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1[[ Seeking Sato]] is a ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' fanfiction written by [[ Ficsandmusings]] taking place between the third and fourth seasons of the series. It is Part 2 of the [[ Spin the Rails series]], which also includes ''Fanfic/RepairsRetrofitsAndUpgrades'' by Progman. The focus is on Asami Sato’s work to maintain her company, Future Industries, and to renovate the infrastructure of Republic City in the wake of Harmonic Convergence.²²The story fills in many of the events and changes which took place over the TimeSkip, such as the infrastructure changes, the invention of the wingsuits, Bolin’s work, and Asami dealing with Korra’s absence. The story is currently complete at 23 chapters.²²Spoilers for the series will not be marked.²----²!!Seeking Sato contains examples of:²* AmicableExes:²** Mako and Asami are this, if somewhat awkwardly. He doesn't know how to act, and she’s more than a little amused when she hears about Mako’s reputation in the wake of his breakup with Korra.²** Averted later as Asami's relationship with [[spoiler: Ginni is increasingly strained after her resignation]].²* CassandraTruth: Opal knew about Kuvira’s brutal methods before anyone else, but was ignored.²* TheChainsOfCommanding: Asami doesn't slack off on the job, overworking herself to take her mind off her inability to handle Korra's absence and lack of communication.²* ADayInTheLimelight: Asami is the focus of the story, particularly with regards to her actual work at Future Industries rather than as a part of Team Avatar.²* ExpositionParty: Bolin’s farewell dinner to go assist Kuvira in the Earth Kingdom, which elaborates on the current state of the Earth Kingdom and her falling out with Suyin.²* ForegoneConclusion: [[spoiler: Ginni and Asami's "relationship"]] isn't going to go anywhere.²* {{Foreshadowing}}: The insistence that the Earth Kingdom’s train system connect to Republic City implies Kuvira’s intention to eventually conquer the United Republic.²* TheGhost: Though frequently mentioned, Kuvira never appears. Until the final chapter, which overlaps with canon, and even then she says nothing.²* HeIsNotMyBoyfriend: Asami has to explain her relationships with Mako, Bolin, and Sarika (a city planner made for the story) at different points.²* HeroWithBadPublicity: It’s the constant effort of Ginni, Future Industries’ publicist, which prevents Asami from falling into this even slightly.²* HoldYourHippogriffs: Ba Sing Se, rather than Rome, wasn’t built in a day.²* InnerMonologue: The story is told from a third-person perspective, but Asami's thoughts are the only ones known to the reader. A lot of it is trying to figure out how Korra feels and self-loathing for wondering how those feelings relate to her.²* LighterAndSofter: This takes place between Books 3 and 4, so it lacks the action and drama of the series. ''Most'' of the drama.²* NoAntagonist: Unless one counts a few frustrating businessmen. Lots of work, business, and contemplation, no violent political or spiritual conflicts.²* TheOneWith: All the chapter titles start with this description.²* PragmaticHero: Ginni makes it pretty clear that her priority is to make Asami and Future Industries look good, and takes every chance to do so. Whether or not they're actually doing good is just a factor she has to take into account.²* PseudocanonicalFic: Set between the canonical events of the third and fourth seasons.²* SexForSolace: [[spoiler: Asami and Ginni]]. The latter is surprisingly okay with it.²* ShipperOnDeck: Varrick says he liked Asami and Mako together.²* ShipTease: Between Asami and Sarika, as well as Asami and Ginni. [[spoiler: The latter actually have a one night stand, but nothing beyond that]].²* ShownTheirWork: There’s a lot of detail put into the civil engineering behind the repairs to Republic City.²* StalkerShrine: A more tragic than creepy example, but it's pointed out that Asami's suggestion of the idea, rather intense interest, and the creation of a statue (which she paid for) make "Avatar Korra Park" look like one of these.²* {{Unishment}}: Varrick manipulated Asami and tried to instigate a war, but has been pardoned and has his own company again. He can’t technically make a profit, as any money he makes goes towards the project to restore the Earth Kingdom. Which he works for.²----


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