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1* Why on earth does everyone in Future London in ''Unwound Future'' act like [[spoiler:it's really ten years later]]? Are they all actors? Did they all use the time machine to get there? When Chelmey evacuates them at the end of the game, are they all going straight to jail as accomplices?
2** I figure they're actors hired to play the part of people living [[spoiler:10 years into the future]]. In fact, most people don't mention it's [[spoiler:the future (it makes no sense, after all) nor events in the past 10 years]], so maybe they don't even know it's supposed to be [[spoiler:10 years in the future]].
3*** Oh, they know... remember [[spoiler:the sign announcing that the bus stopped running the route Luke and the Professor wanted to take... 5 years in the future. And the newspapers, which would have to have the future date to keep the Professor and Luke in the dark if they picked one up.]]
4** I reckon they're all other people who want [[spoiler:Dmitri and/or Clive to succeed]]. There are probably lots of people who'd like to see the whole TimeTravel thing work out - [[spoiler:the other relatives of people harmed in the blast for one, not to mention the entire Dove family and its friends who'd probably be happy to see someone alter time to prevent Constance from having to raise that poor, broken kid.]] Dmitri probably did a lot of covert snooping around before work on [[spoiler:Future London]] started and found as many people as he could who were decent actors, wanted him to succeed, and were willing to lie to Layton to make it work.
5*** If you go back to the clock shop at the end of the game and talk to Cogg and Spring, they reveal that they [[spoiler:were once servants of the Dove family (which explains why Cogg accidentally calls Luke "young sir"), but apparently didn't know Clive was planning to destroy London]]. There seems to be various degrees of awareness, as one kid in Chinatown mentions that he knows his father is often working in a lab, but doesn't know what he's working on. They may be convinced that it's 10 years in the future, and that Layton and young Luke are actually that old in the future.
6** It's also possible that some of the citizens, not just the scientists, were kidnapped.
7** Something tells me that the game was originally written on the premise that [[spoiler: it was going to have Layton and Luke travel an actual 10 years into a bad future London]], but due to a change in writing they hamfisted a weird ending.
8* When we first hear about the lab accident ten years ago, we're told that it caused a massive fire and destroyed half of the neighboring apartment building [[spoiler:killing Clive's parents]]. However, when [[spoiler:Dmitri]] recalls the incident, [[spoiler:we see him running to find Claire's body in a scorched but intact room, which is clearly not destroyed or on fire.]]
9** [[spoiler:There ARE in fact fires in the room, just not very big ones.]]
10* Were we supposed to know [[spoiler:who Clive even was]] before the reveal? I don't recall [[spoiler:him]] ever being mentioned before that moment, but Layton [[spoiler:calls out his name as if everyone was supposed to recognize it.]]
11** [[spoiler:Clive]] was probably known between the scientists and politicians, since almost everybody in the room was involved with the [[spoiler:killer time travel.]]
12** When Layton talks about the day of the explosion to Luke [[spoiler:(the real one)]], he says there was a boy who lost his parents, and on the picture we see Layton holding the boy. It's foreshadowed.
13*** It may have been foreshadowed to the player, but Layton didn't know! At the end, [[spoiler:when Clive is about to be arrested, he tells the Professor that he was indeed the boy in that scene; Layton replies "That... was you?"]]
14*** I always assumed that because Layton did so much [[spoiler:covert, extensive research into the accident 10 years ago, he had been tracking some of the survivors of the incident]]. He probably knew about [[spoiler:Clive]] as a notable survivor, but not as the [[spoiler:boy he saved]] until it was revealed.
15*** That's a possibility, and the scene mainly serves to show that [[spoiler:there were more victims to the failed experiment besides Claire]]. I personally suspected that [[spoiler:Future Luke was hiding something around the time it was revealed that "Future Layton" was fake.]]
16* How exactly did the [[spoiler:fake London located underground]] fool anyone? The [[spoiler:sky, the clouds, and the sun were probably just painted on the cave walls, and thus never changed at all all the time they were there.]] Also, how was it made that it is [[spoiler:bright]] there without it being obvious [[spoiler:light bulbs or the like?]] AND, how could the [[spoiler:room with the "time machine"]] be an [[spoiler:elevator]] when you can't see any [[spoiler:elevator shaft]] above the house when you are in future London?
