."˛* When [[spoiler: Brennan decides to leave]] at the end of Season 5:˛--> [[spoiler: '''Bones:''' I can give you a list of forensic anthropologists who can do this job.]]˛--> [[spoiler: '''Camille:''' No, Dr. Brennan, you can give me a list of forensic anthropologists.]]˛* While saying their last goodbyes to [[spoiler:Mr. Nigel-Murray]], the Squints sing his favorite song as they load him into the hearse. ˛** And even before that, Brennan bringing a potted flower to put on the casket.˛--> '''Brennan''': Did I do something wrong?˛--> '''Angela''': No, sweetie, you did something just right.˛** And the fact that it was Brennan, of all people, who knew his favorite song.˛** Try watching "The Babe in the Bar" after "The Hole in the Heart", and the short scene of Bones complimenting Vincent and praising him for his good work just makes her last words to him all the more convincing. (and heartbreaking, but that's a whole different Trope.)˛* Ditto the team singing the same song for Sweets at his funeral several seasons later.˛* The team gathering around [[spoiler:Micheal Staccato Vincent Hodgins]] at the end of "The Change in the Game". It's the true essence of friendship. Even the kid's ''name'' is a [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments CMOH]]! Michael Staccato [[spoiler:Vincent]] Hodgins. ˛* From the same episode, [[spoiler:Brennan telling Booth that she's pregnant and he's the father]]. He just gets this grin on his face and looks so damn ''happy''. Doubly heartwarming on a meta level. A lot of writers would have gone with a cheap shot--made Booth look ambigously shocked or stunned, and leave us with that to chew on over the summer. But that would have been unfair and OOC, and we had the entire summer to look forward to the happiness that we ''know'' will ensue.˛* After being told that Sweets had inprinted on Booth and Bones as parental figures.˛--> '''Bones:''' What? Like a baby duck?˛--> '''Booth:''' ...Come on Bones, we're going duck hunting.˛* Early on, when her then-boyfriend Sully leaves for the Caribbean and Bones is waving him off heartbroken, the camera pans out to show Booth standing behind her. Then he visibly cheers her up as they walk away. ˛* During the show's first season, Brennan tended to be abrasive and empathy-challenged. However, at the end of "A Boy in The Tree", only the show's third episode, she was able to say just the right thing to the grieving mother of the boy whose murder Brennan and Booth had just solved:˛-->"Ambassador Olivos, you told me that all a mother wants is to know that she's raised her child well, that your biggest regret is that you'll never know if Nester would've grown up to be a good man. But he was a good man. He died because he was trying to do the right thing."˛* When the team manages to re-unite the kidnapped deaf and mute abused child with her original birth parents in "The Signs in the Silence", complete with her parents calling her by her birth name (Samantha) and showing that they brought her favorite stuffed bunny.˛** Bones sharing some personal memories of her childhood with the girl in order to help her try to remember where she lived prior to her kidnapping. She is able to remember the stuffed bunny, which is in her missing person's picture.˛** The girl's reaction to finding out that Bones can find out where she grew up by using her wisdom teeth. ˛* When Bones is stabbed by the Harbinger doctor in the season five premiere:˛-->'''Booth:''' Bones! Bones, you alright?˛-->'''Bones:''' Yeah, I'm fine. I'm okay.˛-->'''Booth:''' Bones, your arm. ˛-->'''Bones:''' Oh God... ''[pulls the scalpel out]''˛-->'''Booth:''' Bones... easy, I got you. I got you, it's okay. It's alright.˛-->'''Bones:''' He tried to kill me.˛-->'''Booth:''' Alright, easy. Ambulance is on its way, okay? ''[holds her tightly]''˛-->'''Bones:''' Gotta keep the pressure on the wound...˛-->'''Booth:''' I got it. I got it, just relax. Just trust me, alright? I'll take care of you. Ssshhh, I got you. Breathe. I'll take care of you. ''[kisses the top of her head]'' I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere, I got you. I got you, baby.˛* "The Spark in the Park". At the end of the episode, Brennan goes to check on the victim's father, a mathematics professor who holds deep regrets for neglecting to spend time with his daughter while she was alive, in favor of his work. The man's final homage to his daughter? Essentially depicting her entire life's story in equations on a chalkboard, from her laying at rest in her crib to cartwheeling to iceskating... a truly beautiful rendition of a person's life, all in numbers.