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1* Okay, let's assume that I'm actually playing this on a Famicom and not on an emulator. How are you supposed to start a new game?** The same way you do on an emulator? There are, like, two options on the screen at the start, even if you can't read what they are it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out what they do.*** Sorry, somehow I forgot to mention that I meant "start a new game after having a save file" because it only has one save file. I found out that you can delete your current game in the pause menu.* Lady Mamiya apparently accidentally killed her baby by turning on the furnace while he was playing in it. But why was he playing in the furnace in the first place?** Going by the corpse we see in the movie, it seems he was no older than two or three years old. A small child like that could easily crawl into the furnace without anyone noticing, he wouldn't know that the furnace isn't a place to play yet. Lady Mamiya just wasn't watching him close enough.


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