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1The ''Golden-Eyed Pixie Series'' is a ''Film/{{Twilight}}–Series/{{Heroes}}'' crossover Fanfic trilogy written by Riana Salvatore. The basic plot of the story is that a teenage Elle Bishop fails her Company mission and is sent to live with her Uncle Charlie in Forks. There she meets and falls for Alice, the golden-eyed pixie. Two sequels, ''The Crow and the Butterfly'' and ''Before the Storm'', have been published. The three stories mirror the first three ''Twilight'' books. ²²For more info see [[ ''Golden-Eyed Pixie'']] (Rated M), [[ ''The Crow and The Butterfly'']], [[ ''Before The Storm'']] (Rated M)²!!Tropes associated with this work²* ActorAllusion: In ''Before the Storm'', [[spoiler: Elle]] is discussing teenage motherhood when Naomi shows up. As stated by the note below, Naomi is played Jamie Lynn Spears, a well-known teen mother.²** Elle also owns a NYU t-shirt: the same university that Kristen Bell attended.²* [[AcquiredPoisonImmunity Acquired Pain Immunity]]: Elle is able to withstand Jane's power in ''Before the Storm'' due to [[spoiler: having just given birth 6 months earlier.]]²* AscendedExtra: Mike Newton actually gets something to do in that he has the power to [[spoiler:turn himself into a girl. This attracts Sylar to him]]. Said power is hard to control. ²* AsianAndNerdy: Eric²* [[spoiler:AttractiveBentGender]]: [[spoiler:Mike's female form]] looks like [[Series/TheSecretLifeOfTheAmericanTeenager Megan Park]] ²* BadassAdorable: Both Alice and Elle qualify.²* BadassGay: Alice is definitely an example, Elle is more of a Badass Bisexual²* {{Beta Couple}}s: Emmett and Rosalie, Naomi and Jasper, Esme and Carlisle, [[spoiler:Bella and Jacob, Cady and Seth]].²* BettyAndVeronica: ''The Crow and the Butterfly'' introduces [[spoiler:Claire]] as the Betty to Alice's Veronica.²* BigBad: Jamie in ''Golden-Eyed Pixie'', [[spoiler:Sylar]] in ''The Crow and the Butterfly'', and Victoria in ''Before the Storm''.²* BiTheWay: Elle ²* TheCameo: Creator/JenniferLawrence as the nurse who turned Alice²* CastingGag: Replacing Cam Gigandet with his ''Film/NeverBackDown'' costar.²* CrossOver²* CurbStompBattle: Elle manages to inflict this upon [[spoiler:Jamie]] in ''Golden-Eyed Pixie''.²** In ''The Crow and the Butterfly'', [[spoiler:Alice]] handles [[spoiler:Sylar]] with ease.²* DawsonCasting: Excluding vampires and characters from the source material there's 31-year-old Creator/KristenBell as 17/18 year-old Elle, 25-year-old Megan Park as 18-year-old [[spoiler: Miranda]] and 20-year-old Meaghan Martin as 15-year-old [[spoiler: Cady]] ([[spoiler: who is physically only 6-months old but her power lets her change her age]]²* DeathByAdaptation: [[spoiler: Jasper]] is killed in the final battle in ''Before The Storm'' ²* DeepSouth: Alice lived there as a human with a heavy hillbilly accent. She starts to use a less exaggerated one later in the story.²* DemotedToExtra: Charlie appears less and less starting in ''The Crow and The Butterfly'' and only appears once in ''Before the Storm''.²* {{Deuteragonist}}: Several chapters in ''Golden-Eyed Pixie'' and ''The Crow And The Butterfly'' are told from Alice's point of view.²** Also a chapter in ''Before The Storm'' is in [[spoiler: Claire's]] point of view. ²* EleventhHourSuperpower: In the climatic battle versus the newborns in ''Before the Storm'' [[spoiler: Claire manages to tap into her mother's fire powers and kill a newborn that is after Naomi]]²* FictionalCounterpart: [[spoiler: Cady]] is the equivalent of Renesmee from the books. ²* FiveManBand: The Cullens²** TheHero: Alice²** TheLancer: Naomi²** TheSmartGuy: Jasper²** TheBigGuy: Emmett²** TheChick: Rosalie²** TeamDad: Carlisle²** TeamMom: Esme²* GenderFlip: Edward is replaced with a female counterpart named Naomi, and James becomes Jamie.