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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛˛''Barely Lethal'' is a 2015 indie action comedy film directed by Kyle Newman about a teenage assassin named Megan who fakes her own death and enrolls in high school to live a normal life. ˛˛The film stars Creator/HaileeSteinfeld in the lead role, as well as Creator/JessicaAlba, Creator/SamuelLJackson, Creator/SophieTurner, among others.˛˛Previews: [[ Official Trailer]]; [[ Arabic trailer]] ˛----˛˛!! This film contains examples of:˛˛* TheAce: Megan is the very best of all the agents in Prescott Special School for Orphans.˛* ActionGirl: A given with any Prescott girl.˛* {{Adorkable}}: Megan is adorably nerdy with her references that nobody gets. ˛* AlphaBitch: Heather adopts this persona when she leaves Prescott.˛** Deconstructed with Cindy and Donna, and the Cheerleaders. Cindy and Donna are mean girls, but they don't seem to be particularly popular, which ends up allowing Megan to fall for their tricks. Megan ''assumes'' the Cheerleaders are this because films have taught her they always are, but in actuality they seemed to be genuinely nice girls who wanted to befriend the new girl.˛* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: Every word out of Roger’s father’s mouth is cringe worthy.˛* AmbiguouslyGay: Mr. Drumm the chemistry teacher is way too attached to Cash and keeps getting into his personal space.˛* ArmsDealer: Victoria Knox's profession and the reason Megan is sent after her.˛* BareYourMidriff: Heather. ˛* BetaCouple: Liz and [[spoiler:Gooch]], of all people.˛* BigDamnHeroes: [[spoiler:Hardman and the Prescotts]] come to the rescue in the climax. ˛* BigManOnCampus: Cash and his band had a song that was a moderate hit, so every girl in school has the hots for him and every guy wants to be his friend… ''including the teachers''.˛* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: The three main girls in the movie: Megan (brunnete), Liz (blonde) and Heather (redhead).˛* TheCameo: ˛** Creator/TopherGrace appears in a picture as Liz’s father.˛** [[Series/{{Jackass}} Steve-O]] appears in the movie as the TortureTechnician.˛* CatFight: At the same time Megan and Heather are engaged in a deadly martial arts battle, Cindy and Donna get into an actual traditional catfight.˛* TheCheerleader: Missy, who is actually a nice girl and genuinely tries to befriend Megan.˛* ChekhovsGag: Music/{{Kesha}} perfume.˛* ChildSoldiers: The girls are trained since they are little kids, but apparently don’t go into the field until they’re teenagers.˛* ClassClown: Gooch fills this role in the school; making fun of everyone, to the point that he initially comes off as TheBully. ˛* CombatStilettos: Both Megan and Heather use them for the homecoming dance. Heather actually uses hers as weapons. ˛* ComedicSociopathy: [[spoiler:Liz]] realizes that she ''really'' likes stabbing people. ˛* DarkActionGirl: Victoria Knox, the international arms dealer.˛* DrillSergeantNasty: Hardman, the girls' trainer, played in all his glory by Creator/SamuelLJackson.˛* FaceDoodling: After Liz passes out drunk in Gooch’s party someone draws a penis on her face.˛* FishOutOfWater: Despite all her research, Megan is really out of her depth in high school.˛* ForeignExchangeStudent: Megan poses as a Canadian exchange student in order to go to high school.˛* GagPenis: Heather claims one of the Hemsworth brothers has one of these. ˛* GameOfChicken: Megan and Liz vs [[spoiler:Heather]] in a junkyard, after she tries to kill them the first time. ˛* HandcuffedBriefcase: One of these makes an appearance in the opening montage on one of 83's missions. It isn't revealed what 83 did to the man holding it, but she exits holding the briefcase, with the handcuff unlocked.˛* HiddenDepths: ˛** Pedro the TortureTechnician is surprisingly knowledgeable about the psychology and emotional issues of teenage girls.˛** Gooch is actually a pretty decent actor.˛* HyperventilationBag: Liz starts hyperventilating during her first car chase and tries to use one of these to solve it. ˛* IJustWantToBeNormal: Megan’s motivation to fake her own death and enroll in high school.˛* ImpossiblyTackyClothes: Megan’s sartorial choices when she first starts going to high school are… ''unfortunate'', to put it mildly. ˛* ImprovisedWeapon:˛** Megan and Heather use shoes, fire hoses and broomsticks during their fight.˛** [[spoiler:Liz]] takes down [[spoiler:Heather]] by stabbing her with a ''corndog''. ˛* InstantHumiliationJustAddYouTube: Played with; the video of Megan beating up guys from a rival school while wearing the mascot costume is uploaded to [=YouTube=], but it actually makes her ''more'' popular among her peers. She's only upset about it because it means Hardman can now track her down.˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Gooch comes off as an asshole, but he’s not really that bad once we get to know him.˛** Liz slowly grows past her DeadpanSnarker personality, forms a relationship with Gooch, and warms up to Megan.˛* MeaningfulName: Hardman is a DrillSergeantNasty-type. ˛* MsFanservice: Heather, played by the beautiful Creator/SophieTurner, spends most of her scenes in tight outfits.