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1[[quoteright:350:]]²²->''"Humans survive... by doing... what they have to do."''²-->-- '''Yuki''', espousing some "wisdom" to Professor Gondo.²²The twenty-first ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' film and the sixth in the Heisei series. Toho decided Godzilla’s next foe would be a new creation, [=SpaceGodzilla=]. The film starts Godzilla's development as an {{Antihero}} and continues the plotline of his adopted son. Titled "''Gojira tai SupēsuGojira''" in Japan.²²Originally, [[Film/GodzillaVsMechaGodzillaII MechaGodzilla]] was set to return and [[EnemyMine fight alongside Godzilla]], but it was decided three were enough for the movie. So he was replaced by [=MOGUERA=], a redesign of a {{Mecha}} from ''Film/TheMysterians''. While the film did well at the box office, the film was viewed somewhat more negatively. The plot was considered lumpy, [=LittleGodzilla=] resembled Minya for too many people’s liking, and there were odd editing choices. For instance, Godzilla was originally going to try to free his son from his crystal prison before going after [=SpaceGodzilla=], but that scene was inexplicably cut. [=SpaceGodzilla=] himself was well-received, though, and the movie has some fun monster action.²²While Miki Saegusa is mulling over whether to join Project T (a plan to control Godzilla telepathically), the [[Film/GodzillaAndMothraTheBattleForEarth Cosmos]] warn her of [=SpaceGodzilla=]’s plan to kill Godzilla and TakeOverTheWorld. His crystals have destroyed a [=NASA=] space station and an altercation between him and [=MOGUERA=] in the asteroid belt results in the damage of the mech. Meanwhile, Miki and the Project T team set up shop on Birth Island, where the sweet-natured [=LittleGodzilla=] and his stepfather are currently residing. After a brief rivalry with Akira Yuki, [[Film/GodzillaVsBiollante who holds a grudge against Godzilla for killing Gondo]], the probe is implanted and Project T is going smoothly. But then [=SpaceGodzilla=] appears.²²In a one-sided battle, Godzilla is overwhelmed by his adversary and is helpless to stop his son from being imprisoned. Godzilla follows [=SpaceGodzilla=] to Fukuoka where he sets up base. Can Godzilla defeat his twin from space, and would the human heroes align with him to stop him…²²----²!! This film contains examples of²²* AntiHero: Unlike the previous Heisei Godzilla films where Godzilla is an outright villain or an AntiVillain, in this film he is the protagonist, out to rescue his son Little Godzilla from his abominable clone [=SpaceGodzilla=].²* AttackItsWeakPoint: [=SpaceGodzilla's=] shoulder crystals turn out to be his weakpoint, as they're used to channel his energy. Godzilla figures it out first and the [=MOGUERA=] crew follow suit. Godzilla is only able to put [=SpaceGodzilla=] down for good once both of them are shattered, weakening him considerably.²* AxeCrazy:²** Yuki may qualify. He thinks that a bullet shot into Godzilla's armpit is going to kill him. Then again, he's been alone on that island for quite a while and Godzilla is a monster who has survived ''swimming in molten fucking lava!'' He says it has a blood coagulant in it, so basically he wants to give Godzilla a heart attack, and of course it doesn't do jack.²** The eponymous [=SpaceGodzilla=] is also extremely AxCrazy.²* AwesomeMcCoolname: "Godzilla Vs [=SpaceGodzilla=]". You have to admit that's awesome.²* BigBadWannabe: The Yakuza ''try'' to be a gigantic threat by taking control of Godzilla using Project T, but are ultimately nowhere near as big of a threat as they ''think'' they are, can't maintain control of Godzilla for more than a few minutes, are taken down by ''three'' men (with Miki providing a little help using her telekinesis), and pale in comparison to Spacegodzilla as threats. Spacegodzilla kills the ring leader and destroys their base without even realizing it.²* BloodierAndGorier: The manga version at least.²* BoyishShortHair: Miki sports a shorter haircut than previous films and the following one.