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1[[quoteright:234:]]''The Tailor of Panama'' is a 2001 film directed by Creator/JohnBoorman and starring Creator/GeoffreyRush, Creator/PierceBrosnan, Creator/JamieLeeCurtis and Catherine Mac Cormack. It is adapted from a novel by Creator/JohnLeCarre. It follows the stories of British ex-pat Harry Pendel and the British MI-6 agent who blackmails him, Andy Osnard.----!!This film contains examples of:* TheAlcoholic: Mickie.* AttemptedRape: Osnard forces himself on Curtis's character when she comes to confront him about the out-of-control mess he and Harry have created; fortunately she manages to fight him off.* BatmanGambit: Andy's plan that Harry will [[spoiler: go on with the lies]].* BlatantLies: Part of Harry and Andy's game.* TheCasanova: Andy Osnard is a classic example of this, with results ranging from very positive to tongue-biting rejection.* TheChessmaster: Osnard. An important point in the film is that [[spoiler: Osnard is perfectly aware that everything Harry tells him is fabrication. It is part of his plan.]]* DarkAndTroubledPast: Harry's original weakness: [[spoiler: he took part in his Uncle Benny insurance scam and went to jail for it. His wife doesn't know.]] Andy Osnard's expert exploitation gets the plot rolling between these two.* FunnyBackgroundEvent: When discussing in the brothel, you can see a woman riding a man in the background. * GoodParents: Harry and his wife are these - thus enhancing the many PetTheDog moments that let us know how nice a guy Harry is.* InterchangeableAsianCultures: When discussing [[spoiler: who is buying the canal]] in the brothel, Harry mentions the Chinese by seeing Asian porn movie. Andy asks which one, Taiwanese, Chinese. Harry replies "Both" when he sees two Asian girls playing with each other.* KarmaHoudini: The movie ends with Panama in total chaos, [[spoiler:with Andy fleeing carrying a suitcase full of money and Harry happily cooking his family breakfast.]]* LaResistance: Harry, Marta, and Mickie Abraxas. [[spoiler: In Harry's mind, at least]]. * MsFanservice: Downplayed with Creator/JamieLeeCurtis, with a couple of glimpses of her [[NippleAndDimed breasts]] a couple of times in the film.* ReassignedToAntarctica: Andy Osnard was sent to Panama as a banishment after having an affair with an ambassador's mistress.* RecycledInSpace: As le Carre acknowledged, this is basically an updated version of the GrahamGreene novel ''Our Man in Havana'', brought up-to-date and set in a different country.* RetargetedLust: a married woman has tense and increasingly sexy banter with the spy who may be endangering her husband. After he leaves, she has sex with her husband and he with his new girlfriend.* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: At some point, Harry wants to stop : "I want out!". But it's too late.* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Harry lecturing his customers.* XanatosSpeedChess: Both Andy and Harry play this game, [[spoiler: but it manages to get out of their control when the British and U.S. governments get involved.]]** It was [[spoiler: Andy's [[BatmanGambit plan all along]]. He's just afraid to be too late, when he sees US troops invading Panama (again).]]----


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