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1* A comment made by Mordoc near the end of the second game implies that he's the one who sired Xanhast as a vampire. Their relationship -- Mordoc treats him more like a treasured friend than a minion -- takes on a slightly darker tone when you consider that vampire thralls are bound to the will of their master, no matter how noble they were in life, as evident by Randalla becoming an evil monster after Xanhast turned ''her''. Mordoc isn't addressing a friend or an equal, he's speaking pleasantly to the shell of a man enslaved to obey him.** A Vampire Thrall can be freed (The first and more common is the death of the Vampire Lord;; there are also the accident when the Vampire Lord creates too many spawns so the older Vampire Thralls get out of his control, much like any necromancer exceeding his limits; and finally the Vampire Lord can free a Vampire Thrall, so he can become a Vampire Lord too) so Mordoc could have sired Xanhast, have her as a Thrall just the time she needed to know of to be a vampire, and release her.


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