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1* Yuri's [[ first]], [[ second]] and [[ third]] yoga classes produced such gems as her "Lion Pose" and also revealed that Yuri has hair on her abs.* Two baby snakes were found while harvesting sweet potatoes,and naturally chaos erupted among the girls, who are scared of snakes. That is, except for Sunhwa, who picked up a snake and used it to terrorize Shinyoung.* In the 1-Year Anniversary Episode, Narsha told Sunny that somebody was pregnant. Sunny's response: "You?"* In one episode, they decided to take Pureum for a walk. Naturally, Pureum escaped, leading to near-pandemonium as everybody tried to chase down a juvenile cow.* In the final episode, Wanggu dressed up in a suit and sang Taewoo's hit "Love Rain" off-key and off-time. Adding to the hilarity, one of the cast mentioned that he looked like he should be a singer in Mexico thanks to his outfit and fake mustache.


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