17** I assume [[spoiler: Underground London was built with a lot of clever engineering / design techniques in mind. Perhaps it's meant to be a coherent city from one viewpoint, but then from another viewpoint it looks very fake. It's entirely possible that all the locations Layton and Co see are the only actual locations accessible in the city. Also, you can use floodlights to accurately emulate certain weather features, given the time period]].
18** I imagine it's a [[spoiler:parabolic LED screen. Perhaps there's a computer managing the clouds and stars and sun moving across the sky. Lights that high up would blend together like pixels, and anyone who questioned the false sky would think they were crazy.]]
19** Actually, [[spoiler:underground London has its own night/day cycle, as you can see in some places like the forest and the casino. And there is a disguised elevator shaft above the clock shop; you can clearly see it from the Midland Rd. (Fork) screen.]]
20** FridgeBrilliance: The other side of the Thames is full of industrial buildings and scientific research centers. Layton even comments at one point on the haze of pollution they create. [[spoiler:Most of the time, therefore, you can't even ''see'' the sky from the ground of Future London - all you can see is a bright light behind the smog cloud, and you assume that's the sun. When the bright light is moved down and switched off, you assume it's now night.]]
21* I find it hard to believe that [[spoiler:Clive]] could have had the money to build an [[spoiler:entire London-sized, fully operating city below Real-London. Unless half of the buildings were hollow or something. I mean, inheritance be damned, no one person would have that much money. On top of that, the worker the Professor and Luke meet when they first enter Future London says something like "we've been building for a year" -- how could you possibly build an entire city in a year? How long has Clive actually been working on this project, and wouldn't he have hundreds of accomplices all unhappy with the political corruption? Barely any are mentioned, aside from Dmitri.]]
22** [[spoiler:He'd have been working on it for five years, at most, since that's when his adoptive mother died]].
23** [[spoiler:I thought that construction worker said they'd been ''renovating'' for a year. Anyway, I'm assuming that a good chunk of the buildings are hollow; there's no other way Clive would have the time, never mind the money, to build the city otherwise.]]
24** Forget about everything else - he somehow built an [[spoiler:underground city under a city with a freakin' ''underground system''.]] Care to explain that to us, Level-5?
25* The citizens of Future London are all [[spoiler:scared stiff of Layton and his hat because he/it looks like the evil!Layton that's been heading the crime gangs. Assuming they're not somehow hired actors (exceptional actors at that, to convince Layton and co that they're really in the future), it's a bit of a Fridge Logic moment -- Dmitri, or rather the "evil Layton," has been underground since the time machine accident where the Prime Minister was captured -- a day, at the least, a week at the most. Yet all the citizens seem to believe he's been running things for years. Going on that logic, who's really the "evil Layton" -- Clive himself? Don Paolo, in his Layton disguise?]]
26** Could be a [[spoiler:Big Brother thing: They all know what he looks like through pictures but have never actually seen him.]]
27** Given how [[spoiler:the prime minister was the ''last'' guy they kidnapped, Dmitri had to have been going back and forth for at least a few weeks before then]]. That, and how it's implied that [[spoiler:he and Clive had to have been working on the underground city for a few years, he's probably been down there pretty often]].
28* Since it turns out that [[spoiler:the time machine in Dr. Stahngun's exhibition was a hoax]], how did he [[spoiler:get himself and Bill Hawks underground]]? There couldn't have been [[spoiler:an elevator shaft under the fake time machine]], because the police would have found it.
29** The explosion caused a messy enough distraction so he could simply have hidden Family members [[spoiler:grab Hawks and drag him to the clock shop.]]
30* Flora's voice. In the US version, she inexplicably speaks with an American accent while everyone else sounds at least passably British, which is very jarring. Not to mention her voice actress could do with a bit of brushing up on pacing and tone.
31** In her first scene in [[VideoGame/ProfessorLaytonAndTheCuriousVillage CV]], she said "I'd... rather not say," in more of a British accent than American. Then, her voice-acted parts from "Goodbye then, little village"-on, she's American.
