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1Time to [[VideoGame/FZero FALCON]]... [[WithCatlikeTread SNEAK!]]\²[[CallingYourAttacks FALCON PRAY! FALCON PENANCE!]]\²[[SubvertedTrope FALCON... water, please.]]²-->--@/TheHeroHartmut²²[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]] [[DarkerAndEdgier is]] ''[[DarkerAndEdgier dark.]]'' \²[[RunningGag What will]] Franchise/{{Kirby}} [[RunningGag suck up next?]]\²[[HostileShowTakeover WALUIGI TIME!]]²²Kirby is so sweet\²But Dedede wants to fight\²AUGH! Waluigi!²-->--@/{{Webby}}²²Cutesy webcomic\²Oddly G-rated; interesting...\²Nothing else to say.²-->--@/BlueGuy²²WALUIGI TIME!\²All for Waa and Waa for all!\²Sanity is nigh\²-Codex²²"I'll get you, Kirby."\²Kirby sucks Dedede up.\²"I'll get me, Kirby."\²-Kurbzter\²²²----²-->Expecting another haiku? [[color:purple: [[MemeticMutation TOO BAD. WALUIGI TIME.]]]]²----


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