²* CombatPragmatist: ²** [=SpaceGodzilla=] notices Godzilla is trying to protect his son, so he resorts to flying around taking shots at him knowing Godzilla will take the hits for him.²** He also blasts Godzilla in his spinal brain, briefly paralyzing Godzilla's lower half long enough for him to imprison Little Godzilla.²* CurbstompBattle: Things weren't look well for [=MOGUERA=] if there were electronic malfunctions even before the battle begins.²* EnemyMine: The threat of [=SpaceGodzilla=] is so great that ultimately [=MOGUERA=] and its crew have to help Godzilla out to have a chance of defeating him. This is especially true of Yuki, who decidedly wants revenge on Godzilla but puts it aside at least for the moment.²* EveryoneHasStandards: As big of a grudge as he has against Godzilla, even Yuki feels trying to kill him after Spacegodzilla beat him up and imprisoned his son in crystals is too much and leaves him alone for the rest of the day.²--> Yuki: He's had enough of a bad day.²* EvilerThanThou: [=SpaceGodzilla=] is such an evil monster, the human characters are forced to drop their grudge and help Godzilla in order to stop him.²* FlyingFirepower: Spacegodzilla is capable of floating and firing a corona beam from his mouth he can control telekinetically.²* FunWithAcronyms: [=MOGUERA=] (Mobile Operational Godzilla Expert Robot Aero-Type).²* GentleGiant: [=LittleGodzilla=] is nice to everyone. He even approached [=SpaceGodzilla=] with friendly curiosity.²* GratuitousEnglish: The theme song that plays over the end credits, "Echoes of Love" by Date of Birth, has the lines "I don't wanna go anywhere/Will you keep me hanging on?" at the end of each chorus.²* HomefieldAdvantage: By the time Godzilla and [=MOGUERA=] reach Spacegodzilla, he's created a crystal fortress that's constantly recharging him and provides him with plenty of projectiles to use. It takes destroying the tower he's using to call down cosmic energy before he begins to lose.²* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Godzilla runs through [=SpaceGodzilla=] this way. Brutally with his own weaponized crystal in the manga.²** In the movie, [=SpaceGodzilla=] stabs MOGUERA through the chest with his tail.²* ImprovisedWeapon: In the manga, Godzilla tends to use [=SpaceGodzilla=]'s crystals, one time catching one ''with his mouth and shoots his atomic breath to spread the beam''.²* ItCanThink: One of the larger showings of Godzilla's intelligence in the Heisei Era: he's the one to figure out Spacegodzilla's absorbing cosmic energy through his crystals and the city's tower and they need to be destroyed in order to defeat him. He also figures out that Spacegodzilla's shoulder crystals are his AchillesHeel and start targeting them, prompting [=MOGUERA's=] crew to comment that he's much smarter than they thought.²* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Akira Yuki, who is driven to kill Godzilla and isn't the most sociable of people. However, he rescues one of the protagonists from a deadly spider and is part of the raid in freeing Miki. After Godzilla loses Little Godzilla in a crystal prison Yuki puts his revenge plan on hold since 'he's had enough of a bad day.'²* KarmicDeath: [=SpaceGodzilla=]'s death is similar to Biollante's. Godzilla shoots a supercharged atomic blast at the weakened Spacegodzilla, turning the evil monster into G-Cells.²** In the manga: [[HoistByHisOwnPetard Godzilla impales SpaceGodzilla with the latter's own weaponized crystal.]]²* KickTheDog: [=SpaceGodzilla=] attacking and imprisoning [=LittleGodzilla=].²* KnightOfCerebus: Once [=SpaceGodzilla=] shows up, the films gets a lot darker. [=SpaceGodzilla=] himself is easily the most vile of the villain monsters by far, forcing the humans to ally with Godzilla in order to stop him.²* LickedByTheDog: [=LittleGodzilla=] is attached to gruff and revenge-seeking Akira Yuki. Despite plotting to kill his Dad, Akira seems to return the affection.²* MarathonBoss: The FinalBattle with Spacegodzilla is one of the longest uninterrupted battles in the franchise. InUniverse it's even ''longer'' as it starts at day and lasts well into the night.