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1* One of the jokes that best illustrated the show's mastery of RapidFireComedy:-->"And now, a police warning."-->''"Look out! The fuzz!"'' * Many of the puns could amount to this:-->'''John:''' Beat the eggs, whip the cream, and strangle the butter.** Also worth mentioning is the ''Black Cinderella 2 Goes East'' variation. -->'''Cinderella:''' There's so much to do -- darn the socks, stuff the turkey, bugger the ironing...* The subversion of one of their regular [[HurricaneOfPuns Hurricanes of Puns]] in "Jorrocks, the Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man". One of their regular skits was to read lists of people's names (e.g a roll-call of criminals would include Mr and Mrs Ree and their son, [[IncrediblyLamePun Robbie Ree]]) and after John Cleese read out "Mr and Mrs Aceousborder" the joke was so predictable that some members of the audience were already calling out "Herb Aceousborder" (a pretentious term for "flower bed"). When Cleese instead said [[AntiHumor "John Aceousborder"]] the audience ''screamed'' with laughter.* Most of the "Theatre/{{Macbeth}}" story, but especially his meeting with the three Weird Sisters:-->'''Hecate:''' Macbeth, Macbeth!\'''Macbeth:''' You know my name!\'''Hecate:''' No, it was just an inspired guess.\'''Macbeth:''' You evil creatures!\'''Hecate:''' Yes! We can!\'''Macbeth:''' I hear you can foretell the future! ''({{beat}})'' Wait a moment, that's very good!\'''Hecate:''' It's true, we can!\'''Macbeth:''' Then tell the future for me.\'''Hecate:''' Hail Macbeth!\'''Weird Sisters:''' Hail! Hail! Hail!\'''Macbeth:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Not the weather, give me a prediction!]]\'''Hecate:''' Macbeth! Thou shalt be Thane of Glamis!\'''2nd Weird Sister:''' And thou shalt be Thane of Cawdor!\'''Macbeth:''' Thane?! '''''[[LargeHam THANE!?]]''''' ''({{Beat}})'' What the hell's a Thane?\'''Hecate:''' [[SpeechImpediment You'll thoon find out, thweetie.]]\'''2nd Weird Sister:''' And thou shalt be King hereafter.\'''Macbeth:''' '''[[LargeHam KING?!]]'''\'''Hecate:''' And you, Banquo.\'''Banquo:''' Yes?\'''Hecate:''' You will ''not'' be King. Yet you shall be royal!\'''Banquo:''' Oh! Oh... [[CampGay I'm going to be Queen!]]** Even better was the CrypticConversation that results when Macbeth meets the two assassins:-->'''Lady Macbeth:''' We must put an end to Banquo and his son Fleance. Macbeth, I have hired two murderers! ''(three knocks on the door)'' That'll be them. ''(sound of door opening)''\'''Macbeth:''' Ah. You must be the...\'''Murderer 1:''' Exactly.\'''Murderer 2:''' Quite.\'''Macbeth:''' As you may know, I have a little-\'''Murderer 1:''' [[TroubleEntendre Embarrassment?]]\'''Macbeth:''' Precisely, it's a rather...\'''Murderer 2:''' Delicate situation?\'''Macbeth:''' Quite. You see this man is rather, er, shall we say-\'''Murderer 1:''' Inconvenient.\'''Macbeth:''' I thought perhaps he could, uh-\'''Murderer 1:''' Meet with a-\'''Murderer 2:''' [[RunningGag -shall we say-]]\'''Murderer 1:''' -[[DeadlyEuphemism little accident?]]\'''Macbeth:''' My very words.\'''Murderer 1:''' There is of course the question of-\'''Macbeth:''' Er, say no more!\'''Murderer 1:''' Splendid, I'm sure we'll come to some-\'''Murderer 1 & 2:''' -arrangement.\'''Macbeth:''' Good. So you'll-?\'''Murderer 1:''' Exactly.\'''Macbeth:''' And he will-?\'''Murderer 2:''' Quite.\'''Macbeth:''' And it'll be-\'''Murderer 1 & 2:''' Naturally.\'''Macbeth:''' Well I think we-\'''Murderer 1 & 2:''' Understand each other?\'''Macbeth & Murderer 2:''' [[note]]This is a clear blooper as Bill Oddie clearly wasn't supposed to speak here and accidentally stuffed up.