32** Her name -- Reinhold -- is of German origin. I figure the family was originally German and the Baron was taught English by an American nanny his family hired. He therefore would speak English with an American accent, and his kid would pick it up from him. Several years of living among British people would soften that accent perhaps, but it would still be noticeable.
33** What bugs me about Flora's voice is the fact that her voice actress voices a good deal of other characters and pulls off at least a semi-British accent for all of them. I understand that it would be difficult to come up with a unique voice for that many characters, but it's a bit strange that Flora is the only one without the accent.
34* How exactly did [[spoiler:Clive reassign so many of the scientists to the "mobile fortress" project without Dmitri catching on? Dmitri mainly needed scientists related to time travel, and since he's probably significantly involved himself, it seems unlikely that Clive's pet project would go unnoticed, even if the Family knew he was the real leader.]]
35** Dmitri probably [[spoiler:accepted Clive as the leader, so if Clive told him he wanted to work on a pet project that may or may not help Dmitri's goal of building a time machine, Dmitri probably wouldn't question it.]]
36* In the second flashback, why does Hershel have a mask of his face? It's just sitting on a bookshelf in background.
37** That's a reference to Curious Village.
38* The statue of the author and the boy. Did something seem off about that to anyone else? [[spoiler:Sure, Clive included it on the set of Future London as a subconscious tribute to Layton for keeping him from going insane from the loss of his parents (as a child, at least...). That's well and fine. But when Luke sees it for the first time on the way to Chinatown, itís strange that he has been led to believe that the Future Layton is a crime boss and that the Future Luke is leading a rebellion against himÖ and it doesnít seem to bother him too much. This would clearly be something that would upset Luke, having his imagination wander, visualizing what it must have been like for his future self and mentor to go their separate ways so dramatically. So why does Luke go off by himself, back to the statue, ''after'' discovering that Dmitri had been posing as the Future Layton? Why didnít he run away while he still had the prospect of an evil Future Layton? Maybe all of his worries of his and the professorís friendship had been building up since then, and even though he finds out the truth about Future Layton, and he just needed some time by himself to think. That could be the case, but I just think that they could have made that more clear.]]
39** For me, I just figured [[spoiler:that it didn't even occur to Luke they wouldn't succeed, and Layton (knowing his future as being a horrible person) would change his attitude, ergo he didn't think of Layton in terms of the future one, but the present one.]]
40* What exactly does [[spoiler:Clive need Dmitri for in his grand plans? Sure, Dmitri would benefit from Clive's resources and supposed support, but what does Clive gain from it, apart from the chance to manipulate one of the men responsible for his parents' deaths?]]
41** [[spoiler:I gathered that Clive didn't really ''need'' Dmitri for anything. He just pretended to play along so that Dmitri wouldn't get suspicious about his ''real'' plans. So basically, yes, he was just trying to manipulate him.]]
42* So [[spoiler:you are rich, you want to make a political statement, and you have the resolution to do anything... would the first thing that crosses your mind be a giant machine of random (and I mean random) destruction? With that much money, I alone can think of 10,000 better plans, both statement-wise and revenge-wise... and half of them are better morality-wise. And if he wanted specifically to destroy London, why not just use a giant bomb? (A nuclear one would be kind of unfriendly.) Clive's plan just bugs me.]]
43** [[spoiler:Clive's goal was revenge, and he himself admits that he wasn't really thinking clearly at the end. That, and he wasn't trying to make a political statement specifically, he was just trying to get back at Dmitri and Bill Hawks, and since Bill unfortunately happened to be Prime Minister, the destroying-London bit was an effect of that. Had Bill not become Prime Minister, Clive would probably have come up with something a bit less destructive.]]
44** Bear in mind that Clive originally worked as a reporter, meaning he traveled around the world to witness the damage politics does to innocent civilians. Also, [[spoiler: this is sadly [[TruthInTelevision Truth in television]] for many terrorists around the world; they see violence firsthand and decide to wreak havoc on innocents themselves in order to prove a point.]]
