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1[[quoteright:295:]]²->'''Shaun: ''' But I have to go to college.\²'''Shaun's Mom:''' WHY?\²'''Shaun:''' ''Because that's what you do after high school''.²²''Orange County'' is a 2002 teen comedy written by Mike White, directed by Jake Kasdan and starring Colin Hanks, Creator/JackBlack, and Schuyler Fisk.[[note]]In other words, it was directed by Lawrence Kasdan's son, and stars both Creator/TomHanks' son and Creator/SissySpacek's daughter.[[/note]] Also in the cast are Creator/CatherineOHara, Creator/JohnLithgow, Creator/LilyTomlin, and Creator/HaroldRamis, among others.²²Shaun Brumder (Colin Hanks) is just another [[SurferDude surfer kid]] from [[UsefulNotes/{{California}} Orange County]], living with his DysfunctionalFamily and getting high until his best friend Lonny dies in a surfing accident and he begins to seek more purpose in life. He then discovers a book on the beach, which changes his perspective. Discontented with his family, his school, and pretty much everyone in Orange County, he dreams of becoming an accomplished writer and works hard in high school in order to achieve his dream of studying with his idol, Marcus Skinner, at [[CaliforniaUniversity Stanford]]. However, his application is rejected due to an administrative error on the part of his college counselor, and he tries to get into Stanford via any means necessary with the help of his family and his girlfriend. HilarityEnsues.²²Not to be confused with ''Series/TheOC'', which is unrelated despite the same setting.²²----²!!!This film contains examples of:²²* TheAlcoholic: Cindy, mainly as a result of the divorce from Bud.²* ArtisticLicenseGeography: Lance claims he's able to drive Shaun and Ashely to Stanford "in 3 hours". Anyone familiar with the length of the California coastline knows it would usually take about twice that time at minimum, even with the fact that Lance was [[DrivesLikeCrazy driving like a maniac]]. The distance from Orange County to Stanford is about 400 miles (643 km) meaning Lance would have be consistently traveling over 130mph to get there in 3 hours. Of course, it's most likely that Lance simply miscalculated.²* BrilliantButLazy: Shaun, before Lonny's death.²* CollegeIsHighSchoolPart2: Realized when he sees similar cliques at Stanford doing exactly the same things he hates about high school. ²* TheCameo: ²** Creator/BenStiller appears as a fireman who comes across Lance, [[spoiler: who burned down the Stanford admissions building.]] He sees right through the lie that Lance tells him about [[spoiler: how the building burned down]], and he advises the authorities to be on a look-out for him.²** Creator/ChevyChase is Shaun's lecherous high school principal.²** [[spoiler:Creator/KevinKline]] as Marcus Skinner, a renowned writer who Shaun hopes to study under at Stanford.²* CreatorCameo: The film's writer Mike White as the English teacher.²* DivorceIsTemporary: [[spoiler: Bud and Cindy work out their differences and get back together.]]²* DrivesLikeCrazy: Lance.²* DysfunctionalFamily²* ExtremelyShortTimespan: Plot occurs all in one days time.²* FantasyForbiddingFather: Bud doesn't approve of Shaun's aspiration to become a writer.²* GoldDigger: Shaun's mom, Cindy, and stepmom, and neither pretend to be anything but.²-->'''Cindy:''' So I married Bob, for you! I had sex with Bob four times for you! So how can you call me a bad mother?²* GranolaGirl: Ashley is obsessed with saving endangered animals.²* IntoxicationEnsues: The Dean of Admissions takes three hits of ecstasy, mistaking them for aspirin.²* IronicEchoCut:²-->'''Shaun:''' *narrating* My friends think I've lost my mind.²-->'''Arlo:''' He's lost his mind!²* IvyLeagueForEveryone: Played with for laughs when Shaun's counselor gets his amazing transcript mixed up with that of Shane Brainard who has a 2.5 GPA with a low combined SAT score of 940 and because of that, Shane got into Stanford, when it should actually be Shaun. Made all the more funny in that Shane only applied to Stanford ''[[ForTheLulz as a joke]]''.²** Played straight with Tanya who got into Stanford via family ties as well as her valley girlish friend Dana who got accepted to Yale.²** [[spoiler: Triple subverted with Shaun who ultimately decides to stay in Orange County despite his parents managing to get him into Stanford after all the calamity when he realizes it's his eccentric group of family and friends that inspire him as a writer.]]²* {{Jerkass}}: Shaun's father Bud, who abandoned his first family to marry a younger TrophyWife, and disapproves of his dream to be a writer. He [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold gets better]] over the course of the movie, though.²* MayDecemberRomance: Shaun's parents and step-parents.²* MostWritersAreWriters²* NotSoAboveItAll: Stanford is considered one of the most prestigious and selective universities ever accepting only the "best and the brightest" or the so-called "future leaders of America". However, Shaun quickly learns that, as far as the student life is concerned, it's really nothing more than a glorified party school.²* PlaceWorseThanDeath: How Shaun views Orange County, due to its StepfordSuburbia qualities.²* PrecisionFStrike: Averted with [[CurseCutShort Shaun's dad]]. Inverted with Lance, as Jack Black manages to sneak the f-word in so casually it's hardly noticable.²* ObstructiveBureaucrat: The high school counsellor, who gets Shaun's transcript mixed up with another student's, leading to the plot of the rest of the movie, and does nothing to remedy this.²* OnlySaneMan: Shaun, so bad.²* PyroManiac: Lance reveals he is one as he [[spoiler:burns down the Admissions Building at Stanford]].²* RealLifeWritesThePlot: In-universe. Shaun's story is practically an autobiography as his characters are clearly modeled off his family and friends.²* ReallyGetsAround: Tanya, the popular girl at school who seemingly has no standards and is prone to start making out with anyone ([[DepravedBisexual both male and female]]).²* SurferDude: Shaun to begin with, Arlo and Chad throughout.²* StepfordSmiler: Cindy.²* TheSlacker: Lance, who is post-high school, unemployed, on parole, and spends all day stoned watching ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants''.²* TheStoner: Lance (of course), Arlo and Chad.²* SurroundedByIdiots: Shaun's motivation for wanting to get out of Orange County.²* ThoseTwoGuys: Arlo and Chad, Shaun's two friends.²* TitleDrop: Naturally all throughout.²* ToAbsentFriends: Lonny's wake.²* ValleyGirl: Ashley is a mild one, but all the other girls in Shaun's high school are extreme valley girls.²* [[WellDoneSonGuy "Well Done, Son" Guy]]: Shaun wants his Dad to support his ambitions of becoming a writer.²----


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