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1[[quoteright:350:]]²[[caption-width-right:350:''“Why’s it so hard…?” she choked out between sniffles. “Why can't I but everybody else can…?”'']] ²²->''While cleaning up the remains of a certain invasion, Lilac is horribly injured. When she wakes up, she isn't the same. Will she ever be who she once was? Moreover, will she ever even remember who she once was?''²²''Memories of a Freedom Lost'' is a VideoGame/{{Freedom Planet}} fanfiction written by author [[{{@/mpuppy4}} Spookyrus]]. It tells the story of main character Sash Lilac losing her memories in a freak accident, and how her friends, allies, and enemies deal with the situation.²²The story currently has 5 chapters and 11,601 words in total. Six canonical characters have made appearances so far, as well as one original character (two if you count Blue the Stuffed Animal of Indeterminate Species). It is, as of now, uncertain as to how many chapters the story will run for. Updates are quite sporadic and do not follow a set schedule, and only five chapters were uploaded within the first year of its run. It was initially uploaded to [] on May 9th, 2017.²²The story can be read on [[ FanFiction]], [[https:// DeviantArt]], [[ Wattpad]], [[ Quotev]], and [[ Archive of Our Own]].²²----²!!This fanfic contains examples of:²²* AlternateContinuity/[[AlternateUniverseFic Universe Fic]]: Considering that it takes place after Freedom Planet but before Freedom Planet 2 and creates events that prevent Freedom Planet 2 from properly happening, it falls into this category.²* AmnesiaEpisode: The entire basis of the story.²* {{Angst}}: A lot of it.²* BloodierAndGorier: Though the original Freedom Planet game [[ElectricTorture wasn't entirely family-friendly itself]], this story takes it a step up at the end of its first chapter with Lilac's bloody injury.²* CryIntoChest: At the end of Chapter 3, Milla sobs into Carol's in the aftermath of an argument between the two.²* DarkerAndEdgier: In comparison to the source material, the story takes a more realistic and depressing approach. It deals with topics like brain damage, loss of identity, motor function failure and the effects this can have on the victim and those around them.²* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: The story is about Lilac, bringer of Freedom, losing her memories. Go figure.²* FromBadToWorse: Lilac being near-fatally wounded was bad. The injury resulting in amnesia is worse.²* GenFic: Despite the author's [[ShipperOnDeck tendencies]], there is to be no ship in this fic.²* GoForTheEye: Lilac's strategy for defeating the giant cyclops robot in Chapter 1.²-->'''Lilac''': [[AttackItsWeakPoint Aim for the eye!]]²* HurtComfortFic: Lilac being hurt, everyone requiring comfort.²* [[ICantLookGesture "I Can't Look!"]]: Carol chooses to turn Lilac back over after bearing witness to her injury for the first time.²* MoodWhiplash: Chapter 1 goes from peppy and energetic while Team Lilac is fighting a robotic adversary to suddenly grim and urgent following Lilac's disappearance and injury.²* OhCrap: At the end of Chapter 1.²* RapidFireNo: Carol upon bearing witness to Lilac's injured form in Chapter 1.²* RealityEnsues: Perhaps Lilac believed that she would have been able to Dragon Boost out of that river and defy logic like she was always able to, but reality had other plans.²* ShoutOut: Blue being described as a "Stuffed Animal of Indeterminate Species" is a nod to WesternAnimation/GravityFalls.²* ShowerOfAngst: Carol takes one in Chapter 3.²* SickEpisode: Sort of. A lot of the story is set in a hospital, anyway.²* StuffBlowingUp: The robot in Chapter 1.²** See also DefeatEqualsExplosion.²* TryingNotToCry: Carol at the beginning of Chapter 3, after first receiving the specifics on what happened to Lilac. [[TearsOfRemorse She breaks down as soon as she's alone.]]²* YourDoorWasOpen: The Magister's justification for coming into Lilac's hospital room unannounced in Chapter 2.


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