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1''[[ Cosmic Collapse]]'' is a Crisis Crossover Fanfic written by [[ The_Reinhardt]].께It is a crossover series between Video Game Sonic Universe and Archie Sonic Universe께Following the events of Forces, the worlds of Beryllia (games canon) and Mobius (pre-reboot Archie) collide. Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, and a wide cast of supporting characters are left to pick up the pieces.께Cosmic Collapse can be found at A03 Link at [[ this link]]'.께This series is spread across multiple books; [[ Quantum Satis]]'' is Book 1 of the series.께!!''Cosmic Collapse'' contains examples of the following tropes:께[[foldercontrol]]께[[folder:''Quantum Satis'']]%%* ActionGirl: Nearly every major female character classifies as this.* AlternateUniverse: Mobius Prime, the planet that Sally and her friends come from is shown to be from a completely different dimension than Beryllia.* ApocalypseHow: Both Planet Mobius and Planet Moebius went through a Class X apocalypse due to an unknown event. Which lead to the inhabitants of both planets being sent to Beryllia via falling to the planet from space.%%* TheBigRace: The Extreme Gear Racing Competition on Earth.* DreamLand: Infinite creates a illusionary world trapping hundreds of people inside of their dreams. %%* FloatingContinent: Angel Island.* GhostInvasion: An invasion of what seems to be deadly phantoms has attacked several cities. Causing the civilians of Beryllia to be paranoid and on high alert.%%* LaResistance: The Resistance, the Freedom Fighters.* MindControlDevice: Eggman Nega's camera allows Rouge to other people inside of cards. And then use those cards to mind control them.* TheMultiverse: The multiverse is shown to be very large, with Sally and her friends coming from the 13th Dimension while the planet she is currently on is in the 1st Dimension.[[/folder]]----


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