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3''The Fortune Cookie'' is a 1966 comedy directed by Creator/BillyWilder, starring Creator/JackLemmon and Creator/WalterMatthau in their first of ten screen pairings.
5Creator/{{CBS}} cameraman Harry Hinkle (Lemmon) is injured when [[UsefulNotes/NationalFootballLeague Cleveland Browns]] player Luther "Boom Boom" Jackson (Ron Rich) collides with him during a game. Harry's injuries are slight, but his brother-in-law, fast-talking attorney "Whiplash Willie" Gingrich (Matthau, who won the UsefulNotes/AcademyAward for Best Supporting Actor for his performance), sees the chance for a big settlement if Harry exaggerates them. Following is a comedy of deception mixed with the drama of remorse, as Hinkle sees the effects the con has on the guilt-ridden player.
10* AmbulanceChaser: Whiplash Willie.
11* BatmanGambit: The P.I. Purkey [[spoiler: successfully]] employs one of these against Hinkle.
12* BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor: Harry has been pining for his ex-wife since she left him. Once she comes back into his life after the accident [[spoiler: he realizes she's as scheming as Willie]].
13* BewareTheNiceOnes: Harry, [[spoiler: when he calls out his ex-wife for her cold GoldDigger attitude]].
14* ButtMonkey: Poor Harry Hinkle, his wife left him, and his brother-in-law is constantly trying to use his accident as a means to make money.
15* ControlFreak: Willie, keeps trying to control Harry's life in order for his scheme to work, he nags Harry into going along with it.
16* DeliberatelyMonochrome: This was the last of Wilder's films shot in black and white. In part this is to mirror TV production values, where most shows were still aired in B&W, although this changed soon afterwards.
17* EasilyForgiven: [[spoiler: Jackson seems to take it well that Harry and Willie were lying to him about Harry's condition]].
18* FlirtatiousSmackOnTheAss: Willie & Harry's ex-wife
19* FrivolousLawsuit / InsuranceFraud
20* GoldDigger: Harry Hinkle's ex-wife reenters the picture when she thinks he's going to get rich off the lawsuit.
21* HilaritySues
22* NiceGuy: Luther "Boom Boom" Jackson
23* ObfuscatingDisability
24* PretendPrejudice: Part of the aforementione BatmanGambit. Deconstructed in that, as Willie demonstrates, it could still be used against the perpetrator.
25* SensitiveGuyAndManlyMan: Harry and Willie, respectively.
26* ShoutOut: Willie likes to hum the prelude of ''Theatre/TheBarberOfSeville'' by Creator/GioachinoRossini. Indeed, he is as cunning as Figaro.
27* SpectatorCasualty: An incident of this starts the plot when Hinkle is accidentally knocked down by a football player.