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1''The Feral Adventures of Ian'' is a comedy-drama, action-adventure fanfic and one of the so many spinoffs of the fanfic The Adventures of Ian ( written by PizzaStevesGirlfriend and NickIsTheWalrus, and found on IanTerryAndNickUhas on Tumblr ), by NickIsTheWalrus. It is a VideoGame/FeralHeart fan fiction, with sort of a concept similar to Film/ThisIsTheEnd, being that it stars numerous Series/BigBrother contestants as different types of animals ( mostly dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes, cats, lions, and one as a rat ), but mainly focuses on Ian Terry as a dog, who finds Yuki, a cat from another dimension called Diamondsky, and also bringing with her is an insane, perverted wolf named Kyo, who strives to take Yuki for himself, while assembling an army of 'Diaboclaws'. It's up to Ian and his feral buddies to assemble their own army to counter Kyo as the apocalypse is bought on, and must stop it before it's too late.----!!''The Feral Adventures of Ian'' provides examples of:* ActionGirl: If Kyo or any of his Diaboclaws lays a claw on her, Yuki will put her foot in their ass.* AdaptationalHeroism: Andy the rat, based off of Andy Herren, is this. [[spoiler: Averted in the second one, where Andy reveals to have been evil all along.]]* AllOfTheOtherReindeer: Poor Mystico. Nick picks on him all the time, but he doesn't mean it really.* CatsAreMean: Averted. Yuki, a cat, is the deuteragonist and the main character's love interest. Some of the other main heroic characters are cats as well.* ClassicVillain: Kyo. Vices: Lust/Wrath/Pride. His first intentions are to take Yuki for himself and rule with an iron paw with her as his queen, but then his intentions change to wanting to BLOW UP EVERYTHING.* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}:** Nick, like his own real self, appears to be a very offbeat and quirky character.** Same goes for Rachel.* CowardlyLion: Mystico. He's got every single power and ability imaginable, including but not limited to flight, mind-reading, transportation, and transformation, but he just doesn't know how to use them right. And plus, he's a soft soul at heart.* DaddysGirl: Iantha. As a puppy, she loved her father and even when she grows up, she still adores him and [[spoiler: is guided by his ghost.]]* DamselOutOfDistress: [[spoiler: Yuki one time, upon Kyo's second capture of her.]]* DiscoDan: Ian seems to have a thing for the 1990s.* ElectricTorture: Kyo performs this on a few innocent, not-so-lucky ferals at some point.* FreudianExcuse: Mystico says he doesn't like lizards. Why? [[spoiler: "BECAUSE THEY EAT ALL THE FOWL I CATCH!!!!! And now I hate them!"]]* LegendaryInTheSequel: [[spoiler: Come the sequel, Ian is hailed as a savior of the Feral World, and treated as a celebrity.]]* MagicalGirl: Most of the Diamondsky animals are like this.* NerdGlasses: Ian wears these.* ThePigPen: Nick complains about Mystico 'barely washing'.* ProfessorGuineaPig: When trying out some of his new hypothesises, Nick decides to sometimes test them on himself, which strange results. [[spoiler: He turns into an adorable baby griffon temporarily. ]]* RaisedByWolves: Mystico claims that at a point in his life, cagons raised him.* RhinoRampage: [[spoiler: Diaboclaw rhinos rampage through Bonfire at one point, destroying it heavily.]]* SignatureRoar: Kyo's trademark 'eagle-style screech mixed with a tiger roaring' howl.* SirSwearsALot: Ian often swears.* TransformationRay: In the second one, Nick invents one of these. * WhatTheHellHero: Andy recommends a [[spoiler: full-out genocide on the Diaboclaws. Nick calls him out for this, while also breaking the fourth wall in a way.]]* YouDirtyRat: Averted in the first one with Andy. [[spoiler:But played straight in the sequel, in which Andy betrays everyone.]]----


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