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1''[[ Aurora Borealis]]'' is a fanfic written by [[ Jocelyn]] on Website/FanFictionDotNet.²²The story serves as a prequel to ''Film/PacificRim'', drawing from many trustful sources the author could find. It tells the tale of Raleigh and Yancy Becket as they enter the Academy, become the pilots of Gipsy Danger and the life of rangers and their crew during the Golden Age of the Jaeger program. A sequel called "Aurora Australis" is on the way, this time focused on the Australian team of Herc and Chuck Hansen. There is also a side story, "Tales From The Front Lines" which is a series of one-shots expending on the background and lives of several characters. And is also quite funny to read ...²²A sequel, ''[[ Aurora Australis]]'' is currently in progress.²²!! This fic contains the following Tropes:²²* ActionGirl: Every female Ranger qualifies.²* BadassBookworm: To pass the first cut of the Jaeger Academy, you have to be in better physical shape than most athletes, which means that those who fail the second and third cut and go in J-Tech or Engineering R&D can easily own a full-grown man.²** GeniusBruiser: In the same way, the first cut also teaches science and the likes, and a written test is part of the final exam. Those who pass and make it through the second and third cut are also well-read ... and pilot Jaegers.²* BerserkButton: Don't separate two Rangers suffering from Drift shock. Just don't. Even people as stoic as ''Pentecost'' will flip out if they're separated from their partner.²* BewareTheQuietOnes: Who played the marriage scene from "The Princess Bride" during the wedding of Eden Assassin's Rangers to prank President Putin? [[spoiler: The Kaidanovskys.]]²* BigBrotherInstinct: Yancy was already very caring toward his little brother before they became Rangers. After getting Gipsy Danger, he becomes ''much'' worse.²* BigBrotherMentor: The Gage twins often end up playing this role to the Beckets.²* BilingualBonus: Everywhere.²* CallForward: Everywhere.²** "When you are in combat, you have to make decisions. And you have to live with the consequences." The sixth chapter, which deals with the funerals of Raleigh and Yancy's mother, is called "The choices you live with".²** "It's not just about trust." Stephanie Lanphier to Yancy. "It's about respect." Mako says the exact same thing to Raleigh in the movie.²** Meeting with their new PR representative, Raleigh mutters to his brother "She is not what I was expecting..." in French, only for the woman to answer in the same language "Better or worse?" Fast forward to the movie and Mako makes the exact same comment in Japanese... to Raleigh, who answers in kind.²* TheCasanova: Scott Hansen, Herc Hansen's younger brother and co-pilot of Lucky Seven. The guy will hit on just about anything with two X-chromosomes, even though his social skills leave much to be desired. [[spoiler: In ''Aurora Australis'', this proves to be his FatalFlaw: He ends up going for a girl way too young for him, and when Herc sees the memory mid-Drift and mid-Kaiju battle... the results aren't pretty.]]²* CuddleBug: As a side-effect of the Drift, Rangers feel closer to one another and spend more time cuddling or seeking physical proximity with each other. Also, any Ranger under Drift shock.²* {{Determinator}}: '''Raleigh'''. Simply put, the kid never gives up. It is best exemplified during the Final Spar where he lasts longer than anyone else and Pentecost later admits that, in the end, he forced ''them'' to yield and stop the fight, because he himself would never surrender.²* DissonantSerenity: After the fight with Yamarachi, Raleigh gets some Kaiju Blue in his lungs yet remains surprisingly calm through the whole ordeal, which freaks Yancy out.²* EmbarrassingNickname: "Strawberry" for Yancy and "Sunshine" for Raleigh because of a teen magazine. Raleigh does ''not'' like it.²* DownerBeginning: ''Aurora Australis'' starts with Scissure's attack and the bombing of Sydney.²* EveryoneWentToSchoolTogether: Class 2016-B held Raleigh and Yancy, Tendo, Kennedy [=LaRue=] and Stephanie Lanphier and the pilots of Vulcan Specter, Devi and Susanti Hassan.²* ForegoneConclusion: ''Aurora Borealis'' chronicles the rise and Golden Age of the Jaeger program, when as many as 30 Jaegers were in service. Given by the time of the movie, there are only four...