˛* TheNoseKnows: Megan is able to tell it was [[spoiler:Heather]] who tried to kill her because she smells [[spoiler:Music/{{Kesha}} perfume in the car]].˛* NotSoDifferent: Victoria tells Megan that they are very similar. Megan violently disagrees.˛* OutOfContextEavesdropping: Megan and Liz discuss what it’s like to kill someone, but when Mrs. Larson overhears she thinks they’re talking about sex. But given how that conversation went nobody can really blame her. ˛* ParentalAbandonment: Liz’s father abandoned the family and ran off with a pharmaceutical rep. Liz is ''not'' taking it well.˛* ParentalFavoritism: Megan is Hardman’s favorite of all the Prescott girls, and he doesn’t even make the effort to pretend otherwise. ˛* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: During their fight, Heather at one point calls Megan a 'tranny mess'.˛* PopCulturalOsmosisFailure: When Megan tells Hardman that she [[BurgerFool worked for Sbarro during the summer]], he thinks that she’s talking about a Lebanese criminal. Pedro needs to tell him it’s a pizza place. ˛* APupilOfMineUntilHeTurnedToEvil: ˛** [[spoiler:Victoria Knox]] used to be a Prescott. Hardman even offers her a chance to be good again. ˛** And by the end of the movie [[spoiler: Heather]]˛* RealityEnsues: Put it this way: Megan finds out that teenage life isn't what you see in the movies.˛** Despite his hard insistence they are 'not in the business of rescuing people' and that attachment is a weakness, Hardman is still a good man (well, he's not a ''bad'' man) who raised the Prescotts from childhood. [[FatherToHisMen He can't help but develop attachment to them]] and want to make sure they're safe. Also doubles as FridgeBrilliance as saving her means capturing Knox, which is what he wanted.˛* RivalTurnedEvil: Heather towards Megan.˛* SigilSpam: Hardman likes to put Precott's logo on ''everything''.˛* ShoutOut: The movie features a truckload of them: ˛** In order to research normal high school life Megan watches several movies such as ''Film/MeanGirls'', ''Film/{{Clueless}}'' and ''Film/BringItOn''.˛** A perfume marketed by Music/{{Kesha}} becomes a plot point in the movie.˛** Hardman mockingly offers Victoria a ''Series/TheLWord'' box set for her imprisonment.˛** Victoria calls Hardman [[Franchise/HarryPotter Dumbledore]].˛** When speculating about the reason why Megan is crying, Pedro suggests that maybe she watched ''Film/TheNotebook'' one too many times.˛** Liz calls Megan [[Creator/MollyRingwald Ringwald]] when she finally gets tired of her treating everything like it’s a high school movie.˛** Gooch acts out scene from Film/TheBreakfastClub to prove to Liz that he can act. ˛** Liz thinks Cash looks like ''“the ass baby of [[Series/CrissAngelMindfreak Criss Angel]] and Creator/RussellBrand".''˛** When adopting the persona of a beautiful AlphaBitch, 84 chooses the cover name of [[Film/{{Heathers}} Heather]].˛* SpySchool: Prescott Special School for Orphans, where they teach little girls to become assassins. ˛* TakeThat: When Megan introduces herself as Canadian in the school assembly, Gooch leads the entire student body into a chant... ˛-->'''Entire Assembly:''' Take back [[Music/JustinBieber Bieber]]! Take back [[Music/JustinBieber Bieber]]!˛* ThisIsForEmphasisBitch: Megan and Heather do this when quipping during their fight. Even Liz gets in on the action eventually. ˛* ThoseTwoGuys: Cindy and Donna never appear on-screen without each other.˛* TortureTechnician: Hardman brings along one named Pedro when he thinks Megan is working for someone else. ˛* TruthSerums: When Hardman injects Megan with one, she objects that these don’t even work, but then she starts spilling her guts anyway. ˛* TroublingUnchildlikeBehavior: Part of the girls’ training includes repeatedly stabbing dolls.˛* VomitDiscretionShot: When Liz pukes her guts out during the car chase, she does in the back seat where the audience can’t see it. ˛* WrongGenreSavvy: Megan's only point of reference for what a normal high-school experience is like are the teen movies she watches for research. This leads her to make many stupid decisions based on said movies' tropes, since she is still in a spy movie. One example is when the genuinely nice cheerleader Missy tries to befriend her, and Megan assumes she’s an AlphaBitch trying to set her up. ˛* YouAreNumberSix: None of the girls at Prescotts have names, they all only have numbers. ˛* YouHaveGOTToBeKiddingMe: The principal’s reaction when he tells the school assembly where their new foreign exchange student comes from.˛-->'''Principal Weissman:''' Canada?! ''Are you kidding me?''˛* YouFightLikeACow: During their big fight, Megan and Heather continuously lob insults at each other about the other’s appearance:˛-->'''Heather:''' Before I kick your ass, let me say ‘Well done’. For once you don’t look like a tranny mess.˛-->'''Megan:''' Thanks. I really like your dress. Perfect length to show off those cottage-cheese thighs. ˛-->'''Heather:''' You wish you had this bod! [[ [=P90X=]]], ''bitch!''˛-->'''Megan:''' P90 extra-large, ''bitch!''˛˛˛----


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