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1''[[ Code Geass A Brave New World]]'' is a ''Anime/CodeGeass'' FanFic written by [[ nightbringer24]]. The story centers around Ciaran Forsyth, an average man who lives in Wales in our world. He works as a kitchen porter, but wishes to enroll into the army and follow his family's footsteps.
3One day, as he heads to work, Ciaran suddenly finds himself in the Viceroy's Palace in Area 11. After the misunderstanding regarding his appearance, Ciaran is given the rank of Lieutenant of Cornelia li Britannia's Royal Guard. With this, he joins the fight against Zero and his terrorist organisation the Black Knights, in the battles that will decide the future of Japan.
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8!!''Code Geass A Brave New World'' proivdes examples of:
10* AlternateUniverse
11* AscendedExtra: Nonette Enneagram and Dorothea Ernst. Dorothea in paticular, given that she is [[spoiler: Ciaran's primary love interest]].
12* ImmuneToMindControl: Lelouch attempts to use his Geass on Ciaran the first time they meet so that the latter can take the former to Cornelia, but Ciaran is unnaffected.
13* NoSell: Ciaran is immune to Geass, as shown during his first meeting with Lelouch and the result of him passing by Mao in the street.
14* LikeBrotherAndSister: Euphie treats Ciaran like a family member. Ciaran also sees Euphie as a surrogate sister.
15* PsychicBlockDefense: While Ciaran is a prisoner of the Black Knights, C.C attempts to read his mind, similar to how she read Suzaku's at Narita. However, she is unable to do so [[spoiler: due to Ciaran's origins]], surprising her.
16** At the same time, Mao is unable to read Ciaran's thoughts. Instead, the latter's presence subjects the former to agonising pain.
17* ReasonYouSuckSpeech: Ciaran to Zero in chapter 16.
18-->'''Ciaran''': You parade yourself as being a 'hero for justice'. But I have to ask: who's form of justice are you using; yours, or the Japanese? Your first target, your very first target, was Clovis, an Imperial Prince and the Viceroy. If you wanted to cripple Britannian rule, you could have gone for any other target. Maybe start off small: a local politician or two. Maybe a police official or two. But instead, you choose to go right for the very head of government. That tells me one thing about you: you've got a grudge, plain and simple, against the Britannian Royal Family.
19-->'''Zero''': So what if I do? Does it change anything?
20-->'''Ciaran''': It changes everything! You're using these people, these people who want their God-given freedom, and you're using them to seek revenge. You're nothing but a fraud.
21-->'''Zero''': A fraud?
22-->'''Ciaran''': These people admire you, they put their trust and their hope in you. But you're playing them like a fiddle. They look to you to give them the future they could only dream of, but we both know that you'll give them nothing of the sort. Their fight is for your own selfish reasons, nothing more. You can't liberate these people, because you never intended to!
23* ShipperOnDeck: [[spoiler: Nonette and Euphie for Dorethea and Ciaran]]
24* TheseHandsHaveKilled: Ciaran makes his first kill during the Refrain Drug pin Bust; it sends him into a HeroicBSOD. After the operation, he ends up breaking down in tears in front of Cornelia; thankfully, her comforting words and the support from the others help him snap out of it.
25* TrappedInAnotherWorld: The entire premise of the story.