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1[[quoteright:305:]] ²²''Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing'' is a 1955 American romantic drama film directed by Henry King, [[TheFilmOfTheBook based on]] the 1952 autobiographical novel ''A Many-Splendoured Thing'' by Han Suyin. ²²Set in 1949–50 in Hong Kong during the UsefulNotes/ChineseCivilWar, the film tells the story of married, but separated, American reporter Mark Elliott (Creator/WilliamHolden), who falls in love with Eurasian doctor Han Suyin (Creator/JenniferJones). Although they find happiness together, Han is ostracized and prejudiced by her family and by the greater Chinese community.²²Nominated for eight UsefulNotes/{{Academy Award}}s, winning for Music/AlfredNewman's music score, Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster's TitleThemeTune, and Charles [=LeMaire=]'s costume design.²²The film later inspired the 1967–73 Creator/{{CBS}} SoapOpera ''Love Is a Many Splendored Thing'' (notice that it's written without the hyphen), which at first was a sort of SpinOff that centered around Mia Elliott, the daughter of Mark and Han, going to San Francisco to live with her father's family; however, around half a year in the character was written out (due at least in part to [[ExecutiveMeddling network censors']] concerns over having an interracial couple as the leads) and the show focused afterwards on the Elliott and Donnelly families.²²----²!!This film contains examples of:²* ButNotTooForeign: The movie goes out of its way to state that Han Suyin is Eurasian, that is, is a person of mixed Asian and European ancestry.²* CartwrightCurse: Han is already a widow. Meeting Mark brings her out of her sadness--and he dies too.²* ComfortingTheWidow: Han Suyin was a widow by the time Mark met and fell in love with her.²* HeroicBSOD: Han wanders the streets of Hong Kong in a daze after receiving word that Mark has been killed.²* MalignedMixedMarriage: Han Suyin's family and Chinese society as a whole ostracize her due to her relationship with the Caucasian Mark Elliott. And as indicated by several snide comments, white society isn't too pleased either.²* MatchCut: From the bomb being dropped on Mark somewhere in Korea, to a spilled cup at Suyin's house, signaling that Mark is dead.²* MightyWhiteyAndMellowYellow: Caucasian Mark Elliott hooks up with the beautiful, submissive and exotic Eurasian Han Suyin.²* MixedAncestryIsAttractive: The film goes out of its way to state that Han Suyin is an exotic Eurasian beauty.²* OldFashionedRowboatDate: An unconventional one in that Han and Mark swim across a bay to meet some of her friends, and take a rowboat back.²* PassFail: Suzanne, one of Suyin's schoolmates who is also biracial, is passing as a white person and recommends that Suyin do the same.²* {{Qipao}}: You can bet that Han Suyin is seen wearing one.²* SceneryPorn: Like ''Film/{{Sayonara}}'', another movie about a mixed-race relationship set in an Asian country, the movie has some really lovely color photography.²* ShirtlessScene: Mark gets one on the beach with Han Suyin.²* SmokingIsGlamorous: This movie does that old trick where the male character uses the lit cigarette in his mouth to light the one in the woman's mouth.²* {{Yellowface}}: Jennifer Jones dons yellowface to portray Han Suyin. Sometimes. Sometimes she just looks like Jennifer Jones.²----


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