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1%%Moments pages are Administrivia.SpoilersOff. '''Unmarked spoilers below.'''----* Callum confronts his father over the murder of his mother. This leads to a trio of heartwarming moments. ThePlan was for Joseph to kill both his wife and son in order to spare them both from the Animus and prevent the Apple of Eden from being won, but killing his wife was too much. Instead he told his son to run away. The second moment is Callum sparing his father despite his earlier stated desire to kill him. Instead he gives the assassin blade, Joseph's own assassin blade, back to him and walks away and Joseph still refrains from killing him.* The appearance of Callum's mother as a hologram along with a half dozen or so other ancestors. She speaks directly to him, [[YouAreNotAlone "You're not alone, Cal. You never were."]] and then inducts him into the Brotherhood. He reconciled with his entire family line in that scene. ** Moussa's line after this scene: "[[InsultOfEndearment What's next, Pioneer?]]". It's like he's saying, "Welcome to the group".** One of the figures in the same scene appears to be [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedUnity Arno Dorian]]. Despite being one of the most disliked AC protagonists, Ubisoft might have come up with a better use for Arno than in the main games, since if he is Callum's ancestor, he at least found someone to have kids with after his game, and his distant grandkid managed to cripple Abstergo by killing its CEO.----


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