˛* [[ This promo for Bones Season 7]], emphasizing the Booth/Brennan relationship, has Brennan changing her long-held stance on the concept of love(from the Season 5 ep, "The Dentist In the Ditch"), in what may be the most romantic example of SpockSpeak ever:˛-->"When Booth and I first met, I never believed that such a thing as love existed. I maintained that it was simply brain chemistry. But perhaps Booth is correct. Perhaps love comes first and then creates the reaction. I have no tangible proof, but I'm willing to accept Booth's premise."˛* How Vega and Janine and trying to help save Bones and Hodgins in the first Gravedigger episode despite their clashes with Booth and help dig them up at the end.˛* The UndyingLoyalty the whole staff has to B & B in the dream (or alternate universe) episode where they run a nightclub. Likewise, in the ''other'' alternate universe episode, there's how Angela and Wendell support Brennan being a detective, and the way she gets archeologist versions of Clark and Hodgins to help her.˛* When a Japanese journalist comes to interview Bones on her books, the reporter insists on focusing on the character relationships instead of the science. She helps Brennan realize that Angela is an intregal part of her success and gives her back pay of 30% of her royalties which from the look on her face is a lot of money, it is wonderful to see Angela getting the credit she deserves.˛* Season 7 premiere where Angela shows Brennan a video of her and Hodgins when Brennan felt unsure about her blooming babyship.˛* Also in the season 7 premiere, the opening and closing scenes of Bones and Booth as a couple. As well as when they tell each other they love each other- Bones especially, and Booth's reaction ("I know").˛* Season 7 episode 2, where Booth and Brennan see [[spoiler: the ultrasound video of their daughter.]]˛** from the same episode: what does a [[spoiler:''pregnant'']] genius forensic anthropologist listen to while studying bones? She plugs her earbuds into [[spoiler:a fetal heart monitor!]] [[NerdGasm Geek]]-[[{{Squee}} Dawww]]!!˛** Also, when Brennan and the latest Squint Finn Abernathy bonded while analyzing a skeleton. Abernathy, a SouthernFriedGenius thought Brennan was teasing her when she spoke with a drawl, but she then told him, "I love Creator/JohnWayne movies."˛* "The Prince in the Plastic": Booth reassuring Bones that she'll be a great mom, and Bones planning to spend quality time with her daughter...dissecting frogs. Also Bones and Booth playing with toys she bought together at the end of the episode.˛* "The Male in the Mail": Brennan is there to comfort Booth at the end of the episode when [[spoiler: he deals with the death of his estranged father]]. David Boreanaz turned in a strong performance as he displayed Booth's grief.˛* "The Crack in the Code": When Booth and Brennan are examining their new house, and Brennan talked about planting a cherry blossom tree outside [[spoiler:their unborn daughter's window.]] In general, the whole scene is heartwarming.˛* The team surprising Booth and Brennan in their new home when they return from [[spoiler:the birth of their daughter]].˛** Following in the tradition of Hodges and Angela's son's name, [[spoiler: Booth and Brennan named their daughter Christine Angela Brennan, after Brennan's late mother and her best friend]].˛* Plenty of stuff from "The Plain in the Prodigy".˛** Them showing Levi's parents the record of his music.˛** Levi's friendship with the other music convservatory students and how one gave him an old trophy.˛** Joseph Beahy, who comes across as TheHedonist, assuring that he does plan to return to the Amish village anfter his Rumspringa. ˛** The brother of Levi's fiancee is being set up as a suspect, or even the killer, talking about his angry confrontation with Levi, but then how he was mood by a piano piece Levi played him, and hugged him goodbye.˛-> '''Amos:''' He was going to be my brother.˛* The banter between Phillipa and the wheelchair bound reporter when they first show up in "The Man in the Mud".˛* Parker meeting his baby sister in "The Warrior in the Wuss": initially, Brennan is concerned that Parker may be jealous of Christine, especially when she sees evidence of him cutting up family photos. At the end of the episode, Parker reveals that he was cutting up photos to create a mobile to hang over Christine's crib.