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1[[foldercontrol]][[folder:Season 1]][[AC:Doorway to Destruction Part 1]]* The burger incident. Hulk's "Uh Oh" really sells it.* Red Hulk getting insulted by Rick, then going into the confessional to mock him and admire himself. There's just something about "Rulk" doing that that inspires amusement.[[AC:Doorway to Destruction Part 2]]* '''A-Bomb''': "Sweet dreams, Princess! The-muscles-will-be-here-when-you-wake-up!"* A-Bomb's reaction to entering the bathroom after She-Hulk uses it.[[AC:Hulk-Busted]]* A Hulkbuster suit throws Hulk into a helicopter, causing the rotor to land on his head, but it ''keeps spinning''.* A-Bomb fanboying over Iron Man.[[AC:The Collector]]* Almost all of Spider-Man and Hulk's [[VitriolicBestBuds interactions]] in "The Collector".* The fact that they actually ''censored'' Peter Parker's face. And yes, you can see through the mosaic that it's indeed the same one we see [[WesternAnimation/{{Ultimate Spider-Man}} all the time]].[[AC:All About Ego]]* A-Bomb [[LampshadeHanging commenting]] on the fact that Ego can [[AliensSpeakingEnglish speak perfect English]] (and having a face) despite being a distant alien planet.* Ego The Living Planet's hilariously [[LargeHam hammy]] laugh at Hulk being propelled out of his nose into space.* "Skarr make holes in teeth! Skarr make holes in teeth!"* According to J. Jonah Jameson, [[InsaneTrollLogic it was Spider-Man's plot all along to use Ego the Living Planet to destroy Earth]].* Basically everything that happens to [[ButtMonkey Red Hulk]] as a result of his arrogance.[[AC:Savage Land]]* At the very end of the episode, we see that A-Bomb brought [[spoiler: the Devil Dinosaur]] back home as a pet.** Made even funnier when She-Hulk informs A-Bomb that his pet recently left "souvenirs" in Red Hulk's bunk.[[AC:Incredible Shrinking Hulks]]* Red getting shrunk ''twice'' due to his [[LeeroyJenkins recklessness]]. The second time around, he gains a very high-pitched voice.** To add further insult to injury, when Vista Verde's minigolf course is rebuilt, Red's likeness is imprinted on a golf ball while the remaining Hulks are given statues around each hole.[[AC:Hulks on Ice]]* Hulk and Red's [[Main/TellHimImNotSpeakingtoHim constant bickering]] this episode is most definitely ''not'' funny. A-Bomb's increasing exasperation at having to play intermediary between them and trying to get them to get over it, on the other hand...* Red Hulk gets hotter as he gets angrier. So to make him a better weapon against the ice giant, Hulk and Thor beat him up. When he's furious and glowing red-hot, they throw him at the giant. --> '''Red Hulk:''' [sailing through the air]: "I HATE YOUUUU!!"[[AC:Of Moles and Men]]* Red scoping out one of the souvenir salesmen in Vista Verde, and [[Main/DudeWheresMyRespect demanding why there's no Red Hulk souvenirs]].[[AC:Red Rover]]* At the beginning of the episode, we see Devil Dinosaur dragging Red in his bed out into the middle of the desert before knocking him into a hole and ''burying him!'' Made even funnier when we find out that this is something he does every single day!** The icing on that cake? When Red returns to confront Devil, Devil starts chewing on a treat ala WesternAnimation/BugsBunny.* Red's efforts to find Devil a new home.* While captured and held prisoner by Doom, Doom tells Red that he plans on syphoning the gamma radiation before absorbing it so he wont "[[{{Hypocrite}} turn into a monster]]". Red drops this:---> "Oh right, cause your not a monster."[[AC:Galactus Goes Green]]* '''''Skarr''''' of all people in a ''Yellow suit and top hat'' leaning on a ''cane'', looks like the manners lessons ''did'' stick.[[AC:The Trouble with Machines]]* This little exchange from A-Bomb and Nick Fury about televising ''classified information'' to a live audience.--->'''A-Bomb''': "Hey Fury! How about a few nice words about our world-saving shenanigans?"--->'''Nick Fury''': You want credit?! A-Bomb, this never happened. The whole event is top secret.--->*cuts away to the confessional cam room*--->'''A-Bomb''': [[{{TooDumbToLive}} "Top secret means shhhhh. So don't tell anyone Hulkies. Wink wink."]]* Hulk in TeamDad mode.--> Skaar, stop poking that missile, you'll cause armageddon.* When the Hulks work out how to stop [[spoiler:the rogue jump jet:]]-->'''Hulk''': Who do we know who's stealthy enough to get in there?\'''Red''': And who'd be dumb enough to do it?\'''Skaar''': (hiding while shoving A-Bomb into view) A-Bomb do it![[AC:Inhuman Nature]]* A-Bomb waking up Crystal with a roar. He says he [[Film/TheAvengers2012 "Saw it in a movie."]][[AC:The Hunted]]* The Smashers(Minus the Hulk) turning the base upside down in search of a cricket. [[spoiler:Which turns out to be Hulks distress signal being covered by Ricks funny sound effects machine.]][[/folder]][[folder:Season 2]][[AC: Fear Itself]]* Hulk actually lets out a scream/yell when he sees Obnoxio the Clown.[[AC: Spidey, I Blew Up the Dinosaur]]* ''Everything'', but particularly the fact that they keep treating the super-sized [[TeamPet Devil Dinosaur]] like an unruly dog. A ten-story-tall, razor-toothed, pissed-off unruly dog.** When Spider-Man isn't being the ButtMonkey, it's Skaar's turn by way of getting stepped on.[[AC: Banner Day]]* Red Hulk's "dramatization" of the Hulk's OriginStory... as portrayed by crude, child-like drawings on lined notebook paper and stilted dialog. (And yet, somehow, Bruce and Rick have their proper voices)[[AC:The Tale of Hercules]]* When Herc was a baby, he strangled two vipers... and already had a full beard![[AC:Days of Future Smash]]* In the timeline ruled by dinosaurs, Red Hulk points to a dinosaur he particularly hates right before said dinosaur is revealed to be his counterpart.* In a BadFuture where the Leader has a son, Hulk does not want to think about who "Mrs. Leader" is.[[/folder]]


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