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1[[quoteright:300:]]께''Quick'' is a 2011 UsefulNotes/{{South Korea}}n action comedy film.께UsefulNotes/{{Seoul}}, 2004. A group of bikers are joy-riding through the streets, while their leader the teenage Han Ki-su is tearfully berated by girlfriend Chun-shim for scorning her. The biker Kim Myung-shik, who is attracted to Chun-shim, watches dolefully. A reckless stunt by Ki-su in heavy traffic causes a pile-up. Han-shi executes a perfect bike jump over the pile-up and rides off into the night.께Six years later, Ki-su is working as a bike messenger. After delivering a package to an office, the building blows up just after he leaves. Ki-su doesn't think his package was connected to the blast. Ki-su is later asked to drive Ah-rom, the lead vocalist of girl group OK Girls, to a televised stadium concert that she is late for. To his surprise, he finds that she is actually Chun-shim who is still angry at how she was treated years earlier. He offers her his helmet, unaware that it's been switched for an identical one rigged with an explosive. Ki-su receives a phone call and is told to deliver three packages already stowed in his bike, with a 30-minute delivery time for each package. If they exceed the time limit or if Chun-shim tries to take off the helmet or if Ki-su goes more than 10 metres from Chun-shim then it will explode. Meanwhile the police, led by Detective Seo and NPCC team leader Kim examine the CCTV tape in the building that exploded and believe that Ki-su is potentially the bomber. Ki-su delivers Chun-shim to the concert just in time where she performs in the helmet. The two of them start to make the deliveries, while being hunted by the police and trying to solve figure out who is responsible for the bombings while driving between Seoul and Incheon.께!!''Quick'' contains examples of:께* BadassBiker: Ki-su. Myung-shik would like to be one but never quite manages to pull it off.* CaptainCrash: Myung-shik always ends up crashing any bike he gets on.* ChaseSceneObstacleCourse: During the chase through the marketplace, Ki-su's bike slams through a pile of empty cardboard boxes.* CrashingThroughTheHarem: During one of the chases Ki-su rides his bike the backstage area of a lingerie fashion show, where the models are dressing.* EmpathyDollShot: The toy silver cube [[spoiler:Jeong]]'s daughter was playing with is seen laying next to the wrecked car in the aftermath of the car crash.* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: The villain lost his wife and daughter in a car crash because of the protagonist.* ExplosiveLeash: The villain places a bomb in Ki-su's helmet to ensure he complies with his instructions. To make matters worse, Chun-shim ends up being the one to put the helmet on.* FanserviceExtra: During the chase through the marketplace, Ki-su rides through a tent that is staging an underwear fashion show. He rides past a model who treats the audience to some ToplessnessFromTheBack.* HandOrObjectUnderwear: A model hastily covers her breasts with her arms when Ki-su rides his bike through the backstage area of an underwear fashion show.* HeroStoleMyBike: After his police bike is totaled by the ToyotaTripwire, Myung-shik snatches a scooter from a food delivery driver to continue the chase. He winds up wrecking this vehicle as well.* MadBomber: The mysterious villain who plants the bomb in Ki-su's helmet.* NonverbalMiscommunication: Chun-shim attempts to signal the police that her helmet has a bomb in it by pointing at her head with both hands. The confused cop mouths back "I heart you, too?".* OutrunTheFireball: Happens several times, with the most spectacular involving Ki-su and Chun-sim riding away from a fireball on a motorbike in the upper floors of an office building.* {{Ramprovisation}}: The film contains multiple examples of {{Ramprovisation}}. The first use is when Ki-su uses an overturned car as a ramp to jump over the pile-up he has just caused.* RunawayTrain: The final confrontation takes place on board a runaway train.* SneezeOfDoom: When Myung-shik is trying to defuse the bomb, he sneezes at the wrong moment and cuts the wrong wire, which accelerates the countdown.* StrappedToABomb: The villain straps a bomb to Chun-shim when he takes her hostage and forces her on to the train.* ToplessnessFromTheBack: Happens when Ki-su rides the underwear fashion show. We see a topless model from the back. Ki-su gets an eyeful as the model [[HandOrObjectUnderwear hastily tries to cover up]].* ToyotaTripwire: Myung-shik gets knocked off his bike when a patrol car opens it door in front of him during the chase through the market.* UnderTheTruck: Chun-shim slides her bike under the jackknifed tanker truck during the pile-up at the start of the movie.* UnderwaterKiss: Ki-su and Chun-shim share one after they jump from the exploding train into the river. It is cut short when a wheel from the train hits Ki-su on the head.* UnflinchingWalk: The villain does this as he walks away from the car he has rigged to blow with the two Yakuza money men inside.* WireDilemma: During the climax, Myung-shik is attempting to defuse the bomb on the railway bridge. He is told to cut the blue wire, but sneezes at the wrong moment and [[WrongWire cuts the red wire, which accelerates the countdown]].* WrongWire: When Myung-shik accidentally the red wire on the bomb, the countdown speeds up.* YouGotMurder: Ki-su delivers several package bombs without realising what they are.께----


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