˛* The fourth season episode "The Science in the Physicist" has a nice scene between Brennan and Hodgins, where Hodgins expresses his distaste for the Collar Institute, which Brennan once wanted to join but they rejected her because her specialty involves studying the past. This exchange in particular shows the genuine respect that the Jeffersonian team have for each other;˛-->'''Hodgins''': To eternity, to glory, to the future. (scoffs)\˛'''Brennan''': You disapprove of the Collar Institute?\˛'''Hodgins''': Up and forward are only two directions. Science should look in all directions. You taught me that.\˛'''Brennan''': I did?\˛'''Hodgins''': Every day.\˛'''Brennan''': Thank you.˛* The third season Christmas episode has a running sub-plot of trying to put together a family Christmas for the incarcerated father and brother of Bones. At the end, it's been set up so the brother's girlfriend and her daughters will visit them in prison and the brother will be allowed to wear civilian clothes (he had lied to his girlfriend's daughters about being in prison and told them that he was out of town on business). But no tree (risk of shivs). At the end, Booth shows up outside the fence lighting up a tree with his car's battery.˛* Bones figures out how to amuse an infant.˛-->'''Bones:''' What would entertain you? ''({{beat}})'' Phalanges! ''[waving her fingers]'' ''({{beat}})'' Phalanges phalanges phalanges! Dancing phalanges!˛** This gets a super cute callback when Bones does this with her own daughter, Christine.˛* At the end of season five at the airport as Bones is heading to the Maluku islands for an anthropological dig and Booth is headed to Afghanistan to train counterinsurgent army guys:˛-->'''Hodgins:''' 'k, I made you this chart of all the poisonous reptiles and insects, what they look like, how to avoid them, and what to do if you get stung or bitten, so... ˛-->'''Bones:''' Thank you, Dr. Hodgins. I love you, too.˛-->'''Hodgins:''' Wow!˛-->'''Bones:''' Booth informed me that the proffering of overly solicitous advice is indicative of love. ˛-->'''Hodgins:''' Wow.˛** And:˛-->'''Bones:''' Don't be a hero, Booth. Don't be you.˛* All of the team's interactions with the victim's skull in "The Ghost in the Machine", particularly Booth saying a battlefield prayer over it.˛** The entire episode shot through the skulls point of view to simulate the boy watching the team until they fulfill his last [[spoiler: which they discover is showing the girl he had a crush on the love song he sung for her. The final shot through his eyes afterwards is him looking down on the team as he ascends to heaven.]]˛* In "The Maiden in the Mushrooms", Hodgins accidentally eats Abernathy's hot sauce - hot sauce that his now-dead grandmother had made. Feeling bad, Hodgins spends half the episode trying to re-create the recipe - and ''succeeds''. The smile on Abernathy's face as he tastes the hot sauce Hodgins made says it all.˛* Booth placing his sharpshooter medal on the victim's casket at the end of "The Superhero in the Alley".˛* After discovering that the victim in "The Woman in the Garden" was a devout Christian, Bones declares that they are going to identify who the victim is and make sure that she gets a casket and a Christian burial.˛* The season 8 episode "The Patriot in Purgatory" ends with a funeral for a homeless veteran who had run into the Pentagon during 9/11 and saved three people from dying. Along with the the main team, Squinterns,the family of the veteran, and the three people the man saved from the Pentagon are also at the funeral.˛** Earlier in the episode, Booth and Brennan are interviewing one of the rescued Pentagon employees. She speaks about the man who saved her with nothing but respect, was concerned about him and asked if he was alright and if she could thank him, and seemed genuinely sad to hear that he had died shortly after saving her life.˛* Season 9, Episode 1. As if the writers were outright apologizing for Pelant railroading things last season, they mend the fences between Booth and Bones almost completely: Bones finally decides to put logic aside and have a little faith in Booth's reasons for [[spoiler: calling off the engagement]]. Sure, she tells him he'll have to [[spoiler: propose]] next time, but it's the thought that counts, as Bones is almost allergic to taking anything on faith and this is clearly a big leap for her. ''[[spoiler: And he does.]]''