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1!![[Film/TalesFromTheCrypt 1972 movie]]* In the 1972 ''Film/TalesFromTheCrypt'' movie, "Reflection of Death" ends with [[spoiler:Maitland stuck in a sort of GroundhogDayLoop]], and "Wish You Were Here" ends with [[spoiler:Jason kept alive and in agony forever]]. How do they end up as part of the group in the framing story? And what's the point of the Crypt-Keeper [[spoiler:sending them to Hell, when they already seemed to be consigned to a version of it within their own stories]]?** It is likely that Maitland was NOT stuck into this and that the second time he died for good like in the comic that the story was based upon. As for Jason it is a plot hole plain and simple, though it could be easily explained by his friend taking the statue and wishing for him to die and rest in peace. The statue wouldn't have to twist the wish at all to make him suffer, all things considered. ** I thought that his soul/spirit/essence/whatever had already passed on after death and that his wife's wish just made his soulless corpse spring to life.** Or maybe the Cryptkeeper isn't just tasked with telling people about FireAndBrimstoneHell, but ''any'' kind of Hell. Jason's terrible fate, included.----!![[Series/TalesFromTheCrypt Tv show]]


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