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1* Her Nippon friends are convinced that Yumi is an idiot.˛-->'''Redhead friend''':She always think out of the box. There's a fine line between an idiot and a genius. So maybe...˛-->'''Bluehair friend''': No, she's an '''idiot'''.˛-->'''Redhead friend''': Definitely.˛* Yumi plans to visit Amerigo from Nippon...using the local train.˛* One of the [=DIs=] searching for prohibited contents in the recruit's stumble on Donna's stash of slash doujinshis.˛* Linda thought Yumi was a lesbian.˛* The reactions to the "Rectal Rocket" [[ here]].˛* The [[ whole scene]] with the BCG (Birth Control Glasses)˛-->'''Yumi''': "BCG no hide your boobs."˛* Pretty much all the scenes where Yumi takes an interest in Linda's "soft water balloons".˛* Yumi's idea of the Marine Corps being a naval unit...involves [[ playing with dolphins]]!˛* Donna swearing vengeance on a bayonet dummy˛* During a 3-mile run, while all the other characters motivate themselves with their thoughts, we get this [[ gem]].˛-->'''Yumi''': " did I get here?"˛** Also dolphins again.˛* [[ Sexy Pose]]˛* Just the fact that Barris Island sand fleas have preferences for Hispanic brown skins to that of Rita rather than Linda's Caucasian white, Donna's African black and Yumi's Asian yellow ones. This troper can't help but to quote Jeremy from WebVideo/CinemaSins:˛--> That's racist ''*ding*''˛** Two words: [[BloodyHilarious Bloody Rita]].˛* Anytime the [=DIs=] give an inspring speech and Donna contradicting said speeches in her thoughts.˛** Which ends with a [=DIs=] hitting Donna with a [[ canteen]] for her trouble.˛* The Pool Arc [[ here]].˛-->'''[=DIs=] ''':"You'll jump in the pool!"˛-->''*Cue Yumi thoughts of a pool party with swim suits and all*''˛-->'''Rita''':It's not as fun as you think, okay?˛** As a matter of fact: Donna barely passing Class 4 in swimming. (Swim in one place for 5 minutes)˛* Donna and Rita showing off the influence the [[ Marine Corps has on them]].˛-->'''Donna and Rita''':"We've been totally brainwashed!"˛** Cue a DI smiling as if it was intended.˛* Donna's go full YaoiFangirl in her free time.˛-->'''Donna''':"Or write like hell! There's a boatload of gay story ideas in the military!"˛* [[spoiler:Marines don't get to play with dolphins. (The navy gets to do that)]]˛* A male recruit accidentally calls a female DI a "sir". Prompting this response.˛-->'''Female DI''':"DO I LOOK LIKE A MAN?!"˛-->*beat*˛-->'''Everyone in room''' (''Thinking''):"YES!"˛* [[spoiler: [[ Rita's a cyborg]]]]˛** She's just kidding.˛* [[ Meet Moto-Rock Perch,]] and thank God you don't work with him.˛* [[ Yumi's birth]]. All of it.


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