˛* Bones was given a chance to express her faith in Booth in "The Sense in the Sacrifice". In the face of overwhelming evidence that Agent Flynn, a man who once saved Booth's life, was secretly working for Pelant, Booth refuses to believe his fellow agent and friend had turned traitor. Bones immediately declares that Pelant had framed Flynn, insisting that her faith in Booth's instincts is rational; she compares her faith in his understanding of people to his faith in her skills as an anthropologist. Booth's reaction is to immediately kiss Bones in the middle of the FBI bullpen, thoroughly enough to reduce her to BuffySpeak:˛-->[[INeedToGoIronMyDog "I have to go... do... scientific things to catch a serial killer."]]˛* In "The Blood in the Stones", documentary man Andrew Jursic shows interest in Caroline, which is reciprocated, and invites her out on a dinner. It is nice to see that love here isn't restricted to the younger generation.˛* The entirety of "The Woman in White," which focuses around [[spoiler: Bones and Booth's wedding.]] Particularly adorable are [[spoiler: their self written vows - including the TearJerker of Brennan's being the letter she wrote to Booth when she and Hodgens were buried alive - and then her adorable basically "Was that ok? Did I do that wrong?" question to Booth]] and Angela trying to [[spoiler: set up a venue and get the wedding to actually happen the day it was planned, because their venue had burnt down the night before. [[ItMakesSenseInContext It's a long story]].]]˛* Also from "The Woman in White", Booth comes home and finds Max with a dufflebag full of money and covered in dirt, and is reasonably suspicious on what's happening. Max is adamant he didn't do anything wrong, but refuses to say what. [[spoiler: He later confesses to Brennan that the money was won from gambling, which was why he was ashamed of telling them where it comes from. Max had a gambling problem and was in Vegas one day, where he had a winning streak. Just before he dug himself too deep though, he had an epiphany; he realized the money was for Brennan's eventual wedding, his gift to her. He immediately took the money and bolted, burying it in the desert for safe keeping after he went on the run. As Max was never able to properly provide for Brennan, this was his way of making up for it.]]˛* While Big in the Philippines has a few TearJerker moments, the way Brennan and Booth show their support to Wendell, who had [[spoiler: just be diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer]] makes you feel warm inside. To top off, after Wendell gives a Crowning Moment of Awesome when he [[spoiler: says he is going to fight]], Brennan gives him a massive hug, much to the happiness of Booth and to the shock of Wendell. Another one is when Brennan (who is one of four people to know) says that Wendell's work was invaluable, to which Angela responds that a broken arm is nothing. It speaks so much about how they all value Wendell as an anthropologist, not just another intern.˛* The end of the subplot of "The Heiress In The Hill", which deals with Hodgins finding out he [[spoiler: has a mentally ill older brother whom his parents kept a secret from him living in an institution, where the funds needed to support him are drying up]]. Hodgins promises [[spoiler: his brother]] that he won't be taken from his home, they'll figure something out, and they bond over their shared love of ''Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea'', walking off with their arms over each other's shoulders.˛** The show also manages a meta-moment of heartwarming as well. Almost every media portrays mental health institutions as horrible places, at best an undesirable place to be and at worst barely humane. Seeing one portrayed not only concerned about patients, but as an actual ''home'' for them is a refreshing change.˛** Also Booth suggesting to Brennan that they pay to help keep [[spoiler: Hodgins' brother]] in the facility that he's lived in for much of his life. Although Hodgins turns them down, the gesture is clearly one of love, and the fact that it comes from Booth specifically, who has never been very close to Hodgins, makes it mean all the more.˛* A veiled [[EstablishingCharacterMoment moment]] for Booth in the "Boy in the Time Capsule". Booth has to narrate a humiliating moment of his life to Bones. Long story short, he tells her about a boy in his high school who was... strange. Teen!Booth's friends hanged that boy upside down from a ladder and everyone laughed at him, including teen!Booth. Bones is confused as to why this is humiliating until he explains: that day, he could have stepped in and stopped all than. Instead, he stood and ''laughed''. Consider: the moment of his life he is most ashamed is ''not'' him beating someone up or cheating on a girlfriend: it's him letting someone suffer. Also, he remembers the names of every girl he slept with in school. He was definitely [[DeconstructedTrope not]] ''[[JerkJock that guy]]''.