²* LikesOlderWomen: apparently, the Beckets ...²* TheMentor: Any Ranger team older than the main cast, but mainly Caitlin Lightcap and the Gage twins.²* MultinationalTeam: Excepting the Rangers who are normally from similar backgrounds (and even then, there are cases ...), the support crews can have varied backgrounds and don't always come from the same countries.²* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Did Marshall Pentecost just [[SideBet weight in the Battle Of The Sexes?]]²* ParentalAbandonment: Raleigh and Yancy suffer this at the beginning of the story, first with their [[MissingMom mother's death]], then with their father's abandonment ... [[DisappearedDad and later death]].²* PetTheDog: "Esperanza". During the previous chapter, the Rangers of Matador Fury, who were imprisoned for non-violent fighting against the Mexican regime, rescue a stranded ship full of civilians while Hydra Corinthian and Gipsy Danger fight off the Kaiju. In the next, they are publicly awarded a citation for bravery ... and thanked by every passengers of the ship who came to the award ceremony. D'awww ...²* PintSizedPowerhouse: little Lea Franklin, one of Raleigh and Yancy's classmates who went into the Engineering Department. One of the youngest of her class, barely above five feet, and yet able to bring down guys bigger than she is.²* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: Apparently the people at Fox News are prejudiced assholes. No hypocrisy there.²* PopCulturedBadass: given the number of pop culture jokes that run around the Shatterdomes, not only the Rangers but everyone in the Shatterdomes is well-known in modern culture and either kicks Kaiju ass or helps the ass-kickers at it.²* SchoolgirlLesbian: Kennedy [=LaRue=] and Stephanie Lanphier, the future pilots of Hydra Corinthian, went to the same school and end up in a relationship during their time at the Academy. No one saw it coming.²* ShipperOnDeck: Suze really wants Herc and [[spoiler: her sister Devi]] to get together. As of Chapter 37 of ''Aurora Australis'', she's [[spoiler: been disappointed.]]²* SlaveToPR: not only do Rangers have to fight Kaijus, they are also celebrities in their own rights and every team has a PR representative in charge of making sure their actions remain acceptable to the public and keeping the paparazzi at bay. One chapter even discusses how a Ranger's ''appearance'' is important.²** A few of the Rangers get the short end of the stick on this front. Yankee Star's pilots Tanisha Davis and Caleb Mitchell get flak for not only being a mixed-raced partnership, but also for Tanisha's less than svelte figure and Caleb's homosexuality and ''freckles''. Ilisapie Flint, one of the pilots of Chrome Brutus, gets similar flak to Tanisha for her "heavier" physique. ²** Devi and Susanti Hassan, pilots of Vulcan Specter, are the first two-woman pilot team, and identify as Muslim. Predictably, this makes them targets for the more narrow-minded officials. ²** Shaolin Rogue's female pilot, Fei-Yen Wang, has the opposite problem: she's so attractive that PR has pushed her wiry, gangly Drift partner, Huan Che, to the side to showcase her as their media darling. The fact that they're supposedly dating doesn't help matters at all.²* TeamDad: Antwan Ferrier, Gipsy's personnel coordinator.²* TeamMom: Carolina Olivares, Gipsy's PR representative. The crew kindly nicknames her "Abuela" (Grandma in Spanish).²* TeethClenchedTeamwork: Raleigh and Yancy did ''not'' get along with Yankee Star's pilots, Tanisha Davis and Caleb Mitchell. At first. First tag-team in the simulator ended in one big EpicFail.²* ThisMeansWar: Used word for word in "Tales from the Front Lines" after Raleigh and Yancy fall to a prank of Bruce and Trevin. HilarityEnsues in the form of a prank war that lasts a third of the chapter.²* TheTrickster: Tendo, ever since the Academy. Arranging a chain of deals? Playing pranks on the other team members? Taking bets and holding the pools? Playing TheSocialExpert? He's your man.²* TricksterTwins: The Gage twins, Bruce and Trevin. One Marshall compares them to the [[Literature/HarryPotter Weasley twins]] and a prank war with the Beckets in Los Angeles ends with both groups earning eleven demerits ... in five days.


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