²* MindOverMatter: ²** Spacegodzilla has this ability, which he uses both to hover and to lift Little Godzilla and Godzilla.²** While captured and in the middle of a gun fight, Miki lifts the table she's strapped to in order for the hero to shoot at the legs. Miki laters says this was her first time trying it.²* NiceJobBreakingItHero: It's possible that Mothra is the one that took Godzilla's cells into space, allowing [=SpaceGodzilla=] to be born, in which case, Nice Job, Mothra. Biollante also seems to have something to do with it, due to some physical similarities between her and [=SpaceGodzilla=], namely, the extra teeth.²** [=SpaceGodzilla's=] design is actually a heavily edited version of [=SuperGodzilla=] from VideoGame/SuperGodzilla.²* NiceJobFixingItVillain: Really, Godzilla probably wouldn't have even bothered with [=SpaceGodzilla=] is he hadn't attack [=LittleGodzilla=]²* PapaWolf: Godzilla protecting his son from [=SpaceGodzilla=]'s attacks and later trying to kill [=SpaceGodzilla=] to free [=LittleGodzilla=]. ²* ShipTease: Miki and Koji.²* ShooOutTheClowns: The film becomes more dramatic after [=SpaceGodzilla=] traps Little Godzilla. It's only after Spacegodzilla's death that the movie returns to a lighter mood.²* SpaceBattle: [=SpaceGodzilla=] and [=MOGUERA=] in the Asteroid Belt. It would have been impressive, if not for the asteroids looking like floating sacks of potatoes.²* SpaceIsNoisy: [=SpaceGodzilla=] roars in space. Well, what'd you expect for him to do other than fly in space?²* SpaceX: Spacegodzilla, who's a clone of Godzilla from space.²* StabTheScorpion: Done early on, with the victim being a poisonous spider. In a twist on the usual formula, the stabber grabs the stabbee from behind and stabs the spider off his neck, drawing blood from him as well.²* StockFootage: Reused the naval battle from Biollante, though they really didn't want to.²** You can actually see the new shots they wanted to use in this [[ unused footage compilation reel]]²* SympathyForTheDevil: This is where Miki's infamous defense of Godzilla becomes most pronounced. She actually has a point, given Godzilla seems content to just hang out around Birth Island with his son rather than causing trouble since the events of the last movie, and only leaves the island to make a beeline straight for Spacegodzilla to rescue his son. He doesn't even seem to mind the humans hanging out on his island as long as they don't bother him.²* ThisWasHisTrueForm: Spacegodzilla can change into a weird spikey crystal ball to fly in space with his body being just a small portion of it and his legs disappearing. When you recall that he is the result of G-cells fusing with alien crystal lifeforms you realize that this was what it looked like before G-cells fused with it. You are seeing the alien itself when Spacegodzilla transforms into his flying form.²* TooDumbToLive: ²** Yuki is even dumber in the manga as he tries to use the remaining strain of the ANB against Godzilla ''while he's facing [=SpaceGodzilla=]''. Godzilla ends up noticing him and ends up with a crystal in the knee. ²** [=SpaceGodzilla=]. He travels billions of miles across the universe to come to Earth and start shit with Godzilla. That is a bad idea of galactic proportions.²* UnlimitedWardrobe: Miki has a new outfit every other scene...despite the fact that much of the movie takes place on an uninhabited island. ²* WhatTheHellHero: Once Yuki is in control of the Moguera, he deviates from G-Force's plan to fight [=SpaceGodzilla=] so that he can attack Godzilla, throwing a wrench into a time-sensitive plan to evacuate Fukuoka, no doubt sentencing hundreds of innocent people to death.²* WouldHurtAChild: What is the first thing [=SpaceGodzilla=] does when he comes to Earth? He attacks and torments the first thing he sees, Little Godzilla.²* {{Yakuza}}: There is an entire subplot where Miki gets kidnapped by the Yakuza so they could control Godzilla them for power.


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