˛** Added to this is when he gives her a [[WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs Brainy Smurf]] figure and when she complains that she likes Smurfette (citing an incident in middle school where her crush deliberately mixed them up to humiliate her), Booth tells her that she's better than Smurfette who only has her looks, indicating that he believes Bones to be both brilliant and beautiful, even before they're a couple.˛* In "The Nail in the Coffin", Booth [[spoiler: stopping the SympatheticMurderer's suicide and promising him mercy from the law.]]˛* A weirdly sweet moment in the rising climax in the episode, "Prisoner in the Pipe". '''None''' of the inmates try to hurt a [[spoiler:pregnant Bones]] while she goes to find the evidence needed from the real killer. They even guide her to the killer! Bones was right when she told Booth they wouldn't hurt because she was [[spoiler:[[FriendToAllChildren pregnant]].]]˛* In season 9, there is a plaque of [[spoiler: Vincent Nigel Murray]] on a pillar in the Jeffersonian. It's visible in a blink-and-miss moment of episode 18 and in season 12,Cam pulls it out of the rubble of the ruined lab and brushes off the dust, giving us a good look at it.˛* At the finale of season 10, Hodgins' lost money (approximately 4 billion dollars stolen by Pelant) was finally recovered… but he decided not to claim it back, and give it to charities instead.˛* Though it's mostly funny, the scene with the "alien" corpse sitting up making Bones scream shows that when Bones screams and therefore might be in danger, Booth's first response is to whip out his gun to protect her, which is actually pretty sweet.˛* When Wendell and Angela are together, Hodgins' reaction to his (understandable) anger that someone else is with the woman he loves is to...go to Sweets and beg him to help him let go of his anger at the situation because he ''hates'' being angry at Wendell and Angela.˛** When Angela thinks she's pregnant by Wendell, Hodgins offers to be whatever she needs him to be for her and the baby. You can almost see her starting to fall back in love with the guy.˛* The first scene of season 11 is full of heartwarming seeing Booth play with his new son who is named Hank after his grandfather who raised him is adorable.˛* It doesn't excuse the rest of his behavior but the owner of the chocolate company in "The Babe in the Bar" looking distraught at the idea that a child had fallen into the chocolate that formed into the titular bar and drowned is still touching.˛* When the team is investigating the death of a man who had three wives, Angela asks Hodgins if he'd ever consider marrying another woman. He pauses briefly and then remarks "Only if I could marry you twice."˛* In "The Movie in the Making", there's lots of good-for-the-soul moments˛** The scenes where Sweets, Vincent and Zack are mentioned make it clear they are remembered and still loved; Vincent even has a tribute plaque.˛** Booth spends the whole episode supporting Christine in her current desire to be a car saleswoman. While Bones spends a good portion wanting Christine to follow in her footsteps, she ultimately decides to support her daughter.˛** Towards the end, several characters are asked what they want to be when they grow up (reflecting a segment with Christine's class), we're treated to endearing scenes of Angela being her artist self while talking about how she wants to always see the beauty in the world, Hodgins contently working in the lab while talking about how he wants to stay curious, Bones accepting Christine's dream, Booth talking about how he wants to be someone who gives more than they take and Aristoo talking about how he wants to be a family man.˛** Cam spends the whole episode trying to avoid her personal life coming out on film and Aristoo respects this. When he reveals his desire to be a family man, he's none too pleased to realize she's [[RightBehindMe right behind him and heard everything]] and alternates between apologizing to Cam and berating the film crew for overstepping boundaries. However Cam interrupts him with the following LoveConfession. Aristoo is delighted and the scene closes on them passionately kissing.˛--> I love you. I love the way you protect me and I love the way you fight for me and I...want to spend the rest of my life with you.