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1* Snowpuff the Elf, otherwise known as a cow-poke named Nolan, is a walking CMOF.** The face he makes when told that elves "Act happy" is pretty wonderful.** "My father always told me it's better to go out in a blaze of glory than to rot in a state correctional facility!"* When Jake lies to Allie about needing to be home by 6:00 "'Cause that's when dinner will be ready?", she yanks his Santa hat and rips it off his head in one foul swoop when it was so difficult for him to get it off himself.* Jake's reaction to being stuck in the desert, dressed in a Santa costume. While understandably upset, it's learning the hat has been glued on that pushes him over the edge.--> '''Jake''': The hat too? (''looks up in agony'') [[LargeHam THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!]]


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