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1* In the pilot, Gary's boss tells him he'll "have his job" after he cheerfully reveals he made his good trades for only one share each. Gary quits by telling him he can have it and to "keep it in a good place".** When Gary and Chuck argue over the validity of a newspaper that tells the future.---> '''Gary''': Where does it come form?---> '''Chuck''': The ''[[DeadpanSnarker newspaper fairy!]]''** When the police arrive at the bank, they have to drag Marissa and her dog Spike out of the building. The officer in charge does not approve.---> '''Detective''': ''You arrested a blind woman?!''---> '''Cop''': [[TooDumbToLive We think she's a lookout.]] ---> '''Detective''': (''incredulously'') A lookout.* Chuck and a surgeon, fighting over a cab in episode 2.--> '''Chuck''': (''after the doctor gets in the cab he'd just flagged down'') What are you doing?--> '''Surgeon''': What's your problem?--> '''Chuck''': What's my problem? This is my cab.--> '''Surgeon''': [[{{Jerkass}} I don't think so, I think it's his.]]--> '''Chuck''': Oh I see, a comedian. --> '''Surgeon''': No: surgeon.--> '''Chuck''': Oh yeah! Well I wouldn't let you operate on my [[UnusualEuphemism coccyx]]! Now get out! ** Poor Chuck's ''adventures'' in the hospital, starting with a rectal?* Poor Chuck having a major nervous breakdown in episode 3 of season 1 as he starts seeing [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes pregnant women]] surrounding him on the streets. * Near the start of episode season 1 episode 4, Gary tries to warn some cooks of the "Wu Ling" restaurant that said restaurant is going to explode, unfortunately, they're Chinese and appear not to understand a word of English. A female customer shows up and he tries to get her to translate his warnings. So what does she tell the men behind the counter?--> '''Lady Customer''': (''in Chinese'') Is this guy crazy?** Just before that, when he kept saying kaboom. The men behind the counter thought he was talking about the restaurant owner, ''Gaboom''. ** Poor Gary getting his hand caught in a door by Meredith.---> '''Gary''': My hand. My hand. My hand. My hand. My hand.* While it ''shouldn't'' be funny, watching poor Chuck singing a ''sad'' song while having to sit out in the rain in order to prevent a mother from leaving her baby on the doorstep of a church in "After Midnight" was pretty funny.--> '''Chuck''': (''in singsong voice'') I'm so cold, I'm so lonely! * The cold open for season 1 episode 8 had Gary stop a fight inside the L train. The three people who start the fight band together to throw him off the train.


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