˛* Cam admits to her sister that she wants a poofy wedding dress and bridesmaids and everything for her wedding and admits she didn't say anything because she didn't want to fight with her; her sister responds that they're sisters and they love each other.˛* Meta example: when confronted with the possibility that [[spoiler: Zach could be the serial killer after the Jeffersonian crew]], the actors who portray Cam and Hodgins went to the producers and outright ''demanded'' that they not go this route. [[spoiler: Zach's]] actor was quite touched.˛* When Sully, said by Angelia to be "the only other guy who ever had a chance", reappears, many fans shared the characters' worry that Sully would get in the way of Booth and Bones' relationship. But did he? Nope. He graciously accepts that she chose Booth and helps her reassess her emotions about [[spoiler: her father's death]] to get her relationships back on track. Booth for his part completely trusted his wife's loyalty and Bones credits Sully with getting her ready to start a life with Booth.˛* Booth’s speech to Brennan in the finale when Brennan says she’s afraid of having lost her intelligence.˛-->I know who you are. You’re the woman I love. You’re the one who kissed me outside of a pool house when it was pouring rain, took me to shoot Tommy guns on Valentine’s Day. That’s who you are. You’re the one who proposed to me with a stick of beef jerky in her hand even though you’re a vegetarian. You’re the Roxie to my Tony. You’re the Wanda to my Buck. Who else is gonna sing ‘Hot Blooded’ with me? And besides, we are way better than Mulder and Scully.˛* Tons in the finale like the CallBack moments of finding Jasper, Cam’s salt shaker and Parker’s drawing. Plus the homages to those they lost that are also TearJerker moments: Vincent Nigel-Murray (Cam finds his plaque in the rubble), Max (Brennan finds a pic of him and herself) Zack, not dead but still not with them (Jack finds a pic of himself and Zack from a Christmas party) and Sweets. Brennan pulls his book from her box of rescued office things and admits he was right about them and says she wishes he was there. ˛* The end of “The Pathos in the Pathogens”, where Booth is told he’s a lucky man and Booth says to Brennan “he doesn’t know just how lucky I am.” as he and Brennan lean their faces together and touch foreheads. D’awww!˛* Bones beginning to forgive Max in “Soccer Mom In the Minivan.” Especially when you know it’s the beginning of what will be a good relationship with her and his grandkids. There’s also a bit of TearJerker when there’s talk about one of the week’s characters wanting more time with her father since we know that’s just how Brennan felt come season 12.˛* Brennan’s speech to Booth from “Repo Man in the Septic Tank” ˛-->You and I, we're bound to one another. So much so that I don't feel that I could survive without you. You nurture me. You protect me. You are my home. If I were to damage that by a meaningless dalliance, it would be like killing myself. Something that I would never do. That sounded a little better. I would never let anything compromise the life we share, Booth. I love you.˛* Booth is shocked that Brennan and Sweets never got any birthday parties and then reveals why they are so special to him: even though Booth's father was a drunk who beat him often he ALWAYS got sober when Booth's birthday came around and threw him a party.˛* When Brennan and Booth confront Zack over his role in the Gormogon killings in "The Pain in the Heart," Brennan is clearly just as angry as Booth, and even more hurt by Zack's actions. But she steps in between him and Booth anyway. ˛** That whole scene reveals just how deep the intellectual connection between Brennan and Zack really was. Brennan knows immediately how to reach Zack and explain to him where he had made a mistake, and instead of defending himself when she points out the flaws in his logic he accepts it, exactly as if she as his teacher was pointing out one last error to him.˛* Brennan supporting Zack during his dissertation defense in "Judas on a Pole".˛* Doubles as a TearJerker, but when Caroline notices the BSOD Sweets was experiencing after talking with Heather Taffet in The Bullet in The Brain and gets him out of his funk by both confiding a moment of terror she experienced when Heather's head exploded, and giving him a pep talk about the irrelevance of a dead serial killers opinions.


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