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1* Wouldn't it be easier for Corey to ask Trina to help him write lyrics? You know, instead of stealing her diary?** It would, but given how much she hates Corey and his band, she would say no.** In "Space Jammin'", we learn that Trina only writes down her thoughts in her diary. Corey is the one who makes lyrics out of the entries.** Then why not hire an actual lyricist? Corey is clearly going to give his sister a heart attack some day.*** Corey and his friends are just a bunch of suburban kids still climbing their way to fame. They probably don't have the resources to hire an actual lyricist. Even then, it's evident that they like their lyrics to be inspired by something from deep within one's emotions rather than blandly and soullessly churned out.*** Corey ''is'' capable of creating powerful emotion-based charges and not just in his end of episode cap-offs, it seems to be a subconscious manner. As in he can do it when he's not thinking about it (think Centipede's dilenma). He's just usually too mellow and down to get into the same emotional state as his sister does (and shows more of their differences. Trina's repression of her various facets show more of her issues.) Trina's emotional diary diatribes serve as powerful inspiration for Corey and allows him to get the ball rolling in his head. * Does Mina know that Triganometrina and Trina are the same person?** She finds out at the end of the episode, but she didn't use to.* You'd think by now they would've become GenreSavvy enough to start recording Corey's "end of the episode" speeches and make some lyrics out of them.** Corey mentions at the end of "Here Us Rock Part 2" that he really should write down his end of episode speeches. By their reaction the rest of the band seem to have realized it ages ago and were waiting for him to realise it too. Maybe they don't have anything to record or write it down with at the time.* If everyone thinks Laney is a boy, why were they not weirded out by her dating Corey in "All You Need is Cake"?** WordOfGod says they're aware of Laney's true gender. They just treat her as OneOfTheBoys.** Also, it's in 2013/2014. In Canada. Granted, some people are still homophobic.* According to WordOfGod, Trina And Corey were adopted with no mention of a mother, In "War and Peaceville" Mina tells Trina regarding Corey "Aren't you guys related?" Trina simply responds by saying "Yuck". Does she truly know she's adopted or is she unaware?----


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