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1* The Wardens are half comprised of [[NominalHero Nominal Heros]] who really have no real interest in stopping the Blight or saving Ferelden. So they decide to have as much fun as possible at Ostagar.²** Durin [[InsaneTrollLogic trolls]] a Templar into attacking him and gets away with the act and taking the templar's armor!²** Mairon and Gimli scare Cailan into running back to his Royal tent²** Gimli attempting to pickpocket Duncan²* While in the Korcari Wilds, Mairon decides to read a journal while the rest of the Wardens have to fight a Shade.²** Best part? He was the one that summoned it!²* Mairon firing a mana beam that missed three ogres.²** Though it hit everything else around the ogres! Talk about an EpicFail.²* Poor Alistair seems to be everyone's ButtMonkey just like in the vanilla game.²* Shatele [[ObfuscatingStupidity "accidently"]] breaking the door off of Sten's cage to release him²* Mairon choosing to have a dinner with the Hawkes rather than hurry to meet with the other Wardens. Could double as a SugarWiki/{{Heartwarming Moment|s}} if you look past how hilariously selfish Amell is acting.²** He then solidifies himself as a JerkWithAHeartOfJerk by letting a darkspawn mage nearly kill Lily which forces Revan to [[TakingTheBullet jump in the way of the blast]] and nearly die himself. Especially noteworthy as Mairon himself could have very easily done something.²²--> "WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?"²--> "I was fighting the darkspawn like everyone else."²--> "WHY DIDN'T YOU BLOCK THAT LAST SHOT?"\²"I thought you had it under control."\²"NO! Standing in the path of the lightning-charged fireball is having control of the situation!"²----


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