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1While ''Into the Nexus'' may have more of a "spookier direction" than the entries seen before it... it's [[Funny/RatchetDeadlocked (yet]] [[Funny/RatchetAndClankFutureToolsOfDestruction again)]] still a ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClank'' game.²²'''As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked [[Administrivia/SpoilersOff as per policy.]] Administrivia/YouHaveBeenWarned.'''²----²²* Pretty much everything said by the Zurkon family:²** "Little Zurkon does not need bolts. He is given an allowance. An allowance of carnage."²** "You are dead. Mrs. Zurkon finds this humourous."²** "Mrs. Zurkon doesn't cut coupons, she cuts enemies."²** "Crates!?! You dare waste Mr. Zurkon's time with crates!?!"²²* When Neftin and the Thugs-4-Less are about to attack the Nebulox Seven, Neftin tells one of them to fire the missiles. The thug presses a big red button... only for Wang Chung's "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" to start playing. Cue him getting punched aside by Neftin.²* After seeing an argument between Neftin and Vendra, one thug tries to comfort him by expressing that he has his own family problems and "shares [Neftin's] pain", only for Neftin to punch him aside.²-->'''Thugs-4-Less Mook:''' That's a lot of pain...²²* [[VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFutureToolsOfDestruction Yet again]], we have a split-second shot showing off a Dimensionator with some goofy stuff attached to it--this time it's a plush Netherbeast and a cuckoo clock bird with a butcher knife. And it isn't any easier for Neftin to balance it. ²²* Throughout planet Silox, you hear recorded messages left by the mayor just before the planet was evacuated. In one message, he says the first bank has been broken into, and that there's no need to investigate since it's obvious the ghosts did it. [[BrickJoke In a later announcement]], he says he would like to remind everyone that the large crates being loaded onto his ship [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial definitely don't contain the bolts stolen from the bank]]. And then he ends every message with "Don't forget to vote Gumblebrick!" ...And you get a Skill Point entitled "Vote Gumblebrick" by destroying the statues of him in the main plaza.²²* A small BrickJoke while going through the Halls of Villainy in the museum. When entering, the tour bot warns you probably did not listen your mother while growing up if you ended up in that gallery. In the near end, [[spoiler:[[VideoGame/RatchetAndClankFullFrontalAssault one such villain]] is spending the rest of his life in house arrest with his mother.]]²²* Ratchet's reaction to seeing Neftin use a crudely drawn picture of him as a target.²²* Thanks to ex-president Copernicus Qwark, the Museum has a replica of the Biobliterator meant to make you relive the experience. If you get targeted and don't hop away in time, you'll get temporarily turned into a lombax-robot. ²--> '''Ratchet:''' Aw, man. Look at me! ²--> '''Clank:''' Look on the bright side. At least you will not shed all over the apartment anymore. ''(Chuckles)''²--> '''Ratchet:''' Very funny. ²²* After retrieving the original Dimensionator from the Intergalactic Museum of History, Ratchet questions on how he’ll get it to Neftin. Neftin's response is to tell Ratchet to step away from the windows.²--> '''Clank:''' He must have acquired a hydraulic zipline or--\²''(scream of a Thugs-4-Less mook as he crashes through the window and slams into a nearby wall with a hydraulic zipline attached to him)''\²'''Thugs-4-Less Mook:''' [[BrickJoke So much pain...]]²²* After sending Mr. Eye back to the Netherverse, Neftin lives up to his end of the bargain with Ratchet and carries Vendra off so he can turn themselves in. Vendra protests like a child might, to which Neftin responds, "We're going to jail, and that's final!"²--> '''Vendra:''' Where are we going?!²--> '''Neftin:''' [[IGaveMyWord A deal's a deal.]] We're going to jail.²--> '''Vendra:''' Put me down! I will NOT go to jail!²--> '''Neftin:''' Vendra, SHUT UP! We're going to jail and that's final!²--> '''Vendra:''' ...Can we still be evil?²--> '''Neftin:''' No!²----


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