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1!Per wiki policy, Administrivia/SpoilersOff applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. Administrivia/YouHaveBeenWarned.* Hayashida-sensei [[FreakOut freaking out]] over the fact that Rei, a high-schooler, makes a higher salary than him.* Hina's bento. Perhaps it's for the best that Takahashi didn't get to taste the meal. ''[[LethalChef Even the cats died]]''.* Just about every time Nikaidou, the walking LargeHam, shows up.** Something needs to be said about Nikaidou barging into Kiriyama's room at 9 AM in Chapter 8, just because he wants to train with him. The normally stoic Kiriyama gets a bit [[NotSoStoic annoyed]] this time.** Momo sees Nikaidou as a Bodoro (a [[Anime/MyNeighborTotoro Totoro]] {{Expy}}) and jumped onto him. Nikaidou immediately gets into 'kindly gentle adult' mode, leaving [[NoSocialSkills Rei]] in dust...** Unfortunately for Rei and Hina, [[ChubbyChaser Akari has a spot for plump, round things]]. Like Nikaidou.* Nikaidou's butler comes to pick the kid up at Kawamoto's house in Chapter 8, and gave Akari a snack he brought along the way in gratitude. [[ContrivedCoincidence It's from Mikazuki-dou, the shop Akari works part-time at.]]* [[ Do not mention food within the earshot of Kawamoto's household cats]].* Rei's entire match against Matsunaga in episode 9. ''All of it''. You know it's funny when a serious flashback Rei has involving [[KnightOfCerebus Kyouko]] in it gets used comedically before Rei decides to go ahead and swiftly [[CurbStompBattle beat the old guy in the game they were having]] because Rei thought it was way too painful and awkward for him to continue playing against him, noting internally that it would be difficult to ''lose'' on purpose even if he wanted to!--> '''Flashback!Kyouko:''' ''...Because you're such a nice guy''''...[[BrokenRecord such a nice guy...such nice guy...nice guy...]]''--> '''Rei:''' (in his thoughts) I'm really sorry. I'm grateful that you said that about me but I don't think I'm such a nice guy after all...* Some end cards of the anime episodes are hilarious.** Episode 10 has the Kawamoto sisters and freaking ''Kyouko'' in idol costumes.** One of them is Rei playing Shogi [[HotBlooded as if he's in]] [[Main/ShonenDemographic Shounen]] manga.* Rei's SpitTake after he sees Nikaidou on TV. There's also Hina and Momo's reactions to seeing Rei on TV, just seconds after Rei tried to slowly slip away after realizing that he's in that broadcast too.** And then there's Rei's [[NotSoStoic uncharacteristic]] rant against Nikaidou after the latter started grilling on his playstyle in his commentary during Rei's broadcasted match. ** A chapter after that, we have Rei's jealousy at Nikaidou for being a better shogi teacher to Hina and Momo after Nikaidou gives out this beginners-friendly how to play shogi book meant for kids to the sisters. There's also Rei's [[EyePop reaction]] when he realizes that ''Nikaidou'' was the one who wrote, illustrated, and published the book.* Everything about the After School Burners Club in Chapter 32 (Episode 16 in the anime). They immediately call Rei a nice guy after he accidentally bumped into chemicals on the table and created a new scent for their soap. Their leader is a first year student who ''has a mustache''.* Kyouko referring to Akari as an "old woman" before correcting herself at the last minute following her chance meeting with the Kawamoto sisters earlier that day and asking Rei about them once they got home.** In the same scene, thinking Rei has a thing for one of the sisters, Kyouko, for one reason or another, brings up ''[[TokenMiniMoe Momo]]'', and, seemingly appalled at the thought, begins to label Rei as a pervert!** And before all this, [[BigEater Kyouko]] eating almost all of the bento Hina and her sisters made for Rei and making nitty-gritty comments about the food with each bite she takes.* After the first day of Shimada's workshop, Rei and Nikaidou continue to bicker about their Shogi moves all the way home without stopping... until they saw a bird nearby dived under the river and never came back up, upon which they ''darted'' [[MoodWhiplash to nearest bookstore to find out if it's dying.]]* During the matches in Kyoto, Rei is commentating with a very energetic A-Class veteran and is so overwhelmed that he thinks if Shimada had to play with people like that day by day for years and only got stomachaches because of the nerves, it makes Shimada a monster in his own way because the pressure is just too much for Rei.* Hina and Akari's mortified expressions when Momo suggested using gum as a filling for a new sweet their grandfather wanted to make. On the other hand, while those two were less than satisfied at the suggestion, Someji reacts with proud ManlyTears at Momo.* Gotou of all people let his guard drop against [[StalkerWithACrush Kyouko]]. [[NotSoStoic Cue the girl jumping into his room]].* Akari's imagine spot of laser-firing grandpa-zilla being unleashed on parents of the bullies that picked on Hina in Episode 29.* After a match against Subaru Hachiya, a very noisy player, Smith and the Club's chairman who were playing next to Kiriyama scolded him for not bagging the damn guy sooner and went for the move that made Hachiya even more pissed, as if it can easily be done.** This from Episode 29 end card screen in the anime, after Hachiya dragged Kiriyama to a post-match review in a family restaurant.--> '''Hachiya''': "Kiriyama, you're not thinking of going home soon aren't you?"-->'''Kiriyama''': "Excuse me! One more parfait!"* Hayashida-sensei in Chapter 60 threatening to go ham on Hina's homeroom teacher who subject Hina to victim-blaming after hearing updates of the story. It's Kiriyama that has to stop him this time.* Okuyasu Yokomizo calling Shimada "[[ComedicSociopathy The Authority in Stomachache]]" in Chapter 63.** And [[SkewedPriorities after]] that he congratulates Kiriyama on winning his match a few seconds too late.** Before all that, Junkei's entrance. The way the anime presents it makes him look like some big brooding nemesis with the face blackened over.


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