²* GeniusDitz: Elle is valedictorian of her class but is socially maladjusted from years of PopCultureIsolation to the point where she doesn't know what baseball is.²* HelloNurse: Alice wears this kind of outfit in ''The Crow and The Butterfly''²* HypotheticalCasting: [[Series/Zoey101 Jamie Lynn Spears]] as Naomi, AmberHeard as Jamie, Creator/EvanRachelWood as Tanya and [[Film/CampRock Meaghan Martin]] as Cady [[spoiler: Elle and Sylar's daughter who has the power to change her age.]]²* IAmNotMyFather: Both Elle and [[spoiler: Cady]] fear becoming this.²* TheImmune: [[spoiler: When Laurent bites her, Claire starts to change into a vampire]] before stopping. ²* KilledOffForReal: [[spoiler: Jasper]] in ''Before The Storm''²* LesbianVampire: Alice²* LongLostRelative: Alice is [[spoiler:Claire's]] great-great-aunt.²* LoopholeAbuse: The Volturi arrive to enforce the vampire law in ''Before The Storm'' only to find the law specifically states humans aren't to know of vampires. Since Elle is technically not human, the law hasn't been broken.²* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Alice, though Elle herself has shades of it.²* MythologyGag: "At least it's not some beat-up old truck"²* NamedAfterSomebodyFamous: Parodied in ''The Crow and The Butterfly''. [[spoiler: Elle has no idea what to name her baby]], so she decides to name her after the first artist that comes up on her iPod, deciding on CadyGroves.²* PairTheSpares: [[spoiler: Claire and Naomi]] in ''Before The Storm''²* PregnantBadass: [[spoiler:Elle]] successfully subdues [[spoiler:Jasper]] and knocks out [[spoiler:Sylar]] in ''The Crow and the Butterfly'', all while carrying a baby²* TheReveal: Unlike Twilight, Elle does not find out Alice is a vampire through research but rather by [[spoiler:catching her in the act of feeding]]. This is also the same time that Alice finds out about Elle's ability. ²* RomanticFalseLead: Tanya is introduced in ''The Crow and The Butterfly'' as a potential love interest for Alice, but Alice quickly discovers she has no feelings for her. ²* ShoutOut: To prepare herself for high school, Elle watches ''Series/{{Degrassi}}'', ''Series/BeverlyHills90210'', and ''Series/OneTreeHill''.²** ''The Crow and The Butterfly'' is named after a Music/{{Shinedown}} song and ''Before The Storm'' is named a Music/MileyCyrus [=/=]Music/TheJonasBrothers song²* SparedByAdaptation: Though never mentioned by name, [[spoiler: Bree Tanner]] is sent to the Denali coven in ''Before The Storm'' instead of being killed.²* StraightMan: Bennet is this to Bob.²* TimeSkip: There's a 3-month gap between ''Golden-Eyed Pixie'' and ''The Crow and The Butterfly'' and ''Before The Storm'' starts 6 months after the latter.²* TakeThat: Contains quite few to ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''. Such as Elle telling Alice "Use the freaking door" ²* TitleDrop: ''The Crow and the Butterfly'' is a poem that Elle writes about Alice and [[spoiler:Claire]].²* VegetarianVampire: Most of the time, though [[spoiler: Alice]] kills [[spoiler: Sylar]] by feeding on him²* WhamLine: In the last chapter of '''The Golden-Eyed Pixie'', Carlisle tells Elle, "[[spoiler:You seem to be pregnant.]]"²** Chapter 3 of ''Before The Storm'' has a two word one. "[[spoiler: Hi Mom]]"²* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Bella was supposed to have a superpower but this didn't happen. ²* YourHeadAsplode: [[spoiler: Victoria is defeated this way when Elle uses her full power while she is trying to feed on her]] in ''Before The Storm''²----


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