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1[[quoteright:300:]] ²²->''"Oh, I know you all been talkin' about it. I know you all been at the barber shops and beauty salons. 'Girl, I'm goin' to see the ''kangs''! Get all my shit done, I'm goin' to see the ''kangs''!--not the 'Kings', the ''Kangs''. Well goddammit, Charlotte, I got news for you: [[BadassBoast the Kangs is here]]."''²-->-- '''Steve Harvey'''²²''The Original Kings of Comedy'' is a 2000 film directed by Creator/SpikeLee that shows comedians Creator/SteveHarvey, Creator/DLHughley, Creator/CedricTheEntertainer, and Creator/BernieMac performing in Charlotte, North Carolina.²²Harvey hosts the show, entertaining the audience between his co-stars' routines, while the three others are all shown taking their turns at the mic. Topics of note that most/all of the comedians touch upon include include ethnic relations, the differences between blacks and whites, and family and married life, while other topics of note include Rae Carruth, the ''Titanic'', impoverished life, African-Americans in sports, and kids. In between his costar's segments, Harvey plays old-school music while talking about the differences between Hip Hop and old school, berates an audience member who leaves during the show and forgets his coat, and talks about going to church while growing up. ²²Segments of the four performing are spliced with brief sections of video footage showing the comedians backstage, promoting the show on the radio, relaxing at the hotel, and just generally talking about themselves.²²----²!!Tropes:²²* AirGuitar: In a deleted scene, Bernie Mac entertains the audience after he has broken his mic and is waiting for a new one by picking up the mic stand and pretending to play the bass guitar with it.²* BadassMustache: Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer²* BulletTime: The one use of special effects during the movie is when Cedric the Entertainer leans back to imitate Neo dodging bullets in ''Film/TheMatrix'', at which point the film slows down to simulate the effect.²* ChildHater: Bernie Mac, who expresses many anti-children sentiments during his routine, including saying that he "will fuck a kid up."²* ClusterFBomb: The end of Bernie Mac's routine, where he recites a monologue that demonstrates the many and varied ways that one can use the word "motherfucker".²-->"You seen that motherfuckin' Bobby? That motherfucker owes me 35 motherfuckin' dollars! He told me he gone pay my motherfuckin' money last motherfuckin' week. I aint seen this motherfucker yet! I'm not gonna chase this motherfucker for my 35 motherfuckin' dollars. I called the motherfucker four motherfuckin' times, but the motherfucker won't call me back. I called his momma the other motherfuckin' day; she gonna play like the motherfucker wasn't in. I started to cuss her motherfuckin' ass out, but I don't want no motherfuckin' trouble. But I'll tell ya one motherfuckin' thing: the next motherfuckin' time I see this motherfucker, and he ain't got my motherfuckin' money, I'm gonna bust his motherfuckin' head!" And I'm ''out'' of this motherfucker!²* ComicallyMissingThePoint: After berating Hip Hop performers for how much they demand of the audience ("Everybody pump it up, pump it up... everybody stand up, stand up; put your hands in the air, wave them like you just don't care..."), Harvey ends him impression of Hip Hop performers by shouting, "Somebody scream!" Cue the audience screaming, after which Harvey puts his hands on his hips in disappointment.²* MundaneMadeAwesome: Cedric The Entertainer's impersonation of a guy who [[LargeHam overacts pulling out, lighting, and smoking a cigarette]], and pantomiming driving a [[ Deuce-and-a-quarter]].²* PunctuatedForEmphasis: The end of Bernie Mac's above-mentioned ClusterFBomb:²-->The next motherfuckin' time I see this motherfucker, and he ain't got my motherfuckin' money, I'm gonna bust! His mother! Fuckin'! Head!²* WorstWeddingEver: Discussed in Cedric the Entertainer's set about how ghetto some weddings are: that the wedding starts late, the reverend hasn't been paid, bridesmaids and groomsmen don't match or even dress formally, the flower girl throws sunflower seeds instead of flowers, guests try to pick them up from the ground and eat them and the bride herself wears an inappropriate, too-showing dress and dances down the aisle to a rap song.²* WouldHurtAChild: Bernie Mac claims he fits this trope, claiming to be willing to not only hit a child, but also to take a hammer "and smack the fuck out of him."²----


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