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3''Trauma'' is a {{Giallo}} film released in 1993, directed by the master Creator/DarioArgento. It stars his daughter Creator/AsiaArgento, Creator/PiperLaurie, and Creator/BradDourif. Aura Petrescu (Argento), an [[WeightWoe anorexic]] girl, who escapes from a mental asylum to find the killers of her parents. She is aided in this quest by David ( Christopher Rydell) who works an artist for a news channel.
5Wasn't regarded too well by audiences upon release primarily because Argento toned down (but didn't eliminate) his stylistic flourishes. But it's reputation has improved due to a well-maintained mystery, suspense and the usual flair exhibited by Argento.
7[[SimilarlyNamedWorks No relation]] to the 2011 [[VideoGame/{{Trauma}} game]], or to the Creator/{{NBC}} [[Series/{{Trauma}} medical drama]].
10!! This film contains the following tropes:
12* AluminumChristmasTrees: Scientific evidence has suggested that it ''is'' actually possible for a severed head to remain alive for a few seconds after being separated from the body. (Speaking and screaming without lungs, however, is not.)
13* AmateurSleuth: David starts investigating the Head Hunter killings by himself when Aura comes to him after the deaths of her parents.
14* ArtisticLicenseBiology: Some victims are able to speak and scream even after their heads are separated from their bodies. Needless to say, this is physically imnpossible.
15* AxCrazy: The killer, [[spoiler:Adriana Petrascu]] though not for lack of reason.
16* BlackDudeDiesFirst: The very first victim is a black chiropracter who gets beheaded in her own office.
17* BigBad: The Head Hunter killer, [[spoiler:Adriana Petrascu]].
18* BigDamnHeroes: Arnie, the boy living next door to the killer, ends up [[spoiler:beheading the killer [[HoistByHisOwnPetard with her own decapitation device]] when she is about to kill David and Aura.]]
19* DeathOfAChild: [[spoiler: What kicks off the killings in the first place.]]
20* DeadStarWalking: Piper Laurie is billed third but gets killed off in barely twenty minutes. [[spoiler:Subverted. Turns out not only is she FakingTheDead, she is the ''killer''.]]
21* DecapitationPresentation: Aura becomes tangled with the Head Hunter killings when she comes across the headless body of her mother, and then sees the killer holding up her parents' heads, which obfuscates his features. [[spoiler:The trope is played straight with her father's head, but is subverted with her mother, who is actually the killer. The body on the ground belongs to someone else, and she is holding her own head in such way that it makes Aura think that she is seeing her mother's decapitated head being displayed on front of the killer]].
22* DropTheHammer: Some victims get pacified with hammer blows from the killer before getting decapitated.
23* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler: The killer is decapitated with her own garrotte device.]]
24* InterruptedSuicide: Aura is introduced as she tries to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge but David ends up saving her.
25* LosingYourHead: One of the beheading victims talks to David ''while her head is separated from her body.''
26* OffWithHisHead: The killer uses an improvised garrotte (called "noose-o-matic" behind the scenes) to behead the victims. [[spoiler:Turns out Adriana's baby was accidentally beheaded by Dr. Lloyd who along with his fellow nurses and Adriana's husband chose to use electroshock therapy on her to get rid of that memory, which didn't quite work.]]
27* PetTheDog: The killer is shown petting a cat before another bloody murder, and even starts taking care of the lizards that belonged to the first victim.
28* SecretKeeper: [[spoiler:Dr. Judd, who also ends up taking the fall for Adriana's killings for a while.]]
29%%* SpookySeance
30* WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds: [[spoiler:Adriana Petrascu, whose murderous rampage stems from the death of her baby.]]