[[/note]] Good. ''(Macbeth leaves)''\'''Murderer 2:''' What've we got to do?\'''Murderer 1:''' [[PoorCommunicationKills I've absolutely no idea!]]* In Episode 7 of "The Electric Time Trousers", David Hatch makes the most of his role as an InteractiveNarrator, and John Cleese learns the difficult way that it is a bad idea to annoy such a character:-->'''David Hatch:''' Well, here's the story so far. Professor Prune and his friends Trixie and Percy have landed in the year 2069, where they've been met up with Boobirella and Pikelet the Angel. They've all been caught by the wicked Fetish, king of the City of Sin. And believe it or not - yes, he's going to put them all in the Pleasure Machine! ''(theme music stops)'' Oh ''really!'' [[WhoWritesThisCrap You can't expect people to believe drivel like that!]]\'''John Cleese:''' Do it ''properly!''\'''David:''' Oh, come on, you can't be serious!\'''John:''' You're paid to read what's written, now go on, tell the story!\'''David:''' ''(scoffs)'' "Story"? 'S a load of old rubbish, doesn't mean anything. I mean, I might as well say, "Suddenly, there was a huge explosion, and they all disappeared in a puff of smoke!"\''(BOOM!)''\'''David:''' ... hello? Hello! Any- anybody there? No- I was only joking, honestly! I, I, I didn't mean to! Hello? ''(starting to panic)'' Come back!... ''Pleeease?''...\'''Bill Oddie:''' ''(as though very far away)'' You made us disappear, you bring us back!\'''David:''' Oh, all right... they all came back!\''(WHOOSH!)''\'''John, Bill, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, Jo Kendall:''' Whoa![=/=]Oh, that's better...\'''David:''' D... did I do that? I say, that's rather fun!\'''John:''' Don't ''ever'' do that to us again!\'''David:''' ''(with newfound confidence)'' Oh! Well, you'd better behave yourselves properly and I won't have to! And don't you forget, whatever I say happens, happens to happen! So come on, jump to it, let's get on, chop chop, get lined up!\'''John:''' Oh, ''do'' shut up, you power-mad little juggins!\'''David:''' ''({{beat}})'' ...''right.'' Right. Oookay, that ''does'' it! Power-mad little juggins, am I? All right, very well, you asked for it! Ha ha! ''(narrating)'' Suddenly, before he knew what was happening, John Cleese... sat on a wasp!\'''John:''' AHHH!\'''David:''' Springing into the air, he hit his head on a low beam!\'''John:''' ''(thump)'' Ooh-ah!\'''David:''' Dropped back on a trampoline, bounced out through the window, into a grand piano, out again, back through another window, and ended up in a vat of gently simmering tapioca pudding!\''(cue series of sound effects including springboard, breaking glass, descending slide whistle, piano being hit with both fists, ascending slide whistle, breaking glass, and a splat followed by bubbling noises)''\'''David:''' And let that be a lesson to you.\'''John:''' ''(meekly)'' Sorry...* The 25th Anniversary show was as hilarious as you'd expect from a show where they had 25 more years to hone their craft and come up with a good script, but one uncommonly dry gag came right near the end when John was trying to convince the rest of the crew to let him perform 'The Ferret Song' and they're attempting to talk him out of it.-->'''Graeme:''' I mean, you are a sex symbol to millions of women. And I don't know about you, but I don't think going "EEK!" is very erotic.\'''John:''' Well I do!\'''Tim:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Yes John,]] [[BrutalHonesty but you're]] ''[[CloudCuckoolander weird.]]''----


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