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1[[quoteright:183:]] ² [[caption-width-right:183:You Damn Well Won't Forget Him!]]²²'''''Trained to Kill, USA''''' is a 1973 American ActionGenre film featuring Creator/SidHaig and distributed by Creator/TheCannonGroup.²²Olie Hand is a decorated soldier who has just come back from Vietnam. Unfortunately, his hometown has been overrun by murderous bikers. Tormented by PTSD, Olie wants to let the police solve the problems, but is forced to change his tune when they prove ineffective.²-----²!!This film contains examples of:²²* AllBikersAreHellsAngels: To enact his final scheme of robbing the town bank, Prophet contacts his old friend Pillbox, who leads a violent biker gang, to cause chaos.²* BadassGrandpa: While Olie's father Mark is a {{Jerkass}}, he is pretty badass since he pulls out his shotgun any time he sees Prophet's gang.²* BigBad: Prophet, the gang leader terrorizing the town.²* CircusOfFear: The main antagonists are a bunch of carnies whose act just acme to town and commit violent crimes on the side.²* {{Jerkass}}: Mark Hand, Olie's father, is a racist curmudgeon who thinks his son's PTSD is cowardice.²* ShellShockedVeteran: Olie is traumatized by his experiences in Vietnam, even nearly killing a friend after having a flashback while they're wrestling, and wants to avoid fighting the villains because it brings back bad memories. However, because PoliceAreUseless, he is forced to use his military skills to stop them for good. [[spoiler:He even spends the climax of the film in a flashback due to gunfire.]]²* VigilanteMan: Olie tries to avoid becoming this, hoping the police can handle the criminals. His Army buddies aren't so hesitant, and actually put a good dent in the baddies before Olie has to step in.²-----


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