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1[[quoteright:350:]]˛-->'''Bullet''': Is it okay if we hunt drunk because ... cuz I'm drunk!˛Take a shot whenever:˛* Kevin fucks something up with his stupidity.˛* Randall uses his testosterone patches.˛* Gina [[BlackComedyRape sexually harasses]] Dusty.˛* Bullet does drugs.˛* Fitz is the victim of a racist joke.˛* Hopson tells a story about having sex with a historical figure.˛* Dusty serves as the subject of a fat joke.˛* Gina excessively beats the shit out of someone for a minor felony.˛* Kevin [[ExtremeOmnisexual fucks an inanimate object]].˛* Fitz engages in one of his [[GranolaGirl Wiccan rituals]].˛* Dusty acts like a [[{{Manchild}} manchild]].˛* Pick a gross thing (i.e. shit, sex, dicks, tits, cum, etc.) and take a shot every time that thing is the subject of a gross-out joke.˛* Pick a race/religion/sexual orientation (i.e. blacks, jews, gays) and take a shot whenever that prohibited base is insulted.˛* An "[[InstantlyProvenWrong And Then The Opposite Happens]]" joke happens. (Avoid "Big Ball Energy", cuz you'll die before the cold opening even finishes)˛* A real-life celebrity/movie/brand/etc. is insulted, via an "[[InsultToRocks Insult To Garbage]]" comparison gag.˛* Randall insults someone by calling them a name that's a pun on a celebrity or iconic figure, (i.e. calling Bullet "Arfie Lang", calling Kevin "Pablo Pic-Asshole", calling Dusty "Chef Boy-Fart-ee", etc.)˛* The [[FourthWall fourth wall]] is broken.˛* Fitz does a Fitz Bit.˛* Poop on a Loop is brought up.˛* A musical number happens.˛* Karen comes into the plot just to ruin everyone's fun.˛* Robby and/or Delbert do something sexual.˛* Hancock reminds Randall that [[IBangedYourMom he's intimate with his mother]].˛* Thester makes a [[IncrediblyLamePun bad joke]].˛* Randall cheats on Karen or vice versa.˛* There's any mention of Fitz's piccolo.˛* Hopson gets naked.˛* An episode makes a callback to Kevin's relationship with Karla. (This does not include the original episode itself).˛* A gag involves Frank Flipperfist's failure to perform a basic task because he has flippers instead of fingers.˛* Dusty excitedly goes "Ooooooh!"˛* Somebody gets [[FunWithHomophones shot]].˛* A character dies.˛* Randall's literal lack of balls is the punchline of a joke.˛* Dusty is the [[ButtMonkey punchline of a joke]].˛* Hopson goes in drag as Hopsaletta.˛* Somebody mentions WesternAnimation/MickeyMouse. (Happens more often than you'd think; Also avoid "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?")˛* Joe Biden shows up to do something perverted.˛* Two people (a man and a woman) eat at a restaurant and see something disgusting that looks like the food they're eating, causing the man to look at his food in disgust and the woman to vomit into her hands).˛* A message shows up on the screen, instructing the audience to look something up or not look something up, in regards to Tucker Carlson.˛* A main character [[DeathIsCheap dies]] only to come back to life later.˛* A non-main character is [[KilledOffForReal killed off for real]].˛* There's a reference to WesternAnimation/{{Brickleberry}}. (Avoid the crossover, obviously).


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