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1'''''[[ Mutant Storm]]''''' by [[ Bobmin356]] is a Franchise/HarryPotter[=/=]Franchise/XMen {{Crossover}} fanfiction that considers what might happen if Jean Grey was Lily Evans' twin sister.˛˛The story begins right after Harry's meeting with Dumbledore at the end of Literature/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenix. The stress of having to handle both Sirius' death and the revelation of the Prophecy causes him to develop the ability to "phase" through any object and teleport to any place he has been in. Returning to the Dursleys does little to help him to recover from all the damage caused by recent events - and his friends' outright lying to him about their summer activities pretty much shatters him.˛˛This does not go undetected: Professor Charles Xavier and Jean Grey detect the psychic energy Harry emits, which begins to break a memory block in Jean's mind. Charles reveals to Jean that Dumbledore and he met the Evans when Jean and Lily were eleven, and upon deciding how to act (Lily would go to Hogwarts, Jean to Charles' school), Dumbledore foolishly used an [[LaserGuidedKarma Obliviate charm]] on the Evans, making the parents, Lily and Petunia forget about Jean and leading to Jean forgetting about her family.˛˛Deciding to do the right thing, Jean takes Harry in and brings him to America, so he can heal, find more about the world and train with both his mutant powers and his magic. Harry wants to have little to do with the British Magical world, but, no matter what he desires, war will be coming to him, so the X-Men eventually bring Harry back to Britain to aid him in this momentous task.˛˛----˛!!This fanfic provides examples of:˛˛* AcePilot: Harry is capable of piloting the X-Men's jump-jets and the Blackbird. Cyclops suggests that this might be a result of his flying with a broom.˛* AdultsAreUseless: Harry does think this sometimes, and, sadly, he tends to be proven right.˛* [[spoiler:AndShowItToYou: how Harry kills Voldemort.]]˛* AntiHero: Harry follows Logan's lead, although with some less violent methods.˛* AntiVillain: Dumbledore. He has his 'good' moments, and believes he is doing what's best for Britain, but, as Harry points out, his way of doing things (manipulating people, giving Death Eaters pretty much free reign while waiting for them to repent of their actions, trying to control what Harry does) does not make the man look good.˛** Several narrative lines about Dumbledore's thought-processes regarding Harry are quite disturbing. To wit, when he is forced to reveal to the Order that the Dursleys severely abused Harry, his first thought is considering that he asked them to ''tone down'' the abuse and that they complied ''for the most part'' was a good outcome.˛---> Dumbledore stared at [Jean], aghast that she'd even consider he'd condone [Snape [[MindRape mind-raping]] Harry]. While he would allow Snape some liberties, he would never condone the man hurting a student, ''even Harry''.˛* BoobyTrap: [[spoiler:Malfoy wants to use the Vanishing cabinet to let several Death Eaters get into Hogwarts undetected. Harry charms some wood pieces and exchanges them with original cabinet's parts with this idea in mind. The results are quite... [[{{Gorn}} fatal]], let's say.]]˛* BoomHeadshot: [[spoiler:Harry uses an Explosive Charm against Lucius Malfoy, blowing up the latter's head.]]˛* ButThouMust: Jean tells Harry he does not have to go back to Britain or to Hogwarts, but in the end they all but force him to return. Of course, Jean knows that Harry's idea (to go to school in America and then vanish from the magical world) is naive, and she wants him to confront his problems.˛* CallingTheOldManOut: ˛** Harry, Jean, Charles Xavier and some others call Dumbledore out for his actions.˛** Harry calls Remus Lupin, and indirectly most of the Order, out on their unwillingness to do anything that goes against Dumbledore's orders.˛** Jean on Minister Scrimgeour, after the latter demands Harry to fight Voldemort - while the Ministry has been sitting on their arses since the beginning of the war - and for sending Umbridge back to Hogwarts even though he knew what she had been doing.˛** [[spoiler:Most Hogwarts students on the Ministry and the Hogwarts professors, after Malfoy and the Slytherins that tried to help Voldemort take over Hogwarts are allowed to return to school completely unpunished while Harry is being persecuted just because he is a mutant.]]˛* CoolOldGuy: Professor Xavier and Logan.˛* CruelAndUnusualDeath:˛** [[spoiler:Lucius Malfoy loses his head via [[YourHeadASplode Explosive Curse]].]]˛** [[spoiler:Bellatrix Lestrange has her neck so thoroughly crushed by Harry that he actually [[OffWithHisHead decapitates her]].]]˛** [[spoiler:The Carrow siblings get sucked into a huge tornado summoned by Storm when they try to [[IncrediblyLamePun storm]] into the X-Men's base in Britain, and crushed by the centrifugal force and the stones within the tornado.]]