45* [[spoiler: Clive's plans and Clive's intentions]] don't really seem to match up. He claims he wants "revenge" on [[spoiler: "single-minded scientists and corrupt politicians", namely Bill Hawks, Dmitri, and the like, but despite having them under his control for practically the entire length of the game and had the opportunity to do any number of horrible things to them, he doesn't actually DO anything to them.]] Instead, what he does do is he [[spoiler: uses them merely as pawns for for his greater scheme, which is to... randomly destroy a bunch of innocent bystanders who have nothing to do with his reasons for revenge.]] IdiotBall, much?
46** IdiotBall or no, he was completely insane by the end of it all. He admits as much after all is said and done.
47** On that note, what reason would Clive have to put Bill Hawks in the generator of his machine, of all places? Think about it: Clive [[spoiler: wants revenge on him and wants to show him his wrath,]] but locking him in there isn't going to do anything but leave Bill unharmed and clueless. Not only that, but if it's true that Clive actually ''wanted'' Professor Layton to [[spoiler:stop his rampage by by disabling the generator in his machine]], then putting Bill there is practically asking for him to be freed. What is he trying to accomplish?
48* ...So is anyone else wondering exactly ''how'' [[spoiler: Bill managed to go ahead with the experiment anyway? Dmitri makes it clear that there's a flaw in their time machine, right?]] So shouldn't they have, I don't know ''tested it on something other than a human and realized this before?'' I'm fairly certain that experimenting doesn't just jump from blueprint phase to 'strap a random intern in it and see what happens'. There must have been some kind of test in between before it was deemed safe to even try using on a human subject. And this all takes place [[spoiler: before Bill acquires his fortune]] so I doubt that he could have bribed his way into someone's good graces.
49** Especially since there's no indication that the experiment wouldn't have worked just as well [[spoiler:(i.e. exploded violently, killing ten people)]] if they'd stuck a potted plant in there - the contract was to buy the power source, not anything to do with actual time travel. Not only is there no way they would have been allowed to just stick a lab assistant in there and see what happens, there's no reason to.
50* What on Earth did Dmitri think Clive was getting out of this whole plan? It's obvious what Dmitri thinks he's getting (a chance to save Claire), and what Clive is ''actually'' getting (revenge), but from Dmitri's point of view, Clive's providing financial backing to the tune of at least several million pounds and getting... what, exactly? Was there an agreement that when Dmitri went back in time to save Claire, he'd also save the other victims of the explosion (he doesn't seem to know Clive's parents died in the explosion, but it's a plausible request)? Did Dmitri think Clive was using this as some sort of really weird rich people LARP thing, hence the elaborate Future Layton, Mafia Boss storyline when just "you're stuck in the future" would have done the job of convincing the scientists they had to fix the time machine?
51** For the latter part, the Future Layton and Future Luke mafia thing was probably just a ploy to keep Layton and Luke from wondering what became of their future selves, in addition to getting them to quickly trust Clive.
52* So how exactly did Layton know Clive's name? It looked to me like he just suddenly knew without anyone ever encountering a Clive in the game before the reveal. Or did I just miss something?
53** It's likely he figured it out while looking through the police files on the original incident. How he specifically knew Clive's life story, which couldn't have been in the police documents, is anyone's guess though.
54* The ultimate headscratcher: Why did Clive bring Layton in on the whole thing at all? Why go to the trouble of creating the evil future version and then bringing him down to try to fix things and impersonating Luke? What the heck was the point of that? Layton wasn't one of the people on whom Clive wanted revenge. He could have left Layton completely unaware of the whole situation, and the good professor wouldn't have known anything until Clive actually set the attack on London in motion. So why bother involving him at all?
55** In-game it's explained as deep down, Clive hoped Layton would solve the mystery and stop him from his madness the way he once did; he could have rationalized it as wanting to show off what he was doing to Layton, who was a well-respected intellectual, for the sake of his own pride. Maybe Dmitri also wanted to invite him, since Layton used to be his romantic rival for Claire and he either wanted to mess with him or, if he had no hard feelings, wanted to figure out a way to get him down to Future London where he'd be safe from the machine/be able to see Claire again.