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1[[quoteright:260:]]²[[caption-width-right:260:The Doctor is in...sane.]]²²->''"This town has a doctor and his name is Rendell''²->''Stay away from his house 'cause he's the doctor from Hell.''²->''He killed all his patients, every last one,''²->''And cut out their hearts, purely for fun.''²->''So if you're from Moorehigh and you get sick''²->''Fall on your knees and pray you die quick."''²-->-- '''A PlaygroundSong''' by the children of Moorehigh²²''Dr. Giggles'' is a SlasherMovie from 1992 directed by Manny Coto. It starred Creator/LarryDrake, Creator/HollyMarieCombs and Cliff De Young. It is notable among horror movie buffs for both its horror and comedy.²²35 years ago in a town named Moorehigh, Dr. Rendell was found to have been ripping out the hearts of his patients with the help of his son Evan Jr. in an attempt to bring back his dead wife. Dr. Rendell was stoned to death by the townspeople, but his son disappeared. 35 years later, the now full-grown Evan Jr. murders two doctors, escapes the asylum that he was in and returns to Moorehigh as the insane Dr. Giggles, stalking victims to prep them for fatal examinations. But his quest to kill people with his medical abilities becomes his secondary concern once he learns about a certain girl's heart problem and decides to cure her in order to honor his father's interrupted work.²²The film was produced by the movie arm of Creator/DarkHorseComics, which released a 2-issue [[ComicbookAdaptation comic adaptation of the film]] that differs greatly from the final product, since it was based off of earlier drafts of the script. The main villain also appeared in the issues 64 to 66 of the same company's ''Dark Horse Presents'' comic.²²!!This film has the examples of:²²* AntagonistTitle: "Dr. Giggles" is the nickname given to Evan Rendell Jr. at the Tarawood mental hospital where he escapes from, since his real name was unknown to its staff.²* AnArmAndALeg: Giggles cuts off the arms of his doctor after killing him, and uses them to caress a nurse from behind before revealing himself to her.²-->'''Dr. Giggles:''' He should have kept his hands to himself. Mhmhmhm!²* BlackGuyDiesFirst: Averted. In the opening scene, which also served as the EstablishingCharacterMoment for the film's BigBad, Dr Giggles' first victims were a Doctor, a nurse and another Doctor (whose car he stole) at the psychiatric hospital where he was incarcerated. However, the TokenMinorityCouple Trotter and Leigh are the first ones to die in Moorehigh at Dr. Giggles' hands after they get locked up in his house by Stu, who's pulling a prank on them.²* ComfortFood: After Jennifer's father Tom leaves their house to go look for her, her stepmother Tamara starts eating a bowl of ice cream because she finds the situation stressful. Not because she is worried for her stepdaughter mind you, but because she thinks that Jennifer is just playing her father along for attention, all of which she wants for herself. Dr. Giggles then arrives on the scene and decides that such unhealthy habits shouldn't go unchecked and starts pumping her stomach to the point of death.²* CreepyChild: Evan Rendell Jr. in the flashbacks emulated his father by performing surgeries on stuffed toys, and he got worse after his father started to go insane.²* CruelAndUnusualDeath: Some of the deaths by Dr. Giggles are rather unusual, like an extended otoscope getting jammed to one woman's nose (which pierces her brain), and suffocation due to an oversized band-aid being placed on one girl's face.²* CryingWolf: Mrs. Henderson hears screams from the abandoned Rendell residence and sees Dr. Giggles peeking at her, but her call to the police about it isn't looked into quickly since she is known for seeing "rapists in hemorrhoid cream".²* DaddysGirl: Jennifer is close to her father, since he is the only parent she has left after the death of her mother.²* DeadlyDoctor: Dr. Giggles kills people with medical equipment like syringes and a sphygmomanometer.²* DestinationDefenestration: Dr. Giggles hits Reitz so hard with a golf club that he crashes through an office window, and the thing bends.²-->'''Dr. Giggles:''' Should have used an eight-iron.²* {{Epigraph}}: The films opens with a quote from Hippocrates (of Hippocratic Oath fame), which underlines Evan Jr.'s deadly stance on medicine.²-->For extreme illnesses, extreme treatments are most fitting.²* EvenEvilHasStandards: Dr. Giggles ''could'' have killed Stu's kid brother before leaving, as there was no one left in the house, [[WouldntHurtAChild but he spares him.]]²* EyeScream: ²** Averted early on. Trotter pranks his girlfriend by pretending to get stabbed in the eye when he is peeking through a keyhole. Then as he is turned around from the door, Dr. Giggles stabs him in the back with an injection needle and poisons him.²** Played straight later when Dr. Giggles stabs a surgeon through his eyeglasses with a piece of untested equipment.²* FinalGirl: Averted with Jennifer, as she isn't the only person from the cast to survive the film.²* {{Flatline}}: Shown when Dr. Giggles stops Jennifer's heart in order to perform experimental surgery of his father's design on her.²* GigglingVillain: Dr. Giggles as he operates on his unwilling patients. Its also his coping mechanism when he gets hurt.²* GolfClubbing: Dr. Giggles arms himself with a golf club to attack Reitz, and as he picks it up, he quips that it's "time to do what doctors do best".²* GroinAttack: Dr. Giggles kills Stu off-screen (after making a joke about condoms), and his body is shown under a sheet, which is being stained by blood that's coming from his groin.²* HallOfMirrors: Jennifer runs into one at the amusement park after she finds her boyfriend Max making out with Coreen. Dr. Giggles, intending to capture her for his treatment, follows.²* HavingAHeart: This is one of the dark jokes made by the villainous doctor. ²-->'''Dr. Giggles:''' Have a heart! (tosses a real human heart at Reitz)²* HoistByHisOwnPetard: [[spoiler:Jennifer kills Evan with his own tools]].²* IsThereADoctorInTheHouse: [[spoiler:These are the last words of Dr. Giggles after he is stabbed fatally by Jennifer]].²* LoveMakesYouEvil: Dr. Giggles' father started killing people in order to find a cure for his dear wife's heart condition.²* MadDoctor: Dr. Evan Rendell Sr. used his patients as unwilling heart donors in his experiments to help his wife.²* {{Motifs}}: Doctors. ²** Dr. Giggles' father was a doctor, and he aspires to be one himself. ²** Elaine is briefly shown watching ''Ben Casey'' on her television; the show's eponymous character is a doctor.²** A kid is shown playing ''VideoGame/DrMario'' on his UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem. ²* MouthCam: As Dr. Giggles puts the tongue depressor to Dianne.²* {{Necromantic}}: Dr. Evan Rendell Sr. in his insanity sought out to cure his beloved wife's heart condition even after she was already dead.²* NewMediaAreEvil: Played for laughs. Dr. Giggles comes across a kid immersed in playing ''VideoGame/DrMario'', and quips how his condition is "terminal" before leaving.²* NotQuiteDead: ²** [[spoiler:Dr. Giggles cuts Jennifer's dad Tom pretty badly and it seems that he has died, but he springs back to life when Reitz finds him to inform him that "a doctor" was behind the attack]].²** [[spoiler:Performed by Dr. Giggles twice: first comes after his seeming demise among his exploding home and the second comes after he is electrocuted with defibrillator equipment]].²* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: The asylum workers gave our antagonist his nickname because they didn't know the real one.²* PreMortemOneLiner: [[spoiler:Said by Jennifer to Dr. Giggles when she stabs him with two pieces of his equipment:]] "Take two and call me in the morning."²* PungeonMaster: The eponymous doctor always has a handy doctoral one-liner for the occasion.²-->'''Elaine.''' I need a doctor...²-->''(Dr. Giggles appears before her)''²-->'''Dr. Giggles:''' It's a good thing that I make house calls.²* SaltAndPepper: Such a pair is formed by the older cop [=McGruder=] and his younger partner Reitz.²* SelfSurgery: Dr. Giggles is shot in the leg by dying [=McGruder=], and not only does the surgical work to remove the bullet and stitch up the wound himself, but he does it as if he had a full medical staff, down to requesting (and handing himself) various tools to work with.²* ShirtlessScene: Stu has one when he is preparing to have sex with his girlfriend, and drops his condom into a toilet (the dope).²* ShootOutTheLock: Reitz attempts do it, but he is interrupted by Dr. Giggles attacking him.²* SlashedThroat: To escape from the mental hospital grounds, Dr. Giggles borrows a keycard from a guy whose throat he cuts open with a scalpel, and uses it to open the gates.²* SlashersPreferBlondes: Three blondes bite it in the film, the FinalGirl is brunette.²* SlidingScaleOfComedyAndHorror: The drama between the main cast is played seriously, but the deadly antics of the main villain is played for dark comedy.²* TongueTrauma: Dianne is killed when Dr. Giggles shoves a sharpened thermometer through the base of her tongue. An onward.²* TwoFaced: Dr. Giggles survives the explosion that destroys his home with tattered clothes and a half-burned face.²* TheUnfairSex: Inverted. After Max kisses Coreen (while drunk), she is "punished" by getting murdered. Played straight in the comic however.²* VomitIndiscretionShot: Officer Reitz throws up when he finds the corpses of Dr. Giggles' victims sitting in the waiting room of his late father's office.²* VomitingCop: Officer Reitz throws up when he finds the corpses of Dr. Giggles' victims sitting in the waiting room of his late father's office.²* WeaponsOfTheirTrade: In this horror film, the title character commits several murders using medical equipment such as scalpels and blood-pressure cuffs.²* WickedStepmother: Jennifer's stepmother Tamara is close to a modern example, as she refuses to care about the troubles that Jennifer's going through.²²----


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