˛** [[spoiler:The Death Eaters that sneaked into Hogwarts through the Vanishing Cabinet were, let's say, wrongly reconstituted (see Gorn below).]]˛** [[spoiler:Harry kills Voldemort by making his arm intangible, pushing it into Voldemort's chest and then pulling out his heart.]]˛* DoubleStandard: Dumbledore is all about this, giving Death Eaters all the chances he can (and more) to "see the error of their ways", while the innocents that are in danger get little thought beyond reprimanding them if they defend themselves.˛** Example: Draco Malfoy is tattooed "Dumbledore's toy" in the arse and sent naked to Voldemort with a Portkey intended for Pansy Parkinson. Upon Malfoy's return, Dumbledore proceeds to tell the school that such an attack will not go unpunished. In the meantime, ever since school started, Slytherin students have been attacking (or trying to attack) Muggleborn and half-blood students, and Dumbledore has not said anything. See also WellIntentionedExtremist below.˛* EarnYourHappyEnding: Harry. [[spoiler:He ends up getting married to Ginny, with two children in and another on the way, his friends are also happy thanks to what he has done with and for them, and has become the CEO of [[NGOSuperpower Potter Industries]], which seems to be bound to become the leader of the world.]]˛* TheEmpath: Harry, which might explain why he is in a constant emotional rollercoaster.˛* EntitledBastard: Magical Britain. They treat Harry like dirt, particularly after [[FantasticRacism the fact that he is mutant becomes public]], and yet they demand that Harry fight and stop Voldemort.˛* ExpospeakGag: After [[spoiler:Jean]] is kidnapped by Death Eaters, Logan prepares a talking bomb for Harry to drop at the Death Eater safehouse where [[spoiler:Jean]] is. The bomb loudly exclaims it is an "exothermic reaction device" every second for half a minute. [[KillEmAll Obviously, Death Eaters don't know the chemical term for an explosion.]]˛* FaceHeelTurn: Some former Dumbledore's Army members join the Death Eaters.˛* FantasticRacism: Apart from the one against Muggle-borns, there is much against mutants, who are considered Dark creatures by Britain's magical government.˛* {{Flanderisation}}: Dumbledore undergoes this. By the end of the story [[spoiler:(before the Battle of Hogwarts)]] he thinks that even ''Voldemort'' is salvageable due to his magical blood.˛* ForeShadowing: Maybe. Harry sticks his intangible hand into Dudley's chest to scare him into leaving him alone. [[spoiler:During the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry sticks his hand into Voldemort's chest - but he actually pulls his heart out.]]˛* FreudianExcuse[=/=]GreenEyedMonster: why Ron tells Rita Skeeter - while drunk - that Harry is both [[FantasticRacism a mutant]] and TheChosenOne.˛* {{Gorn}}: when a fight gets physical, there are descriptions that reach this.˛** [[spoiler:During the Battle of Hogwarts, the Death Eaters that come out of the Vanishing Cabinet do so in the wrong order (their skin is tightly wrapped around the spinal cord and the bones, so all their innards end up spilled on the ground). [[{{Squick}} They end up cooked when the Cabinet explodes.]]]]˛** [[spoiler:Harry uses his mutant power to rip Voldemort's heart - breaking his arm in the process.]]˛* HeroicBSOD: Harry at the beginning of the story, and [[spoiler:after killing Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.]]˛* HeroicRROD: Harry [[spoiler:breaks his arm when he kills Voldemort by pulling the latter's heart out, and later enters in shock.]]˛* IJustWantToBeNormal: Harry spends a good half of the story wishing to just finish his schooling and vanish from the public face. One of Jean's tasks is to help him come to terms that it won't be possible.˛* InconvenientHippocraticOath: Madame Pomfrey is reluctant to heal Umbridge after she attacked Harry on the back (Harry retaliated with a curse that caused several dozen wounds at the same time). She solves her conundrum by healing her sloppily enough that she is left with numerous scars.˛* ItsAllAboutMe: Umbridge attempts to take credit for the successful Defence marks the previous year, naturally completely ignoring that it was Harry's teachings that were responsible for that success. ˛* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Ron, eventually.˛* LaserGuidedKarma: The Death Eaters, [[spoiler:particularly the ones that came through the Vanishing Cabinet.]] Also, [[spoiler:the Dursleys]], no matter what Harry might say later.˛** Non-lethal version with the British Fiscal Vendetta Law: if the Ministry illegally seizes a person's assets, that person can activate the law and get double that money from the Ministry, and then the highest-ranked people that were involved in the seizure until the money has been returned tenfold. Harry uses this when the British Ministry seizes his trust vault, claiming they just want to flush Harry out for questioning and to keep him safe.˛* MindRape: As in the source, Legillimency. Even called out by name as what Snape did to Harry the previous year when he was supposed to teach him Occlumency.˛* MrFanservice: Harry after the summer he spent with the X-Men. A good lot of the girls in the school are left drooling when they see Harry running around the lake without a shirt on, and most are rather put out when Ginny and him get together.˛* NGOSuperpower: [[spoiler:Potter Industries in the Epilogue. Created to lead the slow introduction of the Magical World to the rest of it through the marketing of potions and other magical things, it becomes so important that, apparently, in just a few years any disruption to the company will hurt the world economy. They even have their own space station, to which they deliver materials with Portkeys!]]˛* NoWomansLand: The Death Eaters consider witches to basically be brood mares, with their main role to be concubines and mothers to the future wizarding society.˛* [[OffWithHisHead Off With Her Head]]: [[spoiler:Harry kills Bellatrix Lestrange by squeezing her neck (with some aid of his magic) so hard that her head is separated from her body.]]˛* PrecisionFStrike: Ginny to the professors [[spoiler:as she and the other pro-Harry Hogwarts students leave the school by Portkey.]]˛* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Some of the Hogwarts Professors - mostly [=McGonagall=] and Flitwick - and Amelia Bones.˛* ReedRichardsIsUseless: Averted by Harry. [[spoiler:His company, Potter Industries, markets many potions in the non-magical market, among them one that cures the common cold, is making plans to modify one that could revert illnesses such as senility or Alzheimer and use Portkeys to transport materials into orbit for PI's satellite.]]˛* RelatedInTheAdaptation: Jean Grey is Lily Evans' twin sister, and thus Harry's aunt. ˛* ReleasingFromThePromise: While wizards are normally not permitted to use magic in Gringotts, Harry is excused from his use of magic during a visit to the bank as he acted to protect a goblin from a Death Eater. ˛* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: [[spoiler:Most of Hogwarts' students decide to leave for America in order to avoid the problems that will be caused by the Ministry's decisions post-Voldemort's death.]]˛* ShoutOut: When speaking about the Vanishing Cabinet [[spoiler:Malfoy is planning to use to sneak Death Eaters into Hogwarts]], Hermione mentions they are similar to the ones used to travel to [[Literature/ChroniclesOfNarnia Narnia]].˛* SuperpowerLottery: Harry's mutation, which allows him to become intangible and teleport to any place in the world (or any object he can picture to him). He also has empathy and some telepathic ability, [[SuperpowerfulGenetics inherited from his mother]].˛* TheUnchosenOne: Jean points out to Harry several times that, no matter what he does, Voldemort will keep coming after him because he has been prophecized to be the one to defeat Voldemort.˛* TheseHandsHaveKilled: After Harry kills for the first time ([[spoiler:Lucius and Bellatrix]]), including one person with his bare hands, he spends about an hour [[ShowerOfAngst sitting in a shower]] [[OutDamnedSpot making washing motions with his hands]]...˛* UnexpectedInheritance: Harry knew he inherited a lot of money from his parents, and even more from Sirius Black, but during a visit to Gringotts he is told that he actually owns a lot more than what he believed. Just his trust vault (which he thought only had the equivalent to a bit more than $220K) had the equivalent to more than 10 million dollars before it was seized (see LaserGuidedKarma).˛* VomitIndiscretionShot: [=McGonagall=] is described as "unloading her breakfast" when she enters the Room of Requirement [[spoiler:post-Battle of Hogwarts. The Death Eaters that came through the Vanishing Cabinet died while doing so (see {{Gorn}}) and then, when it exploded, it fried their internal organs.]]˛* WellIntentionedExtremist: Dumbledore, who is completely unwilling to let any control he might have over Harry slip away, has little empathy for all the suffering Harry has gone through, and is only willing to help any Death Eater that ''might'' repent over the innocents that are being killed and injured by them, just because he thinks it is for the best of the Magical World. His monologues show this as a misplaced, and increasingly desperate, desire to save the wizarding world from being almost completely depleted of purebloods after the war, due to his belief that the magical world needs a healthy mix of purebloods and muggleborn to keep going.˛* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: several ideas and lines that hint at important future events are left hanging without a conclusion, such as Harry's dragon tattoo, Voldemort considering using mutants as CannonFodder, whatever was wrong with James' and Lily's last wills...˛** Pansy Parkinson. After she disappears from the school (to avoid being turned into Voldemort's